Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giving Back to a Woman in Need: Idea this week at CVS!

While working on the CVS matchUps this morning I saw a great opportunity to donate to a woman in need in your community!

CVS (CA not participating)
3 Days only, Sunday-Tuesday
Fleece Robes (pink, lavendar or blue) $5.00
($40 value)

I know I've got some Extra Bucks I could use up, especially with the hot $5/$25 purchase coupon, if you find one of your CVS transactions coming up short, please grab a robe and donate it to a shelter in your area. (CVS matchups coming in a few hours!)
Don't know where to find a shelter? Go here to receive a phone number where you can find a donation location! (Some locations are kept private due to the nature of the shelters)

Anyone have an experience about making coupon(ed) donations they'd like to share?


Coupon Clippin' Mama said...

Joanie....this is a brilliant idea!

Kimberly said...

I HATE when CA is excluded from these there are no women in shelters in CA.

Carrie said...

That is a FANTASTIC idea. The robe will go well with all the other toiletries I've been saving to donate! Thanks for posting this... I think sometimes people get so caught up in the "freebies" that we forget to share the love. :-) Hope you don't find if I link to it from my blog...

Joanie Demer said...


I hate that the CVS ad is different for CA too. I haven't ever read why that is. This week CA has some deals that the rest of the country doesn't and it's missing out on some that the rest of the country gets. You win some you lose some!

Carrie, of course you can pass along this idea!

Elise said...

Thanks so much for this terrific idea -- I posted on this and linked back to you --- Hooray for thinking of others!

Jennifer said...

I always use my coupons to keep a nice stockpile on-hand. I also have a bag hanging on a doorknob. It's full of items I got free but know that I won't use. When the bag gets full, I can drop it by the women's shelter here. I also gave a grocery bag full of personal care items (which I got free or almost-free) to a friend who lost her home to fire. She was so appreciative! The items she was using were from the Red Cross. They were okay, but the name brand items were welcomed!

I'm currently hosting a blog link-up every Thursday on this very topic... ways to share. Feel free to stop by and share your stories like these!

SoCalCheapSkate said...

California does have this deal. It is on page 13 and I saw them in stores today. I hope this helps :)

The SoCal Mom said...

I would have to agree with Kimberly. It seems prices are higher here and deals aren't as good. But we are working on it!

I have been building my stockpile for a year now, I frequently pick up the FREE monitors at CVS & Walgreens and donate that to the the shelter and the elderly community nearby. Its great to help those in need.

Beth said...

I have taken my items to our local Ronald McDonald house when volunteering there. i.e. Blood glucose monitors, shampoo, food, etc.

When these families need to stay at a Ronald McDonald house sometimes they are there months at a time and spend most of their time at the bedside of a very sick child. They might not have the energy, desire or money to shop or cook some days. Having these things on hand in the supply closet there helps the families.