Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Day for Albertson's Sale and DOUBLERS

So- I have been putting off my Albertson's shopping,because I just having been feelin' it! I went last night and snagged a few things that were worth mentioning. So, if you have more doublers, head over to Albertsons today... and while you are there pick up a Breyer's raincheck!

Nestle Promo
Spend $10, Save $2 Instantly

{Buy 6} Nestle Nesquick Single Milks (Chocolate, Strawberry, ect) $1.25
{Buy 1} Nestle Coffee Mate Creamer $2.50
Total Before Coupons: $10.00
Save $2 Instantly
Use 3 $1/2 Nestle from 6/21
Use 1 $1/1 Creamer IP
Use 4 Doublers
Final Price: FREE (Just Pay Tax)

Spray and Wash $1.99
Use the $.75/1 IP
Or use the $.50/1 from 6/14
Use a Doubler
Final Price: $.49-.99

Campbells Cooking Soups
Use the $1/2 HERE and HERE
Use a Double
Final Price: Will Vary

What have you been buying this week at Albertsons?


ldahospud said...

Tonight I found Arm & Hammer Scrub Free shower spray on sale for 2/$4, so I used the IP from a couple of weeks back (I think it was with a bunch of Arm & Hammer coupons), worth $1/1, doubled, got it free!

Tia said...

3 packs of gum. We got those great $1.00 on 1 3 pack of gum coupons a couple of weeks ago. Well a lot of the gum is $2.39 so if you double the $1 coupon you get yourself 3 packs of gum for .39. Not to bad.

Samiam3 said...

20 oz. French's mustard is on sale for 2/$3.00. You can get a coupon at www.Frenchs.com for 50 cents. Double that and it makes it 50 cents.

FreeFamWorld said...

I've been able to stock up on the BBQ sauce (FREE), and have used the $1 peelie with doublers for .50 Roman Meal bread (x5).
Off today for (2)Spray 'n' Wash, Finish Detergent, (2)Nesquik and a can of soup ~ my OOP should be 48-cents! yahoo!!

Unknown said...

I am very new to this...so, I dont know if this is a great deal, but it was good for me. I got the Rader Farms frozen smoothies for 99 cents. I was so proud of myself (first time using doublers), LOL! I also got my Morningstar Farms grillers for $1.99, I normally spend close to $3 on those at Winco and some Rhodes frozen rolls for .69 cents. I now realize I need to double my newspaper subscription so I can get more of those wonderful doubler coupons - I had fun with it.

Unknown said...

My Albertson's is now not allowing you to use multiple doublers in one visit. They said only one doubler per transaction per visit. Any one else run into this problem?

Unknown said...

this was the first time I've ever used doublers, I used all three no problem. Where/what Albertsons do you go to?

Jaelin said...

The Tornado's are free after $1 coupon and doubler!

Michael N said...

I bought some Colgate Toothpaste which they had for 2 for $5.00 and used the 1.00 off colgate coupon that has been showing up off and on for the last month in either RP or SS as well as doublers which made them .50 each .

Dondillissa said...

By the produce section of my Albertsons (Ustick in Boise) is a display of "Touch of Honey Frosted Flakes" priced at 3 for $5. Many of the boxes have peelies for $1 off produce with purchase. I doubled the peelie and walked away with 2 lbs of nectarines and a box of cereal for $1.67!

Rosie said...

Nikki & Randy... are you sure they didn't mean one SET? The coupons very clearly state 3 are usable per transaction. The 2 ablie closest to me is enforcing the 3 per family per day rule, so I get around it by visiting multiple Albertsons and going to the Albertson's that doesn't mind if I run out to my car and put things away, then come back for more. =)

Anonymous said...

For the Past 3-4 Weeks,I have been shopping around I have been to at least 7 Albertsons some in Boise Some in Meridian, By FAR the Best Coupon Friendly Store is on North Eagle Road,in Boise,I have never had a problem with useing 5 Doublers, and turn around and do another transaction with another 5 Doublers,Checkers are ALWAYS friendly, I have been to others in Meridian, Not so friendly, and you would think the way they make you feel when your useing coupons that it's coming out of their paycheck, Today I found Dove deoderant 2/$6.00 I picked up 4, I used 4 $2.00 IP, and used 4 Doublers, so I paid just paid TAX. Not to bad for a Quick run to the store.

rattriffic said...

for those having trouble with stores not allowing more then one transaction....thr 36th and state store allows as many transactions as you want in a row even if it 50! they will just lock off the register so no one is standing behind you mad cause your takin too long:-) THEY ARE VERY COUPON FRIENDLY AND ALWAYS NICE TO COUPONERS!!