Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rite Aid Week of July 28th

Go HERE to learn all about Rite Aid's Coupon Policy and take the time to print it, to keep in your binder!

Krazy Scenario Idea
at Rite Aid using this $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon
For all the Rebate Information go HERE
This is a new month for rebates, so remember to complete your July Rebates

{BUY 2} Speed Stick 2/$4.74
Use $2 off in-ad coupon
(Use 2) $1.50/1 - Speed Stick ( (available to zip code 33907)
Final Price: FREE

{BUY 2} Softsoap $0.89
(Use 2) $1/1 - Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap ( (available to zip code 45435)
Final Price: FREE

{BUY 2} BIC Brite Liners Markers or Mini Grips Pencils 2/$4
Buy 2, Get $2 SCR (limit 1)
$1.00/2 - Bic Stationary Products - (
Final Price: $0.50 each after coupon and rebate

{BUY 2} Herbal Essences Hair Care $2/6
Buy 2, Get $2 SCR (limit 1)
Use the B1G1 Herbal Essence from 7/26
Final Price: $.50 each after coupon and rebate

Neutrogena Cosmetics 40% off (assuming $7 price point)
Buy 1, get $2 SCR#232 (limit 1)
Use $2/1 from 7/26
Final Price:$3.00 (price will vary depending on what items you buy)

Kotex Maxi Pads 14-24 ct, Pantiliners 34-64 ct or Tampons 18 ct $2.50 ea
Buy 2, Get $2 SCR #41 (limit 1)
Use the $1/1 Kotex Pads from 6/14
$1.00/1 (IE) - Kotex products - (
$1.00/1 (FF) - Kotex products - (
Final Price: $.50 each

Final Price Before Coupons:$28.52
{Use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon} Before All Other Coupons
Final OOP: $8.52
Final Price after all coupons and rebates: $.52

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ldahospud said...

Girl, you are goooooood! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not meaning any disrespect, but is it OK to enter zip codes to obtain coupons that wouldn't ordinarily be available to you? Money Saving Mom for one recently took a stance on this issue, and I'd tend to agree with her:

Love your thoughts either way. I know so many of these issues are "gray," but I think it's important we challenge one another to maintain good coupon ethics. Keep up the great work on the blog.

Michael N said...

This was just my experience but I thought I would pass it along . The only Softsoap they had on sale for .89 was the Soft Soap Elements which are specifically precluded on the coupon . I did manage to score some Deoderant for darn near free but am still searching for Soft Soap that will work with my coupons and be nearly free .

As far as using different zip codes .... I would have to say that as long as the stores are being reimbursed by the manufacturer its fine . Whats the difference between it and buyiong coupons off of Ebay that may not have been available in your AO ? Thats just my .02 though .

Alison said...

For the Herbal Essence there's a 1/1 coupon that can be used with the B1G1 coupon. That would make them free! But the 1/1 expires on the 7/31 so you'd have to use it quick

Anonymous said...

Michael, perhaps so! I just wonder why the manufacturers would limit the zip codes though...I'm guessing there's a reason. KCL has more coupon experience than I do, so I will be happy to change my opinion if there's reason to! Still learning over here... ;)

Alison, that's a great catch on the Herbal Essences. I may have to update my own blog post with that now!

Joanie Demer said...

