Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food Freebies: Arby's and McDonald's

FREE Regular Roast Beef Sandwich
with A Soft Drink Purchase at Arby's
Wednesday August 5th Only.
Call your Local Arby's to ensure participation.
No Coupon Necessary.

FREE Medium Fries and Drink
when you purchase an Angus Third Pounder from McDonalds.
Go HERE to print coupon.
Offer expires 8/31


Kara said...

Oh yay! A free Arby's sandwich one day only. I'm excited. Now I don't have to wonder about what to do for lunch. I just love finding great discounts like this. Thank you!

Heather Wheeler said...

FYI- the Nampa Arby's on the Blvd is not participating.

The Dewey Family said...

FYI- Neither is the Arby's on Milwaukee :(

martypdji said...

Here's what happened: A couple days ago the coupon popped up in my browser (it does have ads like that), and I was about to print it but something came up and I had to leave. I came back later but the coupon never showed, only an ad for the burgers. I searched and a site said Mcdonalds had the coupon here:

but when I went there it was only the ad. Did they somehow put a cookie or something else on my computer? If so, how do I get rid of it, so I can view the coupon again and print it out?