Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Huggies at Albertsons are Cheaper than Costco this week!

My Scenario at Albertsons:
Huggies are part of the Box Tops Promo where you spend $20 and Save $5 on your next order. I bought Huggies and 1 filler item to get me to $20 and then saved $5 on my next order.

{BUY 1} Huggies Big Pack Diapers 36-96 ct. $18.99

-Use the $1.50/1 from 8/16
-$1.50/1 – Huggies Product – (
-$1.50/1 – Huggies Diapers – (
Final Price: $12.74
Huggies Snug and Dry 96 Diapers, Size 3, 13
¢ each
Huggies Snug and Dry 82 Diapers, Size 4, 16¢ each
Huggies Snug and Dry 70 Diapers, Size 5, 18¢ each
Huggies Snug and Dry 60 Diapers, Size 6, 21¢ each

{BUY 1} Cascadian Farms Granola 12.5-17 oz. $3.00
$1.00/1 - Cascadian Farms Products - (
Final Price: $1.25

Save $5 on your NEXT shopping order

PLUS get 50 Bonus Box Tops
Total OOP: $19.89

How does that compare to Costco prices?

Huggies Boxes, $41.09 each
Size 2, 258 diapers, .16 each
Size 3, 224 diapers, .18 each
Size 4, 200 diapers, .21 each
Size 5, 176 diapers, .23 each
Size 6, 144 diapers, .29 each
(thanks to pinching your pennies for the Costco prices)


janel said...

The Huggies Supreme Natural Fit Diapers are being discontinued (now called Little Movers), so store are clearancing them out. I was at Albies last night - the 3's and 4's were not marked down on the shelf, but I thought I would try because I saw a size 6 jumbo pack that was marked down. Sure enough, they rang in at $5, even though they were marked $11.99! I bought 8 packages last night for $5 a piece, used the $1.50 coupons from this last Sunday's Smart Source, and the best part is that for every four packages I bought (in separate transactions), I got a $5 catalina and the bonus box tops (it must have started before the ad today). I also got 4 packs of Pull-Ups for the same deal, using the $2 coupons from SOOOO, I scored Jumbo Packs for $2.25 and Pullups for $1.75 (factoring in the catalinas)!! I was so excited!! So, try the Huggies Supreme Natural Fit Jumbo Packs at your Albertsons, even if they aren't marked down on the shelf!

Unknown said...

wow, wow, wow...shhhh, LOL, I cant get to the store till later ;-)

Terre said...

Lol Terry, i agree! I love hearing about these deals and wonder how many other people will find out in my area

Ashley said...

Does Albertsons take other stores coupons? I have a $2.00 off Huggies coupon from Rite aid and was wondering if i could use it at Albies? Anyone know?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i have tried 2 different albies here in nampa and none of theres were marked down i even had them check the price for me i did purchase a pkg of 1 and a pkg of 2 of the snug & dry and did not get a $5 catalina im guessing that you can only get the catalina on the boxes right?

Kelly Tillotson said...

im new to couponing, and have been checking your blog religiously...but something I thought I understood but am now confused by is the stacking of the coupons you have posted--with the huggies can stack an internet manufacturer coupon with a print/newspaper manu. coupon? I thought you could only use one manufacturer coupon per item...?
thanks in advance ;)

Heather Wheeler said...

At my Albertson's in Emmett, they have Pampers and Huggies clearanced to $5 per pack (around 25 in each pack). When paired with coupons this is a great deal! The Huggies I purchased did not trigger the Catalina (I think they were the wrong size...)

Albertson's does not take competitor coupons, but if it's a manufacturer coupon that just says Rite Aid on it, you may try.

Kelly- You can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item. We just have all the coupons available to use listed.

Your Jewelry Jen said...

I was just at albertsons, didn't work for me :(

Heather Wheeler said...

Jen- What didn't work for you? Did you follow my scenario?

Your Jewelry Jen said...

None of the diapers were marked down. Price checked different kinds. Nothing on clearance.

Letia said...

I happened to be with Janel last night, after she scored at Orchard and Overland I went to Vista/Overland and 5mile/Overland. They either didn't have any of that type or weren't clearanced in any sizes, so don't try those 3 stores.

janel said...

Bummer Letia - I tried calling you before I posted that to see if you had found any on clearance anywhere else. I just checked at the Columbia Village Albertsons, and they all rang in for $9.99. It is funny how different stores discontinue/clearance things so differently - guess it is all about inventory levels. I don't know why the $5 box tops catalina worked on those, but it worked on all of the jumbo packs of the supreme huggies I bought- assorted sizes, as well as the pull-ups! Gotta love those fluke deals you accidentally run into!

Elisha said...

Okay, I'm in the same boat with Kelly. I don't understand how by using only one $1.50 coupon the total for diapers only ends up being $12.74. I'm probably missing something totally obvious here.

Rosie said...

Elisha (and other newbies) the "final price" of $12.74 factors in the savings from the catalina you would get. Your out ot pocket will be higher than $12.74, but if you rolled your catalina into another box of diapers your oop for your 2nd box would be $12.74.

Rachel @ said...

some people choose to factor in the ctalina when they receive it. others don't count it until they actually spend it. whichever you choose, just stick with one or the other way so you dont end up counting it twice.

I tend to count it when i spend it, since the out of pocket amount i just spent BEFORE i got the catalina back, is still the actual amount i had to spend and doesnt change.

Then when i use the catalina, i also then count the actual amount out of pocket i had to spend.

Rachel @ said...

i used my catalinas that i had saved from the buy $30/$15 deal, and got 4 packages of diapers for $2.40
very nice!

argylemoose said...

I had my local store in Utah call the one in Emmett and they told them that the diapers were never suppose to be marked that low and that it was a mistake. deal for me. But I love that Albertson's was willing to check it out and try to make it work for me.

mamanard said...

Didn't find those discount packs at either of our two stores....Also, the add shows 5/20 for the boxes of Huggies but there were 5/20 signs only posted on Huggies wipes...Might be our store fluke but I think I'll use that as my filler item Look for the $1 off peelies on the smaller packs of wipes for even more savings...

I just LOVE you! I've saved soooo much money that my hubby wonders how it's not illegal what I'm doing. Everytime I show him a receipt he just shakes his head in disbelief.

Carrie said...

I noticed you only listed sizes 3 and up for Huggies. So sizes 1 and 2 are not included in this deal? I haven't seen any stocked in the size/price box listed in the ad. This is driving me crazy!