Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few More Scenarios at Albertsons

Before I get to the scenarios, I wanted to mention a few things.
1. Most stores are limiting 2 transactions per Preferred Savings Card per day
2. The All Detergent IS part of the promo. It worked for me and several people I have talked to.
3. You need to get to $30 BEFORE coupons and tax. You total after tax should be $31.80. So you will get to $30, then use your manufacturer coupons, then the doublers and then the Catalinas.

For more ideas, go HERE, HERE and HERE

Spend $30 on participating products and Save $15 On Your Next Order
Get to $30 Before Tax and Coupons and stay right at $30
If you have $60 worth of products, split it into 2 transactions
The $15 will be in the form of a Catalina to use on the next order
You will maximize your savings, if you do multiple orders and roll your Catalinas.
The price listed is the price BEFORE factoring in the $15 Catalina.

{BUY 12} Best Foods Mayonnaise 22-30oz $2.50 each
Use any of the following coupons:
Best Foods product, any 18 oz. or larger .60/1 (8-9-09) RP-5/17

Best Foods product, any 18 oz. or larger .60/1 (9-20-09) RP-6/28
$1/1 (IE) - Best Foods Mayo - (bricks.coupons.com)
$1/1 (FF) - Best Foods Mayo - (bricks.coupons.com)
Use up to 7 Doublers
Final Price: $17.00 OOP
Final Price after factoring in $15 Catalina: $2.00 or $.17 each

{BUY 4} Country Crock Spread 15oz $2.00 each
$0.55/1 - Country Crock Calcium plus Vitamin D - (countrycrock.com)
$0.55/1 (IE) - Country Crock - (bricks.coupons.com)
$0.55/1 (FF) - Country Crock - (bricks.coupons.com)
{BUY 12} Betty Crocker Premium Brownies 16.5-26.7oz $2.00 each
Use any of the following coupons:
$0.75/2 - Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie mix - (coupons.com)
$0.75/2 - Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie mix - (bettycrocker.com)
$0.75/2 - Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie mix - (boxtops4education.com)
Use up to 6 Doublers
Final Price: $20.80 OOP
Final Price after factoring in $15 Catalina: $5.80 or $.36 each

{BUY 4} All Detergent $3.50 each
$1/1 - All Detergent - (alllaundry.com)
All or Surf Laundry Detergent, any $1/1 from 6/28
{BUY 4} Vaseline Lotion $2.50 each
Vaseline Lotion, any $1.25/1from 8/2
{BUY 2} Klondike Bars 6 pack $2.50 each
$1.00/2 - Klondike Products - (klondikecoupon.com)
{BUY 1} Ben& Jerry's Ice Cream Cups 3.6oz
Use 5 Doublers
Final Price: $15 OOP
Final Price after factoring in $15 Catalina: FREE!!

What Scenarios have you done?


andrea.roche said...

My store just let me know of a Kraft Promo starting on the 7th and running thru the 23rd. If you didn't already hear (I'm almost positive you have!).

You purchase $25 worth of Kraft products and get $5 off your next purchase PLUS there is a $20 mail in rebate. THIS MEANS FREE PLUS POTENTIAL MONEY MAKER!

Includes many "usual" products:
Kraft shredded/chunk cheese
Wheat Thins/Triscuits
Mac and Cheese
Capri Suns
Jello snack packs
CPK or Dijorno pizza
Chips Ahoy
Philly Cream cHeese
Oscar MEyer meat
Easy Mac
Miracle Whip
Nabisco Toasted Chips
string cheese
and more.

Terry said...

If any of you are getting lots of peanut butter (like I am) on this albertsons promo - there is a recipe in the Statesman today in the life section for a whole wheat noodle salad with peanut sauce. It looks really good!

Terry said...

and thanks for the heads up andrea.roche :) We need string cheese.....yay!

daniellechef said...

The unilever promo and the albertsons promo overlap. I tried this last night at a Spokane store and it worked. The Dove shampoo wasn't in the ad, but it worked anyway.

