Friday, July 31, 2009

Price Comparison on Meat! Albertsons, WinCo and Walmart!

Darlene at Coupon Gossip shared with us her price recon on meat this week. She compared the prices of the meats available in the Albertsons Spend $20 save $5 on meat promo.

In my opinion, this particular Albertsons meat promo is a lackluster at best and I love that this price recon shows you how you can save at least $5.00 just from purchasing your meat at WinCo.

Krazy Coupon Lady's must stay sharp and not just shop every promo at Albertsons, assuming that it's red HOT. There's plenty of other deals and this week I won't be buying my meat at Albertsons.


Neva said...

If you live near a Paul's market be sure to check out their weekly sales on meat. I have found not only great prices but the taste and quality of the meat seems to be much better. They use local cows and pigs and they cut the meat right there in the store - no nasty shipping from place to place. During the last ground beef sale I asked the butcher if he had any more because there wasn't any out, and he ground it and wrapped it fresh right in front of me. Paul's everyday prices tend to be higher than, say, WinCo, but their meat sales are definitely worth having a look at.

Thanks for this post. It is obvious that your site is very pro-Albersons (as it should be - great deals!), but it's also important to note that there is never going to be one store that has the cheapest prices on everything ALL the time. Frugality is definitely about differentiation!

cjphoto2 said...

Just my 2¢...

Winco does have better prices occasionally. Especially on meat. HOWEVER, they also have MUCH lower standards on refrigeration and sanitation. I will stick to Albertsons for my meat. I have also noticed produce from Winco spoils quicker then produce from Albertsons or Safeway etc.

I do shop Winco for non-perishable items. I agree completely... "Frugality is definitely about differentiation!"

tulip said...

This is great! Please have more meat comparisons! I never know what is a good deal on most meats. Paul's does have a good deal every now and then on meat but that's the only thing I'll go there to buy....everything else is very expensive. Winco does have the best prices, IMO, without getting a headache trying to figure out how to work the deals like Albertson's but I do agree that produce from Winco does seem to spoil faster than Albertson's or Walmart.

Thanks again for the post on meat prices....MORE, PLEASE!!!!

Terry said...

Neva - I've heard that about Paul's meat. I'm vegetarian so I dont eat it, but my boys and husband do. I've always gone to Winco and my MIL bought some ground beef from Pauls for a bbq and the burgers got rave reviews....something about them was better - ;-) I'm now trying to keep my eye on Pauls and will stock up when they've got a sale for sure!