Monday, August 17, 2009

Albertson's Doubler Ideas

Wholly Guacamole or Salsa 7 oz. $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 6/28
Final Price: $.50

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt 6 oz. $.50
Double the $0.75/4 - Yogurt, Any Brand, Idaho & Utah - (
Final price: $.13 each

Darigold Milk Singles 16 oz. $1.00
Double the $1.00/2 - Darigold Milk Singles - (
Final Price: FREE

Crisco Olive Oil 16.9 oz. $5.00
Double the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: $3.00

Banana Boat Suncare 3-16 oz. 40% Off
Double the $1/1 from 5/3
Final Price: Will Vary

Colgate Toothbrush $1.00

Double the $.40/1 from 7/26
Final Price: $.20

ature Made Vitamins 12-500 ct. B1G1
Double the $1/1 from 8/2
Final Price: Will Vary

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes $3.59
Double the $1/1 from 7/12
Final Price: $1.59

Juicy Juice 8 pack $2.00
Double the $1/1 from 8/9
Final Price: FREE

Summer's Eve Feminine Wash $2.47
Double the $1/1 from 7/26
Final Price: $.47

Chinet Plates $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 6/28
Final Price: $.50

Snicker's Ice Cream Bars $4.19
Double the $1/1 from 6/7
Final Price: $2.19

Kraft Promo: $25 in FREE Groceries
Spend $25 or more on participating Kraft Products
and get $5 off your next purchase
Plus a $20 mail-in rebate!!
- Be sure to keep your transactions in $25 amounts
- Limit one Rebate per address.
-Final Price reflects the $5 Catalina savings (essentially 20%), but not the Mail in Rebate.
-You can do more than one transaction, to roll your Catalina- but you can NOT get more than 1 Rebate.
-As far as I can tell this Rebate is valid when you spend $25 BEFORE coupons.

California Pizza Kitchen Flatbread Melts $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: FREE

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza For One $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: FREE

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $6.00
Double the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: $2.80

DiGiorno Flatbread Melts 5.9-6 oz. $2.50
Double the $.75/1 from 5/17
Final Price: $.50

Jell-O Gelatin .6-6 oz. $1.25
Double the $.50/2 from 7/26
Final Price: $.50

Jello Pudding 1.5-5.9 oz. or Gelatin .6-6 oz. $1.25
Double the $0.50/2 (IE) - Jello Gelatin boxes - (
Double the $0.50/2 (FF) - Jello Gelatin boxes - (
Final Price: $.50

Kraft Cheese Singles 10.7-12 oz. $2.50
Double the $1/2 from 8/9
Final Price: $1.00

Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese 5-8 oz $1.67
Double the $1/2 from 8/9
Final Price: $.34

Kraft Philadelphia Soft or Whipped Cream Cheese 8 oz. $1.67
Double the $1/2 from 8/9
Final Price: $.34

Kraft String Cheese 12 oz. or String-Ums $3.00
Double the $1/2 from 8/9
Final Price: $1.40

Nabisco Crackerfuls 6 oz $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 7/12
Final Price: FREE

Planters Mixed Nuts $3.00
Double the $1/2 from 6/28
Final Price: $1.40

Post Promo: Buy 4 Participating Items, Save $4 Instantly
Final Price reflects the Instant Savings (essentially $1 per item)

Honey Bunches of Oats $2.50
Double the $1/2 from 7/26
Final Price: $.50

ost Grape Nuts 24 oz. $2.50
Double the $1/2 from 7/26
Final Price: $.50

Shredded Wheat $2.50
Double the $1/2 from 7/26
Final Price: $.50

Post Selects 13-16 oz. $2.50
Double the $1/2 from 7/26
Final Price: $.50 OOP

**Post Selects Cereal
purchase between 8/14 - 9/6
Buy (2) & Get $1 OYNSO
Buy (3) & Get $2
Buy (4) or More & Get $3


Rochelle and Zach said...

At my Albertson's today on Vista Ave., my favorite checker told me to use all my doublers while I can use them in a single day. She said that going forward, Albertson's is going to get strict about enforcing the use of just 3 doublers a day!! (I'm thinking this came up in a store meeting this morning??) She very coupon-friendly so she wasn't trying to discourage me from using so many this morning. Has anyone else heard this??

Sara said...

Can someone tell me if they've dome the kraft pro,o with coupons? My friend told me she did coupons and only the $5 cat printed, but not the rebate....

Terry said...

I've done the kraft promo 3 times now, with coupons each time. Have gotten $5 catalina and rebate form every time - I'm only sending in one though ;-) But with coupons/sale prices and the catalina - its a good deal even without the rebate.

