Monday, July 13, 2009

Target 101: How The Krazy Coupon Lady shops Target

The Krazy Coupon Lady's favorite supercenter is definitely Target! There are great deals to be had by shopping Target with coupons. Here are the best money-saving strategies I've found for shopping Tar-shay!

Learn and Print Target's Coupon Policy!

Secrets to Success at Target:

  • Target has GREAT store coupons! Their coupons can be found on Target's site HERE, there are no print limits!! Older Target store coupons are stored at the Target Coupon Generator HERE, you have to join this site to be able to print, but it's totally free!

Target Policy allows 1 store coupon AND 1 manufacturer coupon to be used on the same product!

How do you know the difference between a store and manufacturer coupon?

Look for the top of the coupon to read either: Manufacturer's coupon or Target coupon.

Examples of "stacking" a store and manufacturer coupon:

I can use a $0.50/1 Target coupon

AND a $1.00/1 manufacturer coupon (from newspaper, mail or printable)

for a total savings of $1.50 on 1 product.


I can use 2- $1.00/1 Target Coupons

AND 1- $0.50/2 manufacturer coupon (from newspaper, mail or printable)

for a total savings of $1.25 on 1 product, when you buy 2.

  • Target often runs "Gift Card Promos". Example: Buy 2 of the following products and receive a $5 gift card. When you use your coupons, these Gift Card promos make for some cheap or free items, after you factor gift card savings. Sometimes we have what we call a "moneymaker", when the amount you spend out of pocket (OOP) is less than the amount of the gift card.
Example Moneymaker Scenario:
Buy 2 Softsoap Ensembles hand soap $6.00 each
*Promo: Buy 2 Softsoap Ensembles, receive a $5 gift card*
Use 2 manufacturer coupons $2.00/1
Use 2 Target Coupons $2.00/1
Total Out of Pocket: $4.00, but you receive a $5.00 gift card

Final Price: $1.00 Moneymaker, when factoring GC savings

Take note that to confirm that a product is participating in a gift card promo, simply use one of the red you-scan machines at the end of an aisle. The screen will show you the price and the accompanying promo. I like to save my gift cards from one week and use them on the next week's promos, that is if I don't spend them in Target's to-die-for "home section"!

  • Target has an extensive trial size section comprised of items usually marked around $1.00. Many coupons exclude trial size, or specify an minimum size, but some do not. If you read your coupons carefully, you will be able to get many free trial size items from Target.

It's important to share a possible scenario here:

Dove Trial Size Bar Soap: $0.97

$1.00/1 Manufacturer Coupon

Final Price: FREE

if you have a $1.00 off 1 dove coupon that doesn't exclude trial size and you have a dove soap bar for $0.97, when you get to checkout and the cashier scans your soap and coupon, the register is going to beap- indicating there is a problem. This is because your coupon exceeded the amount of the item sold. {Target has a bad reputation for refusing your coupon at this point, but that is wrong!} Target Policy states that the coupon shall be adjusted down to the price of the item. The cashier will need to manually enter in $0.97 off instead of scanning the $1.00 off coupon, so as not to actually "pay" you to buy the item.

  • Target is also famous for their orange clearance stickers. Find items on end caps clearanced in half, pair that with your coupons and get more Krazy deals!


Gwenn said...

I went to Target the other day to get the Sobe and Kellogs Fuel for School deals - I have 7 Eggo Bakshop coupons and 3 Special K Crackers. The cashier would not allow me to use 3 Special K coupons because it said "One coupon per purchase." I told her that is exactly what I am doing I am purchasing an item and purchase is different than transaction. She called the manager and the manager told me that I have to read the fine prints in the coupons and understand it well before using. I just told them "Ok." then cancel all the Kellog's items,purchased the Sobe (she did not have any problem with the Sobe coupons), pay with $5 gift card which I got from my previous Sobe transaction. Actually, I got an email printed with Target's Coupon policy from Corporate but I just did not argue. I'll just try on the other Target store and see what happens. As for now, I'm content with having the free Sobe water. :)

Heather Wheeler said...

Gwenn! You've got to stand up for yourself, girl!
Our best advise is to nicely call corporate before you leave the store! You were totally in the right, and shouldn't have to shop at a different store, to get them to follow the rules as stated on the coupons!
Target Corporate is very nice to deal with, their number is (800) 440-0680
You aren't a true KCL until that number is programed into your phone (or memorized!) :)

Gwenn said...

Thanks ladies! I know I am not brave enough to stand up at that time. Maybe my being a newbie could justify that? :D I'll try the other store first (I am so lucky I am between two Target stores which are just like 3 min away...) and if they still won;t let me do it, I'll try calling corporate. (I hope I have already gained enough courage to do this...)

Mari said...

Would anyone happen to have a link to their policy outlining this stuff? I'm not shy and if it ever happens to me I want to be prepared! Also, where can I read about what "per transaction" "per purchase" and all of that means?

Joanie Demer said...


In the first few lines of this post, you'll find a link to Target Coupon Policy. It'll have the policy straight from Target. This is what you should print and keep with you. If you can't find that link, here it is:

The "one coupon per purchase" is so remedial no one even puts it in their policies. But if you EVER have a problem, just have your manager call the 800 guest relations number and they'll tell them "duh! One per purchase means one per item!"

Sia Hills said...

I have had multiple problems at Target when trying to buy the trial sizes. I have brought the coupon policy with me, told them how to manually enter and adjust price down, talked to multiple managers and still they refused. I find it really depends on cashier you get. I called corporate and reported issue. The reality is you have to continue to go in and have them turn down your coupons, recall corporate and then corporate addresses it at store meetings. At this point just seems too much trouble for me to bother with. I struggle with Target because I carefully plan my shopping trips and who wants to deal with the drama when they cannot consistently implement their OWN coupon policy.

Mari said...

Thanks for the info! I can't believe I missed the coupon policy link right above the image!

Can you explain what it means when the coupon says per transaction? I ask because I see that most Target coupons say this--my take on it is that I have to have my stuff rung up in separate transactions in order to use more than one coupon. However, I have seen other bloggers post that they got 6 of the Edys ice creams on their *one* trip to Target (this coupon says per transaction). SOOOO, this confuses me very much!

Joanie Demer said...


I sent Target an inquiry about that yesterday and I'm awaiting their response. I'll be sure to update you when I hear!

Nichole said...

I stopped couponing at Target a couple months ago for some of the same reasons Sia Hills talked about. It would stress me out to no end when I would plan out my transactions only to get to the register and have them tell me something completely different than they told me the last week or the week before that. Even the managers would contradict each other at different times when I would go in. I try to be nice about it but they get all upset like I'm trying to rip them off when all I'm trying to do is follow the rules that "they" (meaning whoever happens to be working)keep changing.

Sorry for venting but it makes me sad :( I see all these great deals you guys come up with and I don't feel like it's worth my time to see if maybe it will work or maybe I'm going to get hassled about it when I get to the store.
I think the store up here in Coeur d'Alene just isn't coupon savvy yet.

And maybe if I wasn't dragging four kids along with me everywhere I go it wouldn't seem so stressful. AHHHH!!!

MaryAnn said...

KCL, I think I love you! Like Sia Hills, I have given up shopping with coupons at Target, and for exactly the same reasons. Being made to feel as though I am trying to swindle Target does not make for a pleasant shopping experience (you know, if I am going to jail, it will be for something a lot more exciting than coupon fraud!).

I am printing out that coupon policy, programming my cell phone with corporate's number, putting on my big girl underpants, and hitting Target tomorrow, coupons in my hot, sweaty hand. Thanks!