Friday, July 24, 2009

Albertsons 101: How The Krazy Coupon Lady Shops Albertson's

Learn and Print Albertson's Coupon Policy HERE
Secrets to Success at Albertson's

Want to get Krazy at Albertsons? You'll have to wait for what we call The Perfect Storm! This happens when there is a promotion with sale items, manufacturer coupons, a Catalina promo, and Double Coupons! Do I have your head spinning yet? Allow me to explain...

Albertsons run 2 different kinds of great Promotions!

First: the 'Save Instantly Promo'
Example: Spend "$20", Save "$5" Instantly.
The register instantly deducts $5 after you spend $20 (total before coupons) on participating products and scan your preferred card. You may take advantage of this promo multiple times in one transaction.
Example: If you spend $40 on participating products, the register will deduct $10 (twice in $5 increments)

Second: the 'OYNO Promo'
Example: Spend $20, Save $5 On your next order (OYNO)
Your total before coupons is $20, then present any coupons and pay. With your receipt your cashier will hand you a catalina coupon worth $5.00 off your next order. These Catalinas can be rolled. This means you can do one transaction, receive the Catalina, do another identical transaction, Pay with the first Catalina and a new Catalina will still print. Often,
OYNO promo's can potentially be 'moneymakers'. If you get your out of pocket price to be very low with coupons, then you can make money because you will receive the Catalina your next order.
Example: $20.00 pre coupon total, present $17.00 worth of coupons. Out of pocket $3.00 and receive a catalina for $5.00 off your next order. We call this a moneymaker.

Albertsons Store Coupons
Double Coupons
Albertson's has In-Ad Coupons that can be matched with manufacturer coupons for additional Savings. Some of the In Ad Coupons found at Albertson's are "Twice the Value" Coupons or Doublers. Doublers are good on any manufacturer coupon up to $1 in Value. So, if you use a $1 manufacturer coupon, and then the doubler- they will take off another $1. If you have a coupon for $1.01 or $1.50 etc., they will NOT (or should not) take an additional $1 off.

You may use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item. Since the Doubler is a Store Coupon- You can not use it in conjunction with another In-Store Coupon. For example- If there is a In-Store coupon (in their ad) you can not use that coupon and a doubler- since that is technically 2 store coupons (just like you can't use 2 manufacturer coupons on 1 item).

If you are buying an item for $1.88 and you have a $1 manufacturer coupon- and a Albertson's Doubler- THEY HAVE TO ADJUST THE DOUBLER DOWN TO $.88.

Regarding coupons that read "Do Not Double":
We are forced with no other alternative than to do what each store individual allows. 'Do not Double' is written on coupons by manufacturers who want to make it poignantly clear that they will not be reimbursing the store for any more than the value of the coupon. When Albertsons puts out a "double coupon", the value of the 'doubled' portion of the coupon is never reimbursed. Albertsons is sacrificing it's price margin by putting out those coupons in return for your business and patronage. Albertsons should not care whether or not a coupon reads "do not double", but it is their prerogative to refuse them.

Common mistakes and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Albertsons:

1. When doing a promo, Make sure you reach the minimum 'spend amount' before coupons and tax! If you are supposed to spend $20 and you are at $19.99 before tax you will not receive the savings.
2. Catalina is a third party marketing company that offers both manufacturer coupons and Albertsons in-store coupons. The coupons are triggered by purchasing qualified items at checkout which generate a coupon to print on the Catalina printer. Catalina may be contacted at1-888-826-8766 for any questions about redemption and/or if a coupon fails to print within a transaction.
3. Albertson's Sales run on a Wednesday to Tuesday Cycle.
4. When there are 2 sets of doublers from 2 different sources all of them can be used in one transaction. Read the following from Albertson's Corporate "Going forward when we have Wednesday doubler coupons and Sunday doubler coupons.: Wednesday through Saturday we will accept the number of coupons from the Wednesday ad in a single transaction. Sunday - Tuesday we will accept the total from Wednesday and the additional coupons in the Sunday ad in a single transaction."


Lucas said...

I was told they just changed the Albertsons double coupon policy and will no longer take double coupons from a Sunday and a Wednesday in the same transaction.

Lucas said...

Also, do you know if there will be any double coupons this Sunday?

Robbie Chandler Fam said...

So I have a question. I just was in Albies and I bought 170 worth of stuff and only paid 26. But when I got home and looked at my reciept the took off an extra 20for my four paks of Dr. Pepper which it should have only been 10... BUT I then looked down and saw that I was charged for 6 extra ice creams which came out to 9. There is no way I can prove that I did not buy those extra 7 ice creams. I really want to be honest but I do not know what to do!!! Anyone help? I usually pay better attention but I had all three kids with me ;)

Unknown said...

I sent an email to albertsons requesting a letter from corporate office so I could take it into the store to show the cashiers. They told me they will only except three doublers per transaction. But you have that statement from albertsons corporate so I'm confused. Do you have an actual letter from albertsons we could print and take in to them.

Unknown said...

Never mind I see you did post it.


Arius Godfrey said...

Has anyone heard anything about the Dr pepper promo? I just went into Albies and I tried it and they said that a lady came in yesterday and did 18 transactions, so they caught on and they stopped the promo at 1:30 yesterday? anyone else have this problem?

Robbie Chandler Fam said...

Arius, I just went in about 2 hours ago and they allowed me!!

Arius Godfrey said...

I wonder if it was just that Albertsons. Im in UT and it was the one on Washington BLVD. I will have to try the other 2 in town.

Shannon said...

Arius, I am in Utah too and I went to three different ones last night and they all said the promo was stopped and they are not including the Dr. Pepper in the B2G2 free promo. I tried Kaysville, Layton, and Centerville and they all would not let me buy them. They even said they would override and take the 2 free Dr. Peppers off, which means that it is still ringing up as 2 free but the cashier is to stop it. Let me know if you find anywhere else that is allowing it.

Carla said...

Can two Catalina coupons from the Dr. Pepper thing be used together in a future purchase?

Unknown said...

In Idaho do you happen to know which store managers are gracious enough to accept the "do not double" coupons? I would like to try a different store than the ones on state street. None of those three accept them ....atleast most of the time they do not.

If anyone has a great store please recomend it. I have syrup coupons that say DND

rattriffic said...

hey TJ I have never had any trouble with the "do not double" coupons being refused at either the albies on 36th or on garylane and state street those are the stores I use all the time and I have never had an issue ;-)

MOM said...

Don't forget another potential money maker....Albertsons will also double 1.00 Catalinas. This is a common practice at the Meridian Rd store.

MOM said...

I should have said Albertsons will double a 1.00 catalina with a doubler. ALSO>>>>PLEASE NOTE>>>>
Always check your receipt at Albertsons when doing the Acosta sales..Just tonight the register said it took off the appropriate amount (three $3 acostas) when on my receipt it only took off one $3 acosta. I have had this happen with CATs too. Albertsons is always good about giving you the money back in cash.

Benjamin said...

Can you combine a catalina coupon with any other coupon (like a$1/2)? Last time the cashier said I could not used them on the same items.

Linda B said...

They used to double coupons here a very long time ago but I sure wish we had double coupons in Florida again...our prices are also a LOT higher for almost all items!