Thursday, July 23, 2009

Idaho Statesman Gets KRAZY!!


This is the moment we have been waiting for! I remember calling the Statesman last fall to see if they would get competitive with their pricing- and they finally have!! You ready for this??!?!

For Krazy Coupon Lady Readers...
A 7 Day Daily Subscription
Plus 4 Extra Sunday Papers,
For a total of 5 SUNDAY PAPERS

All delivered to your front step for only
$12 PER MONTH (4 weeks)!!

Ada and Canyon County Delivery Area Only

This is the best deal in town and you'll get it straight from the Statesman Office!
Call 377.NEWS (6397) and ask for the Krazy Coupon Lady, 7 Plus 4 Special!

You can lock in for 13, 26 or 52 weeks (or 10 years for that matter)- but you have to pay up front.
So if you want 26 weeks, that would cost you about $78 when you call to sign up.
52 weeks would cost you $156.
This is like that diaper deal a few months back. No matter how many diapers you bought, once the sale was over, you're left thinking, "I should have bought more!"
This price is only $0.23 per paper and we have no idea if this rock bottom price will stick around or be gone in the next month. I really recommend that you extend your subscription as long as you are able!
And don't worry, you will save at least that (if not triple that amount) in your first month of couponing.

Scenario Idea- lock in a six month subscription and then use your savings from your first month of couponing to buy 2 more years!!

** If you are a current subscriber to the Statesman and have a daily subscription- you are in luck! Call them, and you can add 4 Sunday Papers to your subscription!!**


JJK said...

Thank you for scoring us all the deals! I signed up in May (with your tips!) for 2 extra Sunday papers @ $1 ea. They now offer them at 50 cents ea via your deal, so I now get 4 for the $2 extra I paid then. Thanks so much!

Ali Smith said...

Just so you can actually forgo the 7-day subscription and instead opt for additional Sunday-only subscriptions. They will also do a min of 4 subscriptions at .50/paper, so for the same $12/mo you could get 6 Sunday papers! Just thought I'd let ya know! That's what I signed up for on Monday and I can't WAIT to get my new papers on Sunday...!

Maven of Savin' said...

OH = I wish I lived in Idaho!! How would I go about getting something in MA - who did you call at the newspaper??

Beth said...

I tried to extend my subscription this morning and she said I couldn't-the deal was only for first time subscribers. Is this true? Should I try again? The only deal she offered was 4 more Sunday papers at .50 cents.

Heather Wheeler said...

I have a call into the Statesman to see what we do about current subscribers. I will keep you posted!

Fancy Face Fanua said...

I went to Boise Town Square Mall on Monday to look for the Idaho Statesman Kiosk but couldn't find a kiosk or anyone from the the Statesman. Any idea if they are still located there, and where abouts in the mall are they located? I wanted to get that deal (with 3 ppl in my family, it seems like that is a better deal as I don't want the daily subs.)


Joanie Demer said...

Fancy Face Fauna,
To my knowledge there are no Statesman kiosks in the Mall. Just call the Statesman for the deal!

ldahospud said...

Thanks for calling in, Heather; I was also told that we couldn't get the deal in Emmett (it seems to me that if I'm already subscribed, they're already coming here anyway, why charge more?), and I asked them to record my request for extension of the deal in Gem County.

Morgan said...

I was wondering if there is a difference in the coupons the press tribune carries and the statesman. Is one better than the other? Thank you for all your help!

Nina said...

I just recently started getting my Statesman. I am paying for two papers and for the last week have received two copies. Today I only got one Sunday paper. How do I go about getting the second since this one has the important coupons in it?