Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Target Matches Competitor Prices!!!

In May of this year Target tested a price match policy at a few Minnesota stores. I don't have official corporate results of that testing, but I think this week's ad says it all!
this week's ad reads:
red hot savings
we'll match the price found in any competitor's printed ad "for an identical product" *Applies to current, local print ads for in-store products. See Guest Services for details.

Wahooo!! I'm so excited to see this change that will allow Target to compete with {that other supercenter}! I expect this program will have a rocky start and we'll probably be riding a learning curve with guest services and managers, but come on! Let's blaze this trail Krazy Coupon Ladies!!

Take in your competitor ads and see how it goes! Make sure you stay positive and thank your store managers for this AWESOME new policy! I'm sure these first weeks will be a continued test of this program, so let's make sure they don't change their minds!


Michael N said...

I am not a coupon Lady but am excited to hear this as well . Target is in my loop of stores I hit with my coupons and if I could take Mal-Wart out of that loop so much the better !

Jennifer (Niffer) said...
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Jennifer (Niffer) said...

do you know if they will match another store's in add coupon price?
wags has an cpn for .89 kleenex. target has a q for $1/3 kleenex
and there is a .50/2 MQ

so if I got 6 kleenex boxes
-2 $1/3tq
-3 .50/2
1.84 for 6 boxes or .31 ea box!
does that make any sense? I think i typed it right...

Joanie Demer said...

Don't tell anyone, it'll blow my image, but we love our coupon guys too!

My guess is they won't accept competitor coupons, but who knows? Definitely try it and let us know what happens. I did call guest services to confirm the price matching is nationwide, but I've yet to shop Target this week, so I'm on the same learning curve as you! We'll have to share our experiences and see how it pans out!

enamour said...

Idaho has been price matching since March. It was advertised in their weekly circular.

Joanie Demer said...

I'm glad you've been able to price match since march! I have not, so I'm glad the program is broadened out now! Thanks!

Kim said...

I went to "tested" out the new price matching and it is a little bit more complicated than say the price matching at Wal-mart. Rather than you having your ad to show for pricing, and the cashier adjusts the price, at Target you just pay the target price at the checkstand, and you have to then go to customer service with your ad and receipt for them to refund the difference. I don't know if that is how it will be at all of the Targets, but that is how they do it at ours (Orem, UT) I am still glad that they price match though.

tandjpirnie said...

I went to target to today to price match on the Glad garbage bags. They were really nice about it and they DID accept both the target web coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon on the item as well.

There was a little confusion about this as it is a new policy, but we went up to the service desk to begin with and they did the price matching there without a hitch :)