The Chambers said...

I went to Albertson's today and bought the Post cereal and never recieved my catalina's for purchasing them. I used my coupons, but i don't think it should matter. Any ideas?

Rachel said...

I bought the Lysol wipes at the Albertson's on 12th & Greenhurst in Nampa this morning -- they rang up as $2.00 (Preferred Card price), even though the shelf price said $3.59, so by doubling my $1/1, I got 'em for free! Krazy! Worth checking out if you're headed to Albie's and still have those Lysol coupons.

The Barkers said...

Sara- when I did the kraft promo I was only handed my rebate. (I saw my cahier throw something away though)So I went to custmer service and they said that can't happen,if one prints the other will too. She confirmed with another cashier. They went to the young man that checked me out and he went through the garbage where he found my five dollar cat! So that is so weird that one would print and not the other. I don't know if this helps!

Sara said...

The Barkers - thanks for the info, I'll pass on what you said to my friend!

Can someone tell me if you can do the Post Promo (Buy 4 participating Items, Save $4 Instantly) multiple times in the same order, or do you have to do separate transaction of 4 each?

Terry said...

Sara - I think you can buy as many sets of four at one time and get the instant $4 savings, but I believe you can only get one $3 catalina if you are doing the selects - so, if you are wanting to do that - separate transactions.

I bought four honey bunches of oats and 4 post selects at the same time and got the instant $4 off both.

Johnny said...

I noticed the Banana Boat deal in the blog, but cannot find the original coupon in the 5-3 Blog. Can you relink to that?

Thank you,


~♪♫~simply.melissa~♫♪~ said...

Are all Albertsons supposed to be having the 4/$10 cereals? Mine in Florida are not on sale...any ideas??

I really wanted to do this deal :)

Julie said...

Sara, I used coupons with the kraft promo and had no problem receiving the rebate. Hmmm....

Julie said...

The Chambers, you have to purchase the post selects in order to receive the $3 cat. Hope that helps.

mommyof3 said...

I'm not a negative or mean person, so I had a really hard time posting this, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated. I know that we all enjoy getting Krazy good deals and being able to add to our stockpile with those deals. It becomes maddening when you go shopping (the day of or after the sales come out)with your deals planned (and backup plans too) only to find the shelves completely wiped out. As a fellow KCL I try to be courteous and take only what I can use now and one or two extra for my pantry. I know that a good deal is hard to pass up but it would be nice if we could all think about the next KCL coming for the same deal and leave some product so s/he can also take advantage of the deal.

Sara said...

You don't sound mean or negative. I totally empathise with you in feeling frustrated when you don't find what you want on the shelves. I've found relief to my similar frustration by special ordering what my family really needs, especially if you need a large quantity. I've found special ordering makes shopping for a good deal free of worry or frustration. Albertson's gets shipments in the middle of their sales so it is usually not a problem to get your order during the sale, and they can only stock a limited amount on the shelves. I hope that helps.

Terry said...

Mommy of 3 - I'm still new at all of this, but I'm noticing that when the promo first starts, my Albertsons may be out of some of the items..and then they re-stock and for the most part have enough for me to work with it...may not be my first plan, but definitely need to have alternate plans (more than one). I was frustrated with this at first also and someone on here told me my store (five mile and overland) re-stocks in the mornings, so I've been trying to get into the store mid-morning and many times they are re-stocking while I'm shopping.

I've seen plenty of other coupon shoppers at the store while I'm there - I hope everyone feels comfy enough to speak up and ask questions - I've shared coupons with others and have had others tell me if the product I'm looking for is on display in another part of the store or if they are getting more in. You can always ask and they may tell you they've got a big shipment coming in and when, so you can plan on coming back.

It can be frustrating when you make a special trip out with all of your kids - I've done it...but I'm learning and realizing if I miss out on an item or two, another great deal will be coming up soon :)

Terry said...

If anyone is going out tonight for a final albertsons run with doublers - there are a few colgate toothpastes on the 10/$10 display. Use the $1/1 coupon (not sure which sunday its from) and they are free! I picked up 4 today - no doubler needed...I was hoping to get some of those frozen Rhodes rolls, but they were all out! I did use my doublers with the $1/1 covergirl and got the $3 catalina, and they also have a display with lunch sized bags of mini snyders pretzles with a $1 off coupon taped to the box. They are only .99 cents with a doubler :-) They'll be great for kids lunches.

Becky said...

I need help with the Kraft Promo please.
I am going tonight.
Does my total after coupons need to be 25 in order to qualify for the Kraft rebate