Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Albertson's Doubler Ideas

Need more inspiration on what to buy with all your double coupons at Albertsons? I went through my coupons and tried to find all the ones that expire 7/31/09... If there is something on the list you'll be sad to miss out on, now's your chance to get it with a doubler!

Capri Sun Sunrise $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 4/19
Final Price: $.50

Cascade Crystal Clean $3.69
Cascade Powder Detergent $3.89
Double the $1/1 from 7/5
Final Price: $1.69-1.89

Dole Fruit Bowls $2.89
Double the $.75/2 from 4/26
Final Price: $2.14

Ortega Jalapenos $1.29
Double the $.75/2 from 4/19
Final Price: .54

Oxy Facial Cleanser $4.99
Double the $1/1 from 5/3
Final Price: $2.99

Pepperridge Farm Baked Naturals $3.99
Double the $.75/1 from 4/19
Final Price: $2.49

Pillsbury Reduced Sugar Cake Mix $1.89
Double the $.35/1 from 5/17
Final Price: 1.19

Rhodes Warm and Serve Rolls $2.69
Double the $1/1 from 4/5
Final Price: $.69

Scotch Packaging Tape $2.00
Scotch Foam Mounting Squares $1.46
Scotch Bubble Envelopes $.59-$1.19
Double the
$1/2 from 5/31
Final Price: FREE-$1.00

Coupons that expire soon- that I don't have prices for:

Covergirl Products $1/1 expires 7/31 from 6/7, 7/5
Desitin $1/1 expires 7/30 from 4/26

Bic Multi Purpose Lighter $1/1 from 5/17

Pampers $9.99 (thanks Maggie!)
double the Pampers $1/1 from 7/5
Final Price: $7.99

Other Fun Doubler Ideas:

Clorox Wipes 60 ct $5.99
Buy 1, Earn a $1 Catalina, good on your next order
Double the $.75/1 Peelies
Final Price: $3.49 when factoring coupon and Catalina

Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup $.99
$1.00/2 - Campbells Cooking Soups (campbellkitchen.com)
$1.00/2 - Campbells Cooking Soups (familytime.com)
Final Price: FREE

What have you found this time around?


Maggie said...

I saw Pampers for $9.99 yesterday :)

Tia said...

Crest toothpaste is 2/$4 and there are some crest toothbrushes for $2.49. We have .75/1 toothpaste and $1/1 toothbrush coupons from the P&G insert that are expiring this week. Double these and you have 50 cent toothpaste and toothbrushes.

NW Coupon Lady said...

Here's how I used my double coupons yestersday. It's nice when you get paid for shopping.

7 packages of Keebler Cookies $2.50each (printable coupons 3 - $1.00, and 1 $.55)
3 double coupons at $1.00 each

1 16 pack of Rice Krispies treats $5.79

used $10 catalina from a previous purchase, Total OOP was $6.74 received a $10 catalina for my next trip. I also received $2 catalina off next purchase of meat of $10 or more (which I will use) and a $2 off $10 of produce.


Just Me said...

To All Krazy Coupon Shoppers,

I have had an unfortunate experience. After months of accumulating coupons and building a binder...I accidentally left it in my cart at Albertsons. I guess this can happen when your mind is thinking about 100 things at once. But much to my dismay, it was taken. Now I have to start again and have lost a lot of money in the long run by loosing my binder. I am hoping to put a post here in hopes that whoever found it will turn it into customer service at the Greenhurst 12th ave Nampa Albertsons, where I had lost it, so I can get it back. It is black and it is a zipper binder.

Thank You!

Rachelle said...

Wow, Just Me, so sorry. Hey let me know if there are any coupons you ISO and I'm sure I could lend you some from one Krazy to another..

LeeAnn and Boys said...

chinet plates are 2/$5 double the $1/1 makes them $.50
I also bought the Mento's Gum which is $1 and used $.55/1 coupon doubled for FREE gum.

The Hendricks ID said...

Just Me:
I live in Nampa and shop the two Nampa stores and have a huge supply of coupons. I have two 3.5 inch binders because I was getting like 15-20 papers per week sometimes. Now I am only getting around 6 so the last month I don't have too many extras but ANYTHING before that I should have plenty to share, and I shop close so really if you need anything let me know. I have been couponing for a little while so I don't have to go crazy a lot of times because I have a stash of lots of stuff already, I am only telling you this so you know I am serious I would be glad to share with you. YOu can email me and give me your number or just email what coupons you want., so many of mine end up going to waste.

Rachel said...

Tree Top "Trim" juices are 2.99 -- with a $1/1 from a couple weeks ago, and a doubler, drops 'em down to .99 for healthy, yummy-flavored juice.

megan said...

One of my favorite doublers: The chinet "cut glass" plastic cups, a little over $2.00 each, double the 1/1 coupon and they're just a few cents! These came in handy the other day when I had company - they're really pretty!


idahogirlb said...

Man I know what you mean on losing you binder. I lost it a couple of weeks ago. We had a really ruff week after the 4th of July. My siter in law had unexpectied problem. Need less to say after several day in the hospital she past away. She was 28 and we had her furneral on her 29 th birthday. Has 2 7year old girls and a one year old boy. So my head has not been quite straight. So I have started over. Have run on to many good deals. Mac and cheese last week. Ice cream great deal. Free BBQ ect. Had many deals I have been able to share many deal with my brother and his kids. We are working with the fire department in Rigby/Ririe area for a fund raiser for them This Friday. This couponing Has been very help, fun in this time and this economy. I am very thanks full For all you post on how to get great deal. Like many I can really use it. Thanks Idahogirlb

The Hendricks ID said...

idahogirlb: I really wouldn't mind sharing some coupons, the other day I was looking at my binder feeling bad that so many go to waste. Let me know I would actually love to help. I didn't leave my email before

idahogirlb said...

To Just Me.
This may sound crazy but did you contact the store to see if some one had turned it in. I know some have turned it in at the stores before.

idahogirlb said...

The Hendricks ID Thanks for the offer. I would not even know where to start. How do you put a price on Friend ship and concern.