Friday, July 17, 2009

Stockpiling School Supplies

For some reason, I am on a "Stockpile Kick" If you are looking for proof, see my post HERE yesterday, my post about making KCL a Way of Life HERE, or my more recent post on KTVB about Stockpiling Basics.

With school fast approaching many of you are probably thinking about school supplies. Sales go in Cycles and late summer happens to be when school supplies go on sale. Makes sense right? Well, take advantage of the sales and stock up for the year. My suggestion would be to shop sales (with coupons and rebates when possible) for what you need for this fall, and then shop the clearance sales once school has started to get your stockpile build up for the year. There is no reason you shouldn't be buying a year supply of pens, paper, crayons, and everything else!

School Supply Printable Coupon Roundup!

  • $1/1 Bic Mark It-- IE or FF (another link)
  • $5/20 at Staples (Office Max and Office Depot take competitor coupons)
    Coupon Expires 7/18

School Supply Deals at Walmart
(Thanks dealseeingmom)
1-Subject Notebook (70-pg.), $0.15
Sharpie Accent Major Highlighters (4-pk.), $1.50
Sharpie Fine Markers (2-pk.), $1.50
Five Star 1-Subject Notebook, $1.50
Avery 1″ Durable View Binder, $2.50
Georgia Pacific Copy Paper (500-sheets), $2.50

School Supply Deals at Staples
(Thanks Common Sense with Money)
2 Pack Acme Kids Scissors $1
Pencil Box $1
Bic Wite Out 2-pack $1 (Use $0.50/1 printable coupon to get them for $0.50 each)
Pink Eraser 3-pack $1
6 Pack Sharpie Highlighters $1
Bic Fashion Pens $1 (Use $1/1 printable coupon to get them free)
Scotch Tape $1
Staples Photo 4×6 Paper $9.99 (Less $8.99 Staples Easy Rebate good through 7/18)
Staples Mini Magnetic Stapler $1

School Supply Deals at Walgreens
Mini Highlighters: $.19 (with in-ad coupon)
Legal Pad: $.34 (with in-ad coupon)
1 Sharpie marker: $.50 (with in-ad coupon)
#10 Envelopes: $.59 (with in-ad coupon)


Beattie Family said...

The Walmarts around Layton Utah also has their crayola 24 pack crayons for 25 cents, their markers for a dollar and their safety scissors for 75 cents. It's a great time to stockpile kid's art supplies. I got a bunch because I also give 'art baskets' for birthday presents to my kids friends.

Beattie Family said...

I also have a KCL question: Can you use a BOGO coupon when there's a BOGO sale, like the one on Kotex at Rite-Aid? Does it make them free? or do you buy one and get two free?

Beattie Family said...

Oh, one more thing:) All the Albies around Layton are out of the Breyer's pints that you can get for free. But I got a raincheck because the Catalina for $4/5 is listed on PYP to be good until September. I think I might get another raincheck to keep me in free ice cream all summer!

Heather Wheeler said...

Getting a Raincheck is genius! Everyone listen up, that's great!

It will depend on the checker about the BOGO- at Rite Aid it should mean 2 free items...

AliSmith13 said...

So...this is my first year buying school supplies for my child, so I have NO idea what is a good price on anything...just wondering if maybe you could mark on your post a number of stars for ea. item...kind of like the grocersmarts does. I know that's a lot of work, so I understand if it's too hard, but I just am feeling so LOST looking at all the different deals at different stores and wondering all in all which store I would be best going to without having to run around to ALL of them...any way...any help would be greatly appreciated!

Smullin Family said...

My favorite thing to do is stockpile when school supplies are on clearance, at the end of the season..for the NEXT year.(Target has awesome 75% off clearance!)I put them in Rubbermaid bins, on shelves, in my garage. I also look for lunch boxes, backpacks and winter coats on clearance throughout the year.

This year, I only have to buy a few items to complete my kid's supply lists, to go back to school.

I also do this with kid birthday presents. It's so nice to have a b-day gift, on hand, when your child brings you the invitation the day of the party or a few hours before. :)

Joy said...

I went to Staples and actually found the BIC WHITE OUT 3 PACK on sale for $.50 a pack!!! I was able to buy as many packs as I wanted:)