Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walmart -- Electrasol Finish or Gel Pacs 20 ct. $1.06

This just in from Coupon Gossip!

I've been a Cascade dishwasher detergent gal for-ever it seems. This is such a good price on Finish dishwasher detergent I just might be switching camps! WOW! For this price, there isn't much risk! This could be the beginning of a wonderful, super clean, gel-filled, dishwashing relationship!

Scotch Brite Natural Fiber 1 pk $1.68
$1.00/2 from RP 7/12
Final Price $1.18

Finish Gel Pacs 66 oz $11.28
25% bonus pk -- 75 count instead of 60
$2.50/1 from SS 7/12
Final Price $8.78

Finish Gel Pacs or Tabs 20 ct. $3.56
$2.50/1 from SS 7/12
Final Price $1.06

Breyers ice cream 1 pt $1.53
$1/2 IP here
Final Price $1.03

Mountain Dew 12 pk (all varieties) $2.98
Thanks Darlene!


Katie said...

I was able to get a 40 count of the Electrasol at Target for 99 cents a box. This is great detergent, I usually stock up on it when CostCo has a buy one get one free deal.

Mari said...

You're off on the math for the ice cream

Joanie Demer said...

Mari, thanks! Fixed it.

Becca said...

I just priced matched at Walmart to make them .99 cents each for the 20+5 box (they are .99 cents at Target this week). An even better deal!

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

I love the Finish Gel Paks..and I love when they have coupons for them. I have tried the ones with the little red dot and the dot always falls out and I hate (ultimate lazy here...) opening that plastic bag they are individually wrapped in... those little gel packs are just so easy to grab and go... so excited about this deal!!