Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Albertson's Selling to Associated Foods in Utah

I have sad news for all of you Utah Couponers... Albertson's announced this morning that they will be selling 36 of their stores in Utah to Associated Foods.
Their Press Release Said:

SUPERVALU announced today that it reached an agreement with Associated Food Stores for the sale of the majority of its Albertsons stores located in Utah. The sale will include 36 Albertsons stores in Utah and their respective pharmacies and fuel centers, with the exception of three St. George-area stores which will remain Albertsons and continue to be operated by SUPERVALU.

The Associated Food Stores Inc., had this to say in their press release:

Shoppers will begin noticing improvements in phases over the next few months. Associated Food Stores expects to offer employment to substantially all Utah store-level associates from the 36 stores it is acquiring. Currently Associated Food Stores employs over 5,000 people, primarily in Utah.

Richard Parkinson, president and CEO, Associated Food Stores, said this transaction will help the company better serve customers in the Utah area.

"We are excited about these stores joining our great company," said Parkinson. "Having served this market for 70 years, Associated Food Stores supplies local grocers who represent the only locally owned and operated grocery stores in Utah. We feel our experience and expertise will be beneficial to these new stores as well."

It sounds like all you Utah Ladies have some changes in store for you! Orem and West Jordan stores are not being sold to Associated Foods but they are looking for buyers. The stores in St. George will continue to be owned by Supervalu as will all the stores in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

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Marie said...

I hope that this doesn't change their great sales promotions...but I fear that it will. Currently the other Assosciated Foods stores in UT (Harmon's, Macy's, etc) do not take any form of IP coupons..and they don't do catalina's.

At least the West Jordan stores will stay for the time being...that will make me happy!

Beattie Family said...

When will this change happen? No more doublers and catalinas? what will I do?

Anonymous said...

I must be bad luck for great deals. Walgreens stopped their rebate program right after I got my giftcard and now I start going to Albertson's every week just for them to leave Utah.

Emily said...

Argh! I am going to my Albertsons tomorrow in Murray and finding out what is going on. I hope I am still happy in my Albertsons!

Kylie said...

Noooooooo... Just when I am getting the hang of doing all the Albies deals!!! DANG.

Perry Mountain Home said...

I will miss getting a crap load of food for 12 cents tax!

Rosie said...

well... I wonder what will happen to the Orem stores. My favorite Albies is Orem Center St near Target. Oh well... doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure we'll have moved out of state before the changeover happens. I do have ot say, before I was a couponer, Maceys was by far my favorite grocery store, and they are an AF store. Also, Dan's (another AF store) is the only store in Utah to double coupons daily. Maybe they'll put more of those in and this will be a great thing! =)

Rosie said...

By the way, Marie and others, beginning August 1st all AF stores have a new coupon policy, which include aceepting IP coupons. =)