Thursday, July 9, 2009

KMart 101: How The Krazy Coupon Lady shops KMart!

Shopping KMart with coupons can lead to big savings if you make smart choices! If you're looking for one store where you can do all your shopping, KMart is NOT it, but if you watch for sales, especially Double Coupon Days, you can score BIG at KMart!
Study and learn KMart Coupon Policy.

Here are The Krazy Coupon Lady's best tips for shopping KMart.

KMart does "Double Coupon Days" about every month. {However, only select areas participate each time, so your home area might see Double Coupons about 4-6 weeks per year}

  • Double coupons Days is in effect for an entire week: Sunday to Saturday. Coupons are doubled automatically by the register.
  • You'll know when your store is participating in double coupon days by the large red box in the lower left corner of your weekly ad. Example at right. View your weekly ad {available early! Check here on Thursdays for the upcoming week's ad.}
  • Typically stores will double a coupon that is up to $2.00 in value. Present your $2.00 coupon and receive $4.00 off. Coupons valued at $2.01 or above will not be doubled.
  • KMart occasionally {rarely} triples coupons up to $0.75 in value. The front page of the weekly ad will also specify if trippling is going on.
  • KMart has smart cash registers! Coupons are auto-doubled as your cashier rings them through.
  • When a coupons value exceeds the value of the item, {or when double the coupon's value exceeds value of item} the register auto adjusts the price of the coupon down to the price of the item. You cannot make overage {make money} on purchases at KMart. When a cashier scans your coupon and it exceeds the item's value, icons will pop up on their screen indicating multiple products the coupon could be used for and their respective prices. The cashier will touch the icon that matches your purchased item and the value of the coupon will adjust.
Here are 2 examples:

During Double Coupon Days:
I want to buy Men's Gillette Body Wash $3.99
Double my $2.00/1 coupon
{The register will take off $2.00, then icons will pop up on the computer screen for different gillette products, the cashier will select Men's body wash $3.99 and the smart register will take off an additional $1.99 so as not to pay you overage.}
Final Price: FREE

Regular old 'non-doubling' KMart
Huggies travel size wipes: $0.97
$1.00/1 Huggies Coupon
icons will pop up on the computer screen for different Huggies products, the cashier will select Huggies travel wipes $0.97 and the smart register will take off only $0.97 so as not to pay you overage.}
Final Price: FREE

What about when KMart isn't doubling? Should I still shop KMart?

  • If you live in a large city with many shopping options, the answer is probably 'no'. But if you don't have a lot of options, KMart can continue to be a good place to coupon shop.
  • KMart sends out printable coupons, such as $5 off $50 purchase via email for those signed up for their newsletter. From KMart's home page, click "email specials" to sign up.
  • There's always clearance sections to be perused too, but with KMart's policy not to accept store and manufacturer coupons together, coupon options at KMart on any given day aren't stupendous.

What have been your shopping experiences at KMart? The good and the bad! Make sure you read and understand KMart Coupon Policy!


Becky said...

did i miss something? was k-mart doubling this week and i miss it or was this just an fyi?

Joanie Demer said...

KMart is doubling this week, but not in ID. We've been receiving lots of questions from newbies and we thought we'd just do a post.
Stay tuned later this afternoon for a great Internet Printable Roundup!

Suzette said...

I understand how they "double" a $1 coupon on a $1.99 item. I've always wondered this though- If I use a $1 coupon on a $.97 item and they adjust the price down, wouldn't the store be commiting coupon fraud by turning it in to the mfg for the full $1 price?

Joanie Demer said...

You are 100% correct. Every time a store adjusts down a coupon, like the example you used: $1.00 of coupon on a $0.97 product. They should be physically crossing out the $1.00 on the coupon and hand writing in $0.97. If they don't, they just stole your $0.03 from the manufacturer.
It makes me laugh that some stores are SO HUNG UP on the "adjusting the price down. . . oh no, we don't pay overage. . no NO NO!". If they did pay us overage and didn't mark the coupon, they would still be reimbursed the full value of the coupon, plus the $0.08 handling fee like always!!

If you want to know how to do something strict and by the book, (and long-winded) ask the US military, right? Well Military Commissaries TOTALLY pay overage, because they understand the concept of getting reimbursed by the manufacturer. I CANNOT WAIT until I live close enough to shop at a commissary. I'm gonna have the hook up!

Moral of the story. If you ever care to tell your cashier, they should be hand-writing the lower amount on the coupon, otherwise the store just gets that extra money. Don't know if it's technically fraud, but it's interesting. I'm not gonna get my panties in a twist over $0.03. Even though I could probably feed my family of 4 on that money for at least a couple days. . . ;)

tinnie23 said...

I have had so many problems coupon shopping at Kmart, yet I still go back for more (I'm addicted to double coupons)!! I have found not only are the cashiers uninformed, the managers are as well. Also, the sales are sporadically posted on the items/items ring up wrong, so I always carry the flier to show the cashier or manager. Maybe this is just my local store? FYI, my store's registers must not be "smart", they do not automatically double coupons or adjust for overages, or do anything else automatically for that matter. Thanks for your site!! I discovered it by accident, and was surprised to see you are out of Boise. Used to live in Ontario, Or.

our family said...

i just went and did the diaper deal last night. at the kmart i went too i missed the $14 back because they told me that i had to spend $50 after the coupons too. i had no idea that was the case so it wasn't that great of a deal. just some helpful info i wish i would have known ahead of time.

Joanie Demer said...

our family,

I did the diaper deal (as did many others) and received the $14 off coupon. I would write in to KMart customer service FOR SURE!! I REALLY think they'll take care of you and get you a $14 gift card or something!!

Keep your receipt, send them and email and let us know what turns out. You should have got your coupon. It IS $50 BEFORE COUPONS!!! (Check your receipt to make sure you got ALL the way up to $50 before any tax!! If you bought 5 diapers at $9.99 each, you'd be at $49.95)

Megaland said...

@tinnie23 - I've run into the same problems!!! it's amazing how much information the employees are lacking about the promotions they are running. Like you, I'm addicted to double coupons so I keep going for more. But the customer service is so poor, it makes it soooo difficult to want to go back. I have written corporate twice now regarding the poor customer service and have actually gotten good feedback from them. But still, I wish the employees were a little more "educated" about what's going on in their place of employment!