Monday, August 24, 2009

Freebies: Free almonds and Halls cough drops!

Free almond tin
Fill out this survey to receive a free tin of almonds in the mail.
thanks slickdeals! A reader confirmed she received these almonds so this is legit.

Free bag of Halls Cough Drops
Sign Up for news and coupons
a survey will be emailed to you. If you complete within 5 days, they will send you a printable coupon for a free bag of Halls.


Keri said...

Just signed up for the almonds and noticed this on the confirmation page: "Please note the tin is not pre-filled with almonds." Did they change the offer?

allielyn said...

On the official Rules page it mentioned sending two gifts, I believe it was the almond tin and a bag of almond treats, so the tin is not prefilled, but it does come with a bag of almonds

Anonymous said...

Went to sign up, but it said they were all out.