Couponproject: Thanks for bringing this up because I think it's worth discussing. We have never posted zip codes before this week; we started after we launched the IP coupon database.
KCL readership is still largely localized in the US Northwest, with ID and UT as our top reader states. But KCL visits outside Idaho and Utah (week 25,897) outnumber those within (last week 21,993). We want to first, let all KCL nationwide readers know what coupons are available to print, so that they can try their zip code and see if they’re available. But I guess we could just write the coupon out and say “select zip codes only”. . . hmmmm
Heather and I used to both live in Idaho, and now I'm in California. My zip code has now changed. When I moved to CA I had milk and cheese coupons with me that I had printed in Idaho. I could not use them because they stated “valid only in ID or UT”. I used the rest of my old IPs printed in Idaho in California.
I think if manufacturers want to limit their coupons to a certain area, they should make them valid only in a certain state. I’m inclined to think like Michael and compare it to buying coupons on Ebay. Different regions put out different coupons with different values in Sunday inserts and I’ve often bought better coupons on Ebay than what I received in my paper. The CIC, coupon information corporation, states that selling coupons is most definitely illegal, and yet, have you visited Ebay lately? Or These are LARGELY accepted and most certainly haven’t been prosecuted with any crime.
Here’s one thing (I think) I feel strongly about: buying coupons on Ebay that didn’t come in your local paper seems like the same ‘sin’ as printing coupons outside your zip code. Does everyone else see the congruence of these two situations?
Manufacturers put out coupons to entice you to buy their product. The higher the redemption rate, the happier the manufacturer, right? I think buying coupons on ebay, or printing from without your zip code, messes up their data. If they’re trying to test something in a region and we’re all selling, buying or printing coupons across the country it skews their data.
My conclusion, is I’m not sure what to think yet! I’ve personally not printed coupons outside my zip code, but when I’m ready to go shopping I think I will print. . . (unless this discussion convinces me otherwise). I’d like to hear from all of you. I think these discussions help us all, I know they do me.
Thecouponproject- thank you for the respectful manner in which you brought up this issue!

Rachelle said...

..I think it is okay to print a coupon that is not in your zip code..If you can't use it at your store then so be it but if it works, it works..

Oh and you Idahoans--KEEP BUYING MILK!!!! Support our local dairies PLEASE....

Holly said...

Confused...does Rite Aid take internet coupons???? Was told that they do not???

Michael N said...

They took the speed stick deoderant ones I presented them with . I went to the Overland and Orchard Rite-Aid in Boise .

Holly said...

Vista store did not, returned most items :( I am a newbie...should I have asked their manager, has their policy changed or does it depend upon the checker/locatin?

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thank you so much for the thoughtful, thorough, and open response! I sincerely did not mean to strike a debate, but open conversation and I'm glad that came across.

I am still learning about all this...and actually, I have never purchased coupons from Ebay or a clipping site. I think (although it's been awhile since I looked) that Ebay sets certain guidelines for how many coupons you can buy (e.g., limit 10 "free" coupons). Again, I've yet to use either service, so correct me if I'm wrong. Anyhow...back on topic...

This topic is very interesting to me and one that I'm going to dig a little deeper into. (If I find anything out of interest, I may just email you so I don't clog up your comment section!)

Again, I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful response as I try to decide where I stand on this topic. Keep up the great work - I have learned MUCH from this site!

Robyn said...

I agree with Joanie (KCL) and Michael. I have purchased (regional) coupons from the coupon clippers, and I just printed the coupon for speed stick. I feel as long as the store is being reimbursed this is free game. (I wish I could have used those dairy coupons!) I'm in WA along with the coupon project lady (love her site too, btw!) and I get so upset with how much more it seems we pay on the West coast for merch and the coupons seem to be for smaller dollar amounts than other regions. I'm sure others have noticed this in their states, so I think you gotta do what you have to do to make your way. Besides if it was "illegal" (etc) could put a block to keep you from searching other zips and only printing from yours.

Monice said...

You can also use the Fructis $2 SCR (#6) with the RP 7/12 for $1/1. I did that today and the cost for the conditioner went from $4.19 to $1.19 (after SCR/coupon). I used it to get me over the $25.00 needed for the $5/$25 printable.

Frugally Unemployed said...

I live in Michigan and I know certain coupons appear in the Detroit area that the rest of the state does not get in their Sunday paper; for example, make-up coupons that will show up in the couponmom database for Michigan but they'll be missing in our local paper (usually the B1/G1 makeup coupons), yet I can buy them off ebay from people in Detroit and get them in the next day's I also think some of it might be that certain newspapers just don't get the "better" coupons because maybe readership isn't high enough (our local paper is nearly bankrupt...) or some other demographic reason. Anyway, I don't see any issue with me having a relative send me coupons they won't use from the other side of the state, and me sending ones I can't use in return, or buying them off Ebay, etc. (By the way, on ebay you are paying for the envelope and the seller's time, not the coupons themselves, ha ha! There are ways around everything, aren't there?)

And I agree with Joanie - a manufacturer thinks nothing of putting out coupons "valid only at Walmart" or "valid only at Walgreens" so there is nothing stopping them from making coupons "valid only in Macomb, Wayne and such-n-such a county", for example, if they really want to limit distribution for some reason.