Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rite Aid Huggies Deal- The Krazy Way

Have you partaken of the Huggies Promo at Rite Aid yet? If you haven't- but have a child in diapers... WAKE UP!!! You can not pass this deal up- especially with the information I am about to give you!

Now, through July 31st you can transfer a prescription to Rite Aid and get a $25 Gift Card. Transfer 2, and get a $50! If there has ever been a time to transfer, NOW IS THE TIME! You get the gift card when you pick up the prescription, and can head straight to the diaper section! Go HERE to print the coupon! If you haven't taken advantage of these offers before, It's Simple!
Just call your prescription (for you, your husband or kids) into your usual place and then immediately call Aid and have them switch the prescription to their store. Just take the coupon in when you go to pick up your prescription...

Try this on for size...

{STEP ONE} Transfer 2 prescriptions and receive $50 in gift cards- don't forget this coupon!

Purchase Transaction #1

3 Jumbo Pack of Huggies Diapers $14.99 each
Total: $44.97
Use $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon HERE
Use 3 $1.50/1 from 6/21
Final Price: $35.47
Then Use the $25 Gift Card
Pay $10.47 OUT OF POCKET!!

{STEP THREE} Purchase Transaction #2

2 Jumbo Packs of Huggies Diapers $14.99 each
Total: 29.98
Use $% off $25 Rite Aid Coupon HERE
Use 2 $1.50/1 Huggies coupons from 6/21
Final Price: 21.98
Thus Use the 2nd $25 Gift Card

Total OOP: $10.47

{STEP FIVE} Don't Forget! You can still submit for the rebate for a $25 Gift Card!
So this turns into a $15 MONEY MAKER!
See all the Rebate Details HERE


makinzee said...

Serioulsy, looks easy thanks for all the steps. I have 2 RX to transfer now.

Craig and Brenda said...

What do you do if you get the diapers and lose your receipt?

Heather and Dave said...

I'm just seeing a rebate for a free voucher of $11.49 good towards a pack of free huggies. Where is the $25 one?

william said...

Actually this deal can get even sweeter. This week if you spend $50 on any Kimberly Clark products (huggies) you can get another $25 gift card! And a coupon prints out for a free pack of huggies if you buy 5 packs at the same time. So, if you really want to, I would buy all of the diapers in the same transaction!

Heather Wheeler said...

Heather the $25 gift card is a rebate on Kimberly Clark products.

William- the rebate you mentioned is the rebate I was referring to. You can purchase your items in 2 different transactions and still qualify for the $25 gc.

A*Waite said...

I did this this week and the rebates are on the way. Yeah!!
See my blog post.

Ellas Mom said...

Ok ladies who have done this. How many diapers do you actually end up with? I'm not a Huggies user currently so I don't know how many are in a pack. TIA!

cynthea said...

Make sure you check the numbers on your diaper pack. I am not sure how you guys are getting this deal to work. I am buying size 4 supremes or regulars.

#49 requires a mega pack ( size 4 46 diapers) those are the ones 14.99

# 800 requres diapers that are 20-44 ( if this is true then my mega packs will not work for them) so I can not get the free pack of diapers??? Is this true???

Then the $25 rebate card requires size 34-60 so the small packs that are 11.49 will not work for them ( size 4 = 31 diapers)

I was planning on buying
4 mega packs =14.99*4=59.96
1 jumbo pack =11.49 ( for the get one free promo)

total =71.45
do it in two transactions -10
use coupons =5*1.5 =-7.50
get 2 dollar rebate =-2
get gift card = -25
total discounts 44.50
OOP after rebates 26.95/246 diapers
= 11 cents a diaper

Does this look right?

Also say they only have the wrong size of mega pack? can I buy it now and exchange it later for the one I need or does that mess up the rebate?

Ellas Mom said...

Thanks for the details! If you aren't specifically a Huggies user then this isn't really a good deal. Luvs are cheaper by the diaper at Walmart.

cynthea said...

keep in mind those are the supremes I am sure that the regular Snug and dry have more per package. That would make the deal a whole lot better. The best diaper deals are when you can pair a coupon with the walgreens supremes!
they are good diapers and I think comprable to luvs.

I huggies supremes for road trips and nighttime.