Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Albertsons General Mills Scenarios

A Few Transactions Ideas:

Scenario #1

{BUY 4} Country Crock Spread 15oz $2.00 each
$0.55/1 - Country Crock Calcium plus Vitamin D - (
$0.55/1 (IE) - Country Crock - (
$0.55/1 (FF) - Country Crock - (
{BUY 4} Pillsbury Cookie Dough 14-16.5oz $2.50
$1.00/1 - Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated Cookie Dough - (
$1.00/1 - Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated Cookie Dough - (
$1.00/1 - Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated Cookie Dough - (
{BUY 4}
Klondike Ice Cream Bars (6ct) $2.50
$1.00/2 - Klondike Products - (
{BUY 1}Nature Valley Nut Clusters (5oz) $2.50
$1.00/1 - Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters - (
Use 5 Double Coupons
Final Price: $16.30 OOP, $1.30 after you factor in $15 Catalina


Scenario #2:

{BUY 10} Skippy Natural Peanut Butter $2.00 each
(5) $.75/2 from 8/2
{BUY 2} Best Foods Light Mayo $2.50 each
$1/1 (IE) - Best Foods Mayo - (
$1/1 (FF) - Best Foods Mayo - (
{BUY 2} Best Foods Mayo $2.50 each
(2) $.60/1 from 5/17, 6/28
Use 5 Doubler Coupons
Final Price: $18.80 OOP, $3.80 after you factor in $15 Catalina


Scenario #3

{BUY 4} All Detergent $3.50 each
(4) $1/1 from 6/28. 8/2
{BUY 4} Degree Deodorant $2.50 each
(4) $.75/1 from 5/17, 6/28, 8/2
{BUY 2} Vaseline Lotion $2.50 each
(2) $1.25/1 from 8/2
{BUY 1} Ben and Jerry's 3.6 oz $1.00
Use 5 Double Coupons
Final Price: $15.50 OOP, $.50 after you factor in $15 Catalina

Scenario #4

{BUY 4} Macaroni Grill $3.50 each
($4) $1/1 Macaroni Grill from SS-7/12
{BUY 4} Chex Mix Bars $2.50 each
(4) $0.60/1 - Chex Mix Bars - (
$0.60/1 - Chex Mix Bars - (
{BUY 2} Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.50 each
(2) $1.00/1 - Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters - (
{BUY 1} Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.00
Use 5 Doublers
Final Price: $16.00 OOP, $1.00 after you factor in $15 Catalina


janetf said...

Am I missing something? I only have 2 doublers I can use that were from Sunday's paper. They are good thru the 8th. The others all expired last night. How can I use 5 doublers?

Michelle in Boise said...

That's my question - I don't see any in today's ad; just the 2 from SU.

Terry said...

I don't see any doublers either :(

The folgers coffee is a pretty good deal (compared to what we pay at Costco) - 5.77 for the 27.8-33 oz jug and there are $1/1 coupons from Sunday's paper.

The morningstar farms products at 2/$6 is not bad either for the mail in rebate promo - they are handing out morningstar coupons like crazy (catalinas and those tear off ones in the store as well as some on I think?). The chik nuggets are great for the kids. I believe most coupons are .75 cents off two - buy four for $12 then subract out your $1.50 and then you get the $10 rebate, so they end up costing 50 cents if you factor that in. We eat a lot of these :-)

kandie_mcd said...

You might need to be prepared in case your Albie's does what ours did this week. They took the amount being doubled off the subtotal, dropping you below $30. These scenarios bring you right to $30 before the doublers, so be prepared to add several more items to make up the difference.

Spencer said...

Also, the cookie dough coupons are $1/2, not $1/1. I was going to use those in a deal yesterday, but realized it wasn't as good with only $1/2.

Mama Allen said...

I just called my Albertsons and they are only allowing 3 transactions to recieve the $15 Cat. How stupid is that??? I have at least 7 Trans I need to do to get all my savings. What should I do?

Terry said...

OK, this promo is wearing me out :-) Albertsons on five mile and overland is still out of skippy peanut butter and yoplait yoplus yogurts. They had lots of Ragu and wishbone, knorr sides - all ready to stock back up. I got the butter that should've been 1.24 (limit two) and they didnt ring up right, they were $2.50 each, along with the morningstar products - they didnt ring up right. I had my boys with me, so I'll need to go back tonight by myself to see if they can fix it - I didnt get the $10 rebate form - this will make them 50 cents each - and they are not ringing up at 2/$6 - but if I just count what did ring up right ;-) I got my stuff for .32 cents each! yay again! My scenerio today - 2 best foods (.60/1), wishbone dressing (.75/1), 8 knorr sides (.75/2), 2 brownie mixes (.75/2), 3 ragu ($1/2 and .30/1), 2 honey nut cheerios ($1/2), 2 suave bodywash (.75/1).

sorry if I keep posting my stuff - hope it helps someone, I'm just so excited about this. I'm still very new to this coupon stuff - its like a treasure hunt/challenge for me now - my new addiction!

