Monday, August 10, 2009

A Fun Family Night Out: Chuck E Cheese

Last week I took my kids to their first ever trip to

Chuck E Cheese!

We ate before we left the house, used these coupons (they are on the first page for me), and only spent about $20 for several hours of fun.

p.s. I think my husband had more fun than my 2 year old.



Brittaney said...

We LOVE chuck e cheese! It's a ton of fun for my husband and i plus our 3 year old! And its safe enough that i can sit and read or play with our ten month old while my 3 year old runs around! It's a blast! we will spend HOURS at a time. If you sign up online you get coupons emailed to you for really good deals!

Audra said...

Chuck-e-cheese will let you use each coupon twice.

Kimberly said...

I LOVE Chuck E. Cheese!

We try to go at least once a month!

Monica said...

They also have rewards calenders for certain things like potty training and brushing your teeth and when your child is successful for two weeks they get 10 free tokens!

Anonymous said...

moms and dads-be sure to watch your kids at chuck e cheese. Even though they match your number with your childs it is so easy for some one to open the side doors. Sure, the alarm sounds but does anyone really pay attention? The bathrooms aren't very clean at the Fairview store. Yes, the games are fun and the pizza isn't bad for a kids pizza. Coupons are great too.