I got this info from Superbob at Hot Coupon World,

Large Dove Shampoo & Conditioner, $4.99 each
UPCs: 7940020680, 7940020681, 7940099800, 7940099810, 7940099820
($1.00 off coupon in 6/7 RedPlum)

Vaseline Lotions, $5.00 each
UPCs: 30521001047, 30521001293, 30521013016

Q-tips, $3.00 each
UPCs: 30521017900, 30521039935, 30521500700

Spend $30 on these and get $27 in CATs back without any coupons.

mrsmorris said...

Last night I bought 12 packages of Klondike bars - total $30.00.

I used:

2 $1/2 from Klondike web site
2 doublers
1 $2/3 Cat coupon which printed when I bought 2 of the Klondikes on Sunday
1 $4/5 Cat coupon from the Breyers promo a couple weeks ago.

Total OOP was $5.00 and of course I left with another $15 Cat plus another $4/5 coupon. They paid me to take 72 Klondike bars home.

Genessa said...

You can check out what I did on my blog mytotalsavings.blogspot.com

Ashley said...

I just wanted to add that I was printing some coupons off of the smart source sight (chex, yoplait, betty crocker, etc.) And it doesn't seem to have a print limit either!!! I just printed a whole bunch 5 times!!

Camille said...

the albies on State St Downtown Boise is letting you do as many as you want. I just did 6 transactions for this promo, and 6 other transactions and it all went thru fine, altho ragu is NOT going through, but just ask a manager and they have to give you your catalinas.

Mama Allen said...

Hello, I have been having a problem printing coupons from (bricks.coupons.com) does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to work? Thanks a bunch.

Ryan and Carrie said...

Just an FYI there are no more ragu coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or is there any other way to get the coupons?????

Amy said...
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Amy said...

My favorite so far has been:
6 Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion
6 Vaseline Lotion for Men
Total $30.00 (before tax)

Use 6 $1.25/1 Vaseline Intensive care--RP 8/2
Use 6 $1.25/1 Vaseline Mens--RP 8/2

With $15 Catalina=FREE
(Only had to pay $1.80 in tax)

Rachel said...

I live in Oregon and as of today it seems that you have to spend $30 after coupons for the cat to print. Yesterday I did 2 orders and the cats printed fine even though I used coupons and my total was only $8. But I went to 3 different Albertsons today and now no cats are printing. The manager says it has to be $30 after coupons. I am so bummed! I planned on getting tons of stuff from this promo!

Jason said...

hey do you know if the Wishbone bountifuls are printing the cat? Or is it only the regular kind of wishbone?

Jennifer said...

I'm fairly new to this. Question: Can you use more than one catalina to pay for a transaction at Albertons? I tried to roll my $30 transactions today. When I handed the cashier my three $5 cats from the previous transaction, she refused to take them all. She said I can use only one cat per transaction. Is that right? It ruined my plans for rolling transactions.

Michelle in Boise said...

I got the Wishbone Bountifuls...they are marked at the 3/$5 price or whatever it is that the others are....the Catalina did NOT print...but I had no issue getting Customer Service to print it for me.

Michelle in Boise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle in Boise said...

JENNIFER: your cashier is WRONG. You can ABSOLUTELY use all (3) Catalinas to pay. If that happens again, ask for a manager.

Terry said...

I just got back from the Albertsons on five mile and overland - out of Ragu, out of Skippy, out of Country Crock with vit. D and calcium (had regular but coupon isnt as good) out of most knorr sides, almost out of wishbone salad dressings, out of chex mix bars and did not have the yoplait yoplus yogurts - UGH, I was frustrated - but I swapped out some stuff. My deal wasnt as good as what I had planned (60 cents an item vs. 38 cents or something like that). I wonder when they restock...probably tonight?

Jason said...

Overland and Five mile gets new shipments in every morning.

I went this morning around 10:30 and they were out of yogurt, but they said they were going to get more tomorrow.

I was able to get Ragu (lots), Dove deo and body spray,degree deo, Vaseline lotion,wishbone dressing, cheerio mix and ALL detergant (it wasn't on the shelf but they had lots in the back).

I guess everything must have cleared out between this morning and this evening. I would say go tomorrow morning!

Dana Christensen said...

I'm in Twin Falls and there are catalinas printing at our Albertsons on the Skippy Natural peanut butter that is a part of the $30 promo.

Joanna said...

