Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lingo Gotcha Confused??

SoBe Life water 20 oz. $1.00
Use the B1G1 IE or FF
Final Price: $.50
  • The first line always lists the item that is for sale, the size and sale price
  • The Second line lists the coupons to use. In the example above, It's an Internet Printable Coupon. It's a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon (B1G1) and we list 2 links to choose from. IE stands for Internet Explorer, so if that's the browser you use, then click "B1G1 IE". If you use Firefox, use the link "FF"
  • The Third line is the Final Price after the sale price and coupon are combined.

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt 6 oz. (Limit 12) $.39
Use the $60/6 or $1/10 from 5/3 and 6/21
Final Price: $.29

  • The First line will ALWAYS be the product on sale, size and price. In the example above it also includes the store's limit per transaction.
  • The second line is the coupons the use. In this example, there are 2 coupons to choose from. $.60/6 from 5/3 means when you buy 6 items you will save $.60 (or $.10 per item) and the coupon was from the 5/3 (or May 3rd Sunday Insert). The second coupon listed is for $1/10 or $1 off when you buy 10 and is from 6/21 or the June 21st Sunday Insert.
  • The Third line is the Final Price after the sale price and coupon.

Pillsbury Simply Cookies 14 oz. $2.50
Use the $1.25/1 IE or FF
Or use the $1/1 IE or FF (you can use a doubler with this one)
Final Price: $1.25

  • First line is the product on sale, size and price.
  • The second line in this example is an internet printable IE or FF (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • The Third line in this example is a second coupon option. It's another internet printable coupon.
  • The Fourth Line in this example is the Final Price.

Still Confused? Leave a comment and we'll help you out!


SouthfieldFam said...

Just a heads up: the sobe life waters are 10 for 10 next week at Target and if you buy ten you get a $5 gift card! Hang on to your coupons!

Josh and Kensey said...

I'm new to Krazy Coupon lady and I just feel a little confused. Should I subscribe to a certain newspaper to recieve these coupons or do I need to just look in the right places. Any help would be appreciated! Oh and I love your website, I think its awesome that you help ladies like me save a few buck here and there!!!

Joanie Demer said...


Let me know what area you live in and I'll be happy to help you find the best price on a subscription. Once you've got your newspapers and are following KCL, you'll save WAY more than a few bucks!!

This post has info for Idaho, Utah and Kansas City:

Josh and Kensey said...

I live in Farmington utah, as I searched through your website a little more I found 10 days to becoming a KCL, it was very informative! So I've gotten my subscribtion, 2 SLtribs and 2 deseret news. It was .75 cents per paper for friday, sat, sun, for the whole year ($156 total). So now that I have a paper I just need to figure everything else out, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, I hope I can catch on!

jennifer said...

Just getting started, what is an efc from cvs?