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CVS 102: Learn the differnt types of CVS register coupons: ECBs, CRTs, Purchase-Based Coupons

Different Types of Coupons from CVS


ECB stands for Extra Care Buck- now referred to only as "Extra Bucks"

ECBs print according to the store's weekly or monthly advertised deals. When you make a qualifying purchase, you receive the coordinating ECB value as advertised.

ECBs are similar to catalinas or register rewards, but they print directly onto the bottom of your receipt.

Can I dig through the waste basket at CVS to find more ECBs?
No! ECBs are tied to your Extra Care card. They will only be valid when used in conjunction with your card. If you and your husband each have a card, you'll have to keep the ECBs separate for the two cards. (If you forget your Extra Care Card, you may use your phone number)

In a 'spend $20 on participating products get $10 back' promo, do I have to spend the $20 all at once?
No! This is one thing that makes CVS unique. You can spend $5 on participating products on Monday and then $15 on Thursday at another CVS location and you will receive your ECBs on the bottom of your second receipt. You only must spend the required amount during the promotional period. If it's a month long ECB, you can shop in little bits all month long!

If I buy participating product in 3 different promos all in one transaction will my ECBs print separately or will I get one larger ECB with the total value from all 3 promos?
You will receive 3 different ECBs and on each ECB will read the promo from which it was earned. CVS receipts can get very long with all the ECBs, CRTs and Purchase-Based Coupons. You'll have to go home and clip them apart!
**If an ECB promo doesn't 'limit 1' the rules change. If you participate in a spend $15, get $5 ECBs (without a limit) and you spend $45, you will receive one ECB for $15**

May I use my ECBs on the current transaction?
No, you won't even receive your ECBs until after you've already paid. Save your ECBs from one transaction and use them on the next. Or roll them from week to week.

May use a $4 ECB on a $2.99 product?
Yes, but you will lose the $1.01 difference. Try to pay with total ECBs just under the total out of pocket.

When do ECBs expire?
4 weeks after printed. . . exactly. If you make a purchase at 9:00 am, and four weeks later you shop at 2:00 pm, in order to use your ECB before it expires, the cash register will beep at you. Your cashier will then look at the expiration date and do a manual override, but now you know you can expect the beep if you're shopping on day your ECB expires.


CRT stands for Cash Register Tape.

CRTs print at the bottom of your receipt and are generated based on your purchasing history (seemingly random).

I generally refer to CRTs as being the product specific coupons, like the $1.00 off any deodorant, at right.

ECBs are like a gift card, CRTs are like a coupon.

I just registered for my CVS card I didn't receive any CRTs on my first receipt! Why not?
The computer will take a little while to recognize you and be
gin printing CRTs. Just be patient, soon they'll come!

When do CRTs expire?
Generally 4 weeks after printed.


Purchase-Based coupons specify a dollar amount off a minimum dollar future purchase.

Some common values:
$2 off $10
$3 off $15
$4 off $20
$5 off $30
$10 off $50
$15 off $75

Purchase based coupons print at the end of your receipt with your ECBs and CRTs.

Can I use a $4/$20 and a $2/10 on one $30+ purchase?
No, you may divide into two transactions but you cannot use more than one purchase-based coupon per transaction.

Fine Print Reads: Limit of one purchase-based coupon, I.E., $4 off $20 purchase, per transaction.

How can I get more of these coupons?
Sign up for an ExtraCare account here to receive emails for $4/10 or $10/50 Purchase Based Coupons.

When do purchase based coupons expire?
Generally 2 weeks after printed

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