I'm still so confused about how you can use up to 7 doublers in one transaction. Our Albies here in Utah are SUPER strict about only letting you do 2-3 per transaction. Is there a secret?

Terry said...

I havent tried using more than two doublers. I guess I should ask. Thanks Jason for letting me know when they restock - Its hard to plan my shopping trips with my three little one's - going at 4:00 was probably a bad idea. I did get catalina's from the peanut butter the first time I did this - I bought all natural, the second time I only got one natural and the rest regular and no catalina. I'm out of peanut butter coupons now - darn ;-) I'd stock up on more!

Terry said...

my post was confusing - I too got catalina's with the skippy peanut butter, I got two dollar off next purchase when I bought 4 skippy naturals.

Kylie said...

My Albies in Spanish Fork, UT is saying that you have to get a little bit over $30 before coupons for the cats to print, so like $30.34 should work fine.

I'm kicking myself, I bought crunchy Skippys hoping for the extra cat, I wish I would have bought Naturals instead! Oh well, my SIL is sending me more coupons from Sunday's paper, so maybe I'll work it into a transaction again later in the week!

Heather Wheeler said...

Andrea- YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks so much for the information!

Mama Allen- See our post here about bricks coupon troubleshooting

Jennifer- You ABSOLUTELY can use more than one Catalina to pay. As long as it doesn't pay for your tax they should be letting you.

Joanna- Corporate came out with a statement about the use of doublers. They said: When there are 2 sets of doublers from 2 different sources all of them can be used in one transaction. Read the following from Albertson's Corporate "Going forward when we have Wednesday doubler coupons and Sunday doubler coupons.: Wednesday through Saturday we will accept the number of coupons from the Wednesday ad in a single transaction. Sunday - Tuesday we will accept the total from Wednesday and the additional coupons in the Sunday ad in a single transaction."

Your total should be $31.80 for the Catalina to print (after tax). I have heard it helps if they "subtotal" once you are at $30 and before they start scanning coupons.

Bonnie said...

here's the list for the promo


fyi it's really long

Michael N said...

I just wanted to Thank you guys for all that you do . I am starting to see more and more couponers and getting to know the Cashiers on a first name basis . I ran this deal numerous times and even messed up once or twice but still got some great deals . I basically went in to the store with a list of what I wanted and added stuff from the 10 for 10 bucks to make it equal 30 bucks . I also tried to find as many coupons and doublers as I could on each deal and betwen the paper and on-line stuff there are lots of them !

I used the Overland and Orchard Albies for everything I bought and never had a problem (other than bad math on my part for one transaction ). My score to date is as follows .

24 jars of ragu
15 jars of peanut butter
9 bottles Wishbone dressing
16 Knorr side dishes
8 boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
2 boxes of Lipton soups
5 boxes Pop-Tarts
4 cans chef boyardee ravioli's
6 bottles of All Detergent

My total OOP was about 55 dollars as I didn't have coupons for the peanut butter my first trip through and I managed to short myself by 1 dollar on a trip and miss out on my catalinas (I know rookie mistake) . Thats an average of .62 cents an item which ain't bad from where I sit.

Sara said...

Shopper Beware....McMillan/Eagle $15 cats are not printing regularly (I heard this was the case at other stores too), just be sure to ask, they were great about getting them to me. But just watch out.

Also, I'm sure someone posted this somewhere....10 boxes of 500 count Qtips = $30. get $15 in cats PLUS unilever is printing $12 in cats too. So, spend $30, get $27 back. That is without any coupons. Add in some coupons, it is a great deal.

Sorry if this is rehashing. I do have to say, the cashiers tonight were helpful but very tired. There were some very friendly couponers in the isles with me too. The only thing that could have been better is if Fiber one bars and Knorr sides had been on the shelves ;)

Fancy Face Fanua said...

Yay for awesome checkers!

There's a fabulous checker at Overland and Orchard Albertson's has an awesome checker (hope it's okay to name names!), who's so friendly and always offering ways to use coupons to get a better deal.

Sybill, you rock!!! If you see her, jump in her line, she's willing to take time to help you have a great coupon run!!

Ashley said...

does anyone know how long the unilever deal is going on? thanks!

Ryan and Carrie said...

the unilever in our area is going on until the 11th