Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Poptarts At Albertsons!

2 Krazy Ideas for getting CHEAP Poptarts!

Scenario #1 Albertsons
Poptarts $5/5 (limit 5)
Use $.55/1 - Poptarts (
Use a Double Coupon
Final Price: FREE

Scenario #2 Target
Take the Albertson's Ad to Target (and save your doublers for something else..)
Poptarts $5/5 when you price match
Use the $.75/1 - Poptarts, Target Printable
Final Price: $.25


Michelle in Boise said...

NOTE - - it's only the blueberry muffin ones and they have them at the Albertsons on Overland near that Fred Meyer over there....and the Albies at Ustick/Five Mile....none at McMillan/Eagle.

andrea.roche said...

Does anyone else feel pop tarts taste like frosted cardboard?


Random thought of the day.

Ashley said...

If you got a mailer in Utah I think yesterday or the day before there was a kellogs saving booklet. There is 1/2 pop tarts. So heres what I did.

5 Poptarts = $5.00
Used 2 1/2 Coupon = $3.00
Used 1 .55 Coupon = $2.45
Double 3 Coupons = -$0.10 Overage
The albertsons in Ogden does not allow you to use more then two of the same internet coupons

Michelle in Boise said...

LOL @Andrea - - I sort of fancy a Pop Tart now and me they taste more like a cracker with a pop of gooey sugar now and then.

heatherlf said...

Did you ask if they had more at mcmillan/eagle. they were out on the shelf when I was there but had another display at the end of the isle that I found more in.

Cynthia said...

I just got back from target and i was trying to use the albertsons ad to price match then was going to use the coupons for the pop tarts i printed out from target i was told that if you price match then you cant use coupons has anyone gotten the pop tarts from target for 0.25?

Mel, Luke and Family said...

I saw a great doubler deal at albertsons today! The softsoap bodywash is on sale 2/7 ... with the 2.00 coupon and a doubler that makes them only .50 each!!

Brenna said...

If you buy a few boxes of Kellogs (I bought Frosted Flakes), they have $5 worth of coupons in them. Both of my boxes contained coupons for Pop Tarts and I was able to get any flavor I wanted and they were all free after being doubled.

Ashley said...

Does anyone know if there are coupons in the other Kellogs box?

Joanie Demer said...


I used to like Pop Tarts, then I stockpiled 'high fiber' Pop Tarts and they tasted like frosted cardboard for sure! I think they've killed the whole pop tart thing for me.

Love your random thought of the day. Have a great weekend. I'll let you know when I find a coupon for hay- or whatever you feed all those cows. :)

Joanie Demer said...

Kelloggs coupons at Target:
The box reads that there are $5 coupons inside. See photos in this post:

You CAN use coupons and price match! Come on Target! Just call a manager or the 800 customer relations if you need to. Of course you can use your coupons! That's ridiculous of them! Sorry; that's a pain for you!

Cynthia said...

Thank you very much for the info. i will give that a try and see what happens.

The Barkers said...

Mel,luke and family-
If the coupon is $2.00 we can't double it??? They can't even take $1.00 off??! Right?! I have heard of people getting this done for them but we aren't suppose to right?? I am just making sure!

andrea.roche said...


If you can find a coupon for hay, my husband might just leave me for you.

Joanie Demer said...

LOL every time!

You're right, no coupon $1.01 or greater will/should be doubled.

I missed your comment before. Albs doublers state coupons up to $1.00 can be doubled. I'm sure it was just an oops, no worries!

cal said...

also-- I noticed on your post from earlier this week you spoke about double coupons at albertons?? I am new to this, but went there today to get some of the deals mentioned on the site and didn't get credit for doubles-- is there something I have to do to get double coupon credit? I am in California?? Not sure if it is differnt here? let me know. thanks!

synergygirl said...

So, I was just at Target, and was informed that they DO NOT match any prices that show the pic of the "preferred card" next to basically EVERYTHING IN THE ALBERTSONS ADD. This goes for any store that used preferred cards for their savings...I asked for a manager as well, and they confirmed it. Thought I would let ya'll know...LAME!!!