Saturday, August 15, 2009

Idaho Ladies: Pedicures by Bambi Back-to-School special!

Celebrate one last hurrah for summer and make sure your toes your nails look good! For a limited time, Pedicures by Bambi is offering a special Manicure and Pedicure for ONLY $35! WOW!
Get on over to see Bambi; we've had a ton of happy KCL's who've gone and NOT been disapointed!
{Disclaimer: $35 mani/pedi does not include the "foot-in-a-wooden-bucket-filled-with-fresh-flowers" spa treatment}

Call Bambi Today! 884-1575


The Hendricks ID said...

My husband gave this to me for Mothers Day (well I hinted a little) My feet were horrible so I thought it would b embarissing but Bambie said she likes a challange and that it was. I had to keep looking at my feet afterwards because they looked and felt so nice. It was GREAT! Maybe hint to your husbands that you need a little pampering. I then gave it to my mom for mothers day because I loved it so much she had never had one before so you can imagine her feet :) she loved it so much she bought one for her friend. Anyway I loved it just letting anyone who was wondering.

Nycole said...

Where can I find this Bambi?

Bambi said...

Great Idea! Maybe I will start adding flowers to the water.

Nilz said...

Wow! That's a great pick.



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