Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FREE Toilet Paper and Paper Towels at Target!!

I just got back from the Nampa Target- and they just discontinued the Charmin To Go Travel Size Rolls. Here's what my scenario looked like:

Charmin Wipes 40 ct $1.92
Bounty Basic Roll $.99
Use the $1.50 off Charmin and Bounty target coupon from 6/21
Stack with the $.25/1 Bounty from 7/5
And with the $.25/1 Charmin from 7/5
Final Price: $.91 for both

{BUY 1} Charmin To Go Rolls $1.00
(Travel Size Section)

{Buy 1}Bounty Basic Paper Towels $.99

-Use the Target Store Coupon to save $1.50 when you buy both Bounty and Charm
in from SS 6/21
-Stack with a $.25/1 Charmin and $.25/1Bounty from 7/5
Final Price: FREE


Jaclyn said...

The target Q is not advaliable to print...right? It is only advaliable from the SS but it is still a target coupon not a M so we can stack it. Thanks.

Heather Wheeler said...

The Target coupon is available from the Smart Source insert only, and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon!

jewelsbyjamie said...

My target refused to let me do this deal, I have emailed corporate and at the store asked for a manager who was rude to me and told me to quit trying to get something for free.

Brandi Parshley said...

The Target corporate coupon policy is to allow one manufacturer's coupon and one store coupon per item, however it is at the manager's discretion. The deal is totally legit, I'd either march back in there with a copy of the coupon policy (available from corporate) or shop at a nicer Target!

Coupon Crazies said...

I was able to get 8 of them tonight, and will go back tomorrow for the rest. I was polite enough to break it up into two different transactions. However it did take some fight. Because the total items rang up 1 cent less than the coupons they argued, and I told them that they are supposed to adjust the coupon, but they just went ahead and did it anyways!

Good luck ladies, and yes go to corporate. I called the store BEFORE I went to verify and I still had problems.

Janalie Romrell said...

I tried this deal tonight, and the St. George target would not accept the coupons.

Heather Wheeler said...

Wow, sorry you ladies are having trouble. These coupons will make the register beep, if you use the Charmin on the go rolls, because there is overage, so try to explain that they just need to adjust it down. Sorry for the trouble!