Friday, July 10, 2009

Money Maker at Albertsons

I have been waiting to shop Albertson's in hopes of 3 more doublers on Sunday to use with the 2 from Wednesday, but my friend and fellow KCL Lara just told me about this awesome scenario!

Buy 2 Kraft Dressings @ $1.99 ach
Buy 8 Kraft Mac and Cheese Boxes @ 1.00
Total Before Coupons: $11.99
Save $5 Instantly (Epic Promo)
Use 2 $1/1 Kraft Dressing coupons from 6/21
Use 2 B3G1 Mac and Cheese coupons from 6/28
Use 2 Doublers
Final Price OOP: $.99
BUT WAIT! When you purchase 6 or more Mac and Cheese's in 1 transaction you will get a Catalina for $2 OYNO, so this turns out to be a $1 MONEY MAKER!


scrapadict said...

wow... how do you do this???

Biggest Loser Sheffler said...

I will definitely be doing this one tonight, but I also found another SUPER deal!

I found a Tearpad for $2 off fresh meat when you purchase 1 Kraft dressing and 2 BBQ sauces.

This is what I did:

3 Kraft Dressings $5.97
6 BBQ Sauces $5.94
1 MC Pasta Al Dente $2.50
$6.00 of meat/BOGO so I actually got $12.00 total
TOTAL: $26.41
$5.00 Epic savings
$3.00 Kraft dressing $1/1 (3)
$3.00 Kraft BBQ $.50/1 (6)
$1.00 M.Callendars $1/1
$12.00 off meat tearpad save $2 (3)
plus BOGO meat sale
$2.00 Doublers

Total OOP: $0.41!!

cjphoto2 said...

Did you find the tearpad near the dressing or meat?

cbmiller said...

HOLY COW!! How did my family and I ever survive without you ladies showing me the way to coupon!! Thanks so much from the bottoms of my family's happy little tummies!

joey72 said...

OK, so I have a question. Where do you get your Albertsons doublers? I found 3 in the Sunday paper but they expired on 7/9. When do they usually appear and where? I am missing them apparently. I live in SE Idaho. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

kandie_mcd said...

Hey "Joey" :-) Our Albertson's ads are in the Wednesday and Sunday papers. I don't know if that's the same everywhere. Wednesday is the main ad and the start of a new week of sales. That's usually where the doublers pop up. Sometimes they'll throw in a couple more doublers in the Sunday ad. All doublers are good only for the week of the current sale. And if you go over to the office of the Post Register, they have all week's papers out front. You could pick up Wednesday's paper for some current doublers. Good luck! :-)

Alina said...

So I have an Albertson's newbe question. :) I was buying the BOGO Kelogg's cereal priced at 4.49. I thought that I should be able to use 2 $1/1 coupons plus 2 doublers since I actually got too. But the cashier told me that I couldn't use the 2nd MFQ because the second cereal was actually free. Has anyone else run into this? Thank you ladies in advance for your help!

Martha said...

Don't bother buying the paper, just go to the store's customer service and ask for an ad...they'll give it to you and the doublers are on there.

The Wood Family said...

How do you get past the "one coupon per person, per transation" on the B3G1 Free, and still get the $5 off for 10 items?

Cathy said...

There will be no doubles in Sunday's paper :(

We've gotten spoiled!

joey72 said...

Hey thanks for the info! That explains why the Wednesday paper in front of the Post Register is always gone. A pack of wild KCL's must beat me to the punch! :) You guys are the best!

Niki said...

Joey,also watch out...I have been at this coupon thing for a while now and just got SKUNKED recently for the first time...went to Shelley to buy Post Registers from the machine at a gas station there (I work nearby)...put my quarters in 4 times, bought 4 papers, got to my car and someone had STOLEN all the Albertsons ads from all the papers in that machine!! So BOO TO YOU Some SHELLEY COUPONER... may the coupon Karma gods grant you mean checkers, torn UPC codes, and windblown binders:) Just sayin'....

Julene said...

I wondered how you used 2 of the b3g1 free coupons too. My store would catch that for sure. I wouldn't feel right trying to use 2 either.

Mandy Nelson said...

Julene - the B3G1 coupons from the Kraft site do not limit 1 per transaction. I used them and they worked just fine!