Terry said...

I just realized I needed to buy 8 participating items for the $10 rebate - oops, but they still are not ringing up at 2/$6 - its still a great deal on morningstar items.

Sara said...

Terry, I know what you mean - I'm new too and have found it's very addicting! I always want to call someone (my husband, mom or a friend) and tell them about the latest deal I scored! =)

To all, the doublers specifically say "three doublers per family per shopping trip" if they came 3 in a ad, or "two doublers per family per shopping trip" if they came 2 in an ad. How can you ethically justify using more than 2 (or 3) doublers in a transaction or even shopping trip?

Melissa said...

Mama Allen, is that 3 cats in one day or total?

Annalee said...

There were 3 doublers last week and then 2 again this week....some albertson's will allow you to use all five at once. Mine won't.

katie said...

Mama Allen

Actually albertsons is only allowing two transactions per day for the 15.00 dollar. It is tied to your card so it will not allow you to do more than two. Most albertsons are allowing you to do three transactions for the doublers.If you read the ad, it states that they are only allowing two per day, it is tied to their computers.

I have just gone every day and done two transactions.

heatherlf said...
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heatherlf said...

Terry everytime I go into Five Mile/Overland I get frustrated and I live right behind it even so I've stopped going there for the most part.
I can only see 2 doublers also? My doublers I had from last week expired yesterday I thought?

Terry said...

Heather - I'm able to go to the Albertsons off of Apple once a week (kid free!) which has been sooooo nice! I was going down to the one on Eagle and State as my boys had swim lessons down there for a couple weeks, and I enjoyed that store as well. I've only done three trips to the five mile/overland (its the closest one to me) and the last two have been frustrating to say the least :-) Is there one off of Ustick and five mile? I may try driving to that one for a change. I had no idea I'd be going just about every day - I'm loving this promo though! My coupons are dwindling down though....gotta re-configure a new scenerio - plus options incase they are out of items ;-) My brain is working overtime and my math skills are improving, LOL, now, if I could just get my binder organized - its a mess!!

Mama Allen said...

Well, I guess I will have to only get a few items. I Love and Hate Albertsons. You would figure they would alow serveral transactions, so you would buy more.. Duh that is how the world works. I WAS going to buy $200 worth of groceries now I can only do my 3 Transactions. I will have to divy the rest up between Safeway, WinCo, and Fred Meyer. I have 4 children all under 6 I cannot go to stores everyday. Albertsons lost my big business today.. I still thik I can do OK today. Maybe not as GREAT as you Pros out there. Have any of you got so fed up you shopped somewhere else? Wish me luck anyways. Happy Shopping

ldahospud said...

For those of you who can't do more than 2 transactions a day, you might sign up for another Preferred Card under your business number or cell phone number. My husband and I each have our own Preferred Cards, so if I needed more transactions I could send him in or I could use his phone number.

Anna said...

Where on the ad did you see that it says you can only do 2 transactions per day? I didn't see that. I did 3 yesterday and there were other couponers in the same store that did that many or more.

Annalee said...
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Annalee said...

On Tuesday I did five transactions with the same preferred number without any issues. I went to two different stores, but did them all in the same day.

heatherlf said...

Terry I believe there is one on Ustick and Five mile. My FAV is Cherry/Meridian but its clear across town I also like the one on Fairview and Cole.

heatherlf said...

The thing that gets me most frazzled is when I have everything organized and then only take certain coupons then they are out of 1 item I need so I've learned to have a couple back up ideas.
Does anyone know if most Albertsons have been restocked with sauve and vaseline products thats what I want to do for my next transaction.

Rosie said...

I did pretty well with this sale... 2 transactions with an OOP of $24.95 (including tax)... I got 4 Klondikes, 4 All detergents, 6 Wishbones, 2 Brownie mizes, 1 cake mix, 2 cheerios snack mix, 2 fruit snacks, 2 Dove Ultimate Cares (with the $1.25 coupon... the work for this promo!), 2 Nature Valley Nut Clusters, 3 Hamburger Helpers... I think thats it. All that for $25, and I have $15 in catalinas still. I feel like this has been my best trip to Albies in a while.

