Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Krazy Finds at Albertsons! Free Bandaids and Chicken!

Here is what I scored at Albertsons this afternoon. The clearance items
will vary by location, but also keep your eye out for Secret Deodorant
Clearanced to $1.49. Pair with the $1/1 from 7/5 and a Doubler and you've
got yourself some free deodorant!

Bandaids on Clearance for $1.00
Use the $1/1 from 4/26
Final Price: FREE!

Resers Dip $1.00
Use the $1/1 IP
Final Price: FREE

The Kraft Mac and Cheese is still part of the Epic Promo and is still on sale for $1.00
Use the B3G1 coupon from 6/28
Kraft Salad Dressing $1.99
Use the $1/1 from 6/28
Used 5 Doublers
I also had tearpad coupons (from ebay) for $2 off meat when you buy Dressing, so I got 4 lbs of Chicken for FREE also!


Sarah R said...

I tried to use 1 Reser's Coupon Today at the 17th and State Albertsons and they told me that they are no longer accepting these coupons because they are photocopied and that's coupon fraud..... I tried to explain to them that I did not photo copy it but didn't get anywhere. *sigh* I hate being accused of being dishonest.

Jenn said...

The Mac and cheese is for sure still on? I didn't see it in the ad, so I assumed it was over. You've tried it this week though?!

April said...

Lately I have been getting surveys on my receipts...they are like a little $2 coupon for a few minutes of my time! I used that with a Wisk $1/1 coupon and doubled laundry detergent for $0.49!

April said...

Also, I overheard two cashiers saying to one another that they got a corp memo today saying that they must now double coupons even if they are over $1 but they are not supposed to advertise this info to the customers. Don't know if its true or not...would be nice!

Jessaca said...

I tried to use the Reser's coupon at Cole/Fairview Albs and they wouldn't take it either. They pretty much accused me of fraud, too. They were still pretty nice about it, but I was really frustrated. Oh well.

Michelle said...

Hey there, I'm looking for your Alberton's 101 about how to get started and all that jazz? Where could I find that?

Sarah said...

My Reser's coupon wouldn't scan and the cashier at the overland/five mile store said it was not a valid coupon. They had tried to call the phone number at the bottom of the coupon and they said the number was disconnected. So they wouldn't take the coupon and I can understand why.

Amber Red said...

Mine didn't scan either....did you have to have the manager over ride it?

Heather Wheeler said...

Bummer for everyone having trouble with the Reser's Coupon!! They were from a good source, so I have no reason to believe they are not legit, I will look into this more tomorrow.

Jenn- I bought the mac and cheese today for $1 each, and it took my $5 off for the epic promo and I got the Catalina! Its a go.

Michelle- Here is a link to our 101 post
In that post are other links you may find helpful... Good luck, and feel free to leave more comment if you have questions.

Martha said...

I was at the Eagle/McMillan store tonight, and they were AWESOME!!! About the Resers coupon, the cashier said if you manually enter it, it should go through okay instead of scanning it. They were talking about it being a pdf and whether or not that was okay, but they didn't seem to have a problem with it as of tonight. They said they'd taken a bunch of them today.

lovesun15 said...

My cashier said the Reser's coupon said "Do not double" in the fine print...I didn't see that and don't have the coupon anymore. Anyone else see that? It wouldn't scan, so they entered it manually, but wouldn't double it.

lovesun15 said...

Also...I found ALL (Regular and Free and Clear)laundry detergent (2x and 3x - 32 loads) on markdown for $3/bottle at my Albertson's in Keizer, OR. There is an ALL coupon available on their website for $1 off 3x - if you double, that makes it $1 for a bottle of laundry detergent!

The Barkers said...

Yes it says not to double. It is only a dollar and the coupon is for a dollar off. So no need to double.

lovesun15 said...

I purchased the Reser's Salsa instead of was $1.99, part of the buy 10, get 5 promo. That's why I wanted to double.(I didn't see the post was for dip, oops. I hate it when I goof!)

Anonymous said...

12th Ave Albertson's wouldn't take the coupons either because they wouldn't scan. The checker didn't accuse me of fraud so that was nice since some of you were accused!

I couldn't find the Bandaids on sale for $1. Bummer! I could use some stockpiled Bandaids.

Mac N Cheese is still on.

Breyer's will be restocked, according to Wayne the dairy guy at 12th Ave, on Sunday. He said to call before to make sure there is icecream left.

Niki said...

Get your gum! Check the rack near the registers for clearance priced Trident packs for .69 each...I got the sweet mint and berry flavors...and use your $1 off 2 IP from the Trident site a few weeks ago! Cheap gum! .38 for 2 packs, no need to even double that and waste your doublers!

Joanie Demer said...

We just got a comment accusing us of promoting fraudulent coupons, namely the Resers. The Resers coupon is accessible from their site. If it was fraudulent they would take it down. Many stores aren't accepting the coupon anyway. It's the store's prerogative to refuse it. But the first sign of a valid coupon is being able to access its' source. Reser will surely be breaking the law if they allow a coupon to be put out on their website and then don't reimburse stores.

rattriffic said...

BTW.... always ask at customer service for a copy of the add at albertsons. most stores will give a limit of two per person which gets you two more sets of doubler!! make sure your husband or friends get one too and you can stop at more then one store in case you need more then what one store will give you :-)