Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cascade, Dawn, Febreeze, Mr. Clean & Swiffer Coupons!

Home Made Simple has a coupon booklet available HERE by mail. They've got great coupons for Cascade, Dawn, Febreeze, Mr. Clean and Swiffer! The best coupon is one for a FREE bottle of Cascade Rinse Agent! Just fill out your name and address and wait impatiently by the mailbox!


Kendra said...

When you sign up for this stuff do you end up getting tons of spam?

FreeFamWorld said...

Got this in the mail the other day! Some great coupons here!!

Michelle in Boise said...

I haven't noticed spam....but I get a lot of it anyway in the filter so I just clean it out every so often.... But I got this book and I used the free thing...and I think there were some Dawn ones that weren't a bad deal at Wal*Mart.