Jeffrey said...

Heatherlf and Terry,
You mentioned that the Overland And 5-mile store is closer to your home, but you get frustrated there. Go and see the Assistant Manager at that store, he will do everything he can to make your shopping experiences more satisfying.

Michelle Barnes said...

I am understanding that there are only 2 doublers that can be used right now. If anyone knows different they should post it. Also, I am glad to hear that others who shop at 5mi/Overland have had some issues too. I live close to this store also. But, if I am shopping with my coupons, I shop at the Overland/Orchard store. Their staff are warm and friendly. They answer any questions you may have and suggest ways for you to perhaps get a better deal. This has been great for me since i have not been doing couponing for very long. Sybil, the clerk there, is my absolute favorite. She tries to make it as easy as possible. It is worth the drive!!!

April Mae said...

Has anyone found out for sure the limit on transactions for the catalina coupon? Is it 2 or 3? I'd really like to know before I go try to embarrass myself! Also, I'm really glad to see someone (Jeffrey) say something good about my Albertsons! Isn't there a saying "for every one bad experience talked about there are 7 good experiences unspoken"? I drive clear across town WITH children to visit the Overland & 5mile store. When I started coupon shopping I was so confused I felt silly and some other stores made me feel even WORSE! But at that store (5mile/Overland) everyone knows their sale items, ENCOURAGES coupon shopping, and even SUGGESTS deals! If you have questions, comments, or just want to find out some extra good deals--ask for Brian! He's saved me on more than one occasion.

lainee said...

Can someone confirm if there is or isn't more doublers out today? I certainly haven't seen any, but people are saying there are.

Krissi said...

I used 7 doublers last night, but 5 of those expired as of last night. I cut 2 from the Sunday paper (8/2), 2 more on a slick paper that was at the register (expired now), and 3 more that were behind the customer service counter in what looked like a Albertson's ad, but different from what was in the Sunday paper.

This was my first time and what would have cost $238, only cost $37, and I realized later that I forgot a doubler, a coupon, and a $5 catalina didn't print, so it would have been even lower than that! Thanks KCL!

katie said...


Sorry it was not the ad that came in the paper, it is the signs around the store. Also, several of the checkers told me the same thing, that if someone tried to do it a third time it was not working, so the manager was overriding the system.

That might be why some are printing more than once. On the sign it was in smaller letters.

Thrifty Queen said...

The key is the doublers and keeping right at the amount needed to print the cat's. Last night got 52 items (Laundry soap, Q-tips, Milk, Peanut B, etc.) and worked hard and smart working 4 trans. My total would have been $207.00 but I actually made $3.00!! Best night ever due to the Lucky '7' doublers. Work hard new girls to utilize the doublers and the combo deals. 5000 Q-tips CRAZY!!!

LaToya Dieter said...

LOL - just trying to clear that up because people are still asking....*giggles*

Terry said...

oh, don't mean to "bash" the alberstons on five mile :-) I've only shopped there a handful of times - I was just frustrated the times I went due to them being out of a couple of my items and the store being busy - the checkers have been friendly - I am partial to one male checker already - this may be the Brian, April Mae raved about? He is so calm, patient and knows what is going on. There is a lady I've dealt with twice - very nice and great with my kids, but she got a bit flustered with my coupons one day. Cust. service was great with me too when I questioned being overcharged on some items. I wont give up on five mile and overland - but am having so much fun with my new shopping that I'd love to visit some other albertsons (am I wierd?)

Jason said...
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Jason said...

I go the the Albertsons on overland/5 mile and i love them! I have a day checker (male) and a night checker (female) who i always go to!

In my past five transactions my catalinas didnt print twice and customer service was VERY willing to help me force it out.

It was so wonderful that they know what they are doing. I would recommend that store to anyone!

Not to mention they always know when their next stock is coming in of something if they are out, which i think is great.

So this weather today...crazy huh?


Sara said...

I wish that you would always put which insert the coupon is from rather than just which date - would make it so much easier for us!

Sara said...

Which insert is the All Detergent from 8/2 in? I can't find it! Help!

rattriffic said...

for those of you frustrated with certain albies and this whole business of only three transactions at eagle, just swing by 36th and state. I personally ran through 11 transactions in a row all for catalina kick backs without a single problem I had a stack of coupons seriously 3 inches thick and a manager opened a check stand just for me and completely took care of me. they are great to work with and it does not seem to matter which checker you use they are all great!! I do use two different pref. card just alternating every other trns when there is a catalina cause there has been issues in the past when you do two of the exact same transactions with the same card in a row