Saturday, August 15, 2009

Idaho Newspaper Subscription Deals

Just for Idaho readers, don't forget the importance of subscribing to multiple copies of your Sunday newspaper! It's the best way to buy multiple, create stockpile and save WAY more than pennies! Here are local Idaho paper deals in no particular order. The Statesman and Tribune are both great options!

Krazy Coupon Lady Idaho Statesman Deal...
A 7 Day Daily Subscription
Plus 4 Extra Sunday Papers,
For a total of 5 SUNDAY PAPERS
All delivered to your front step for only
$12 PER MONTH (4 weeks)!!

Ada and Canyon County Delivery Area Only

This is the best deal in town and you'll get it straight from the Statesman Office!
Call 377.NEWS (6397) and ask for the Krazy Coupon Lady, 7 Plus 4 Special!

You can lock in for 13, 26 or 52 weeks (or 10 years for that matter)- but you have to pay up front.
So if you want 26 weeks, that would cost you about $78 when you call to sign up.
52 weeks would cost you $156.
This is like that diaper deal a few months back. No matter how many diapers you bought, once the sale was over, you're left thinking, "I should have bought more!"
This price is only $0.23 per paper and we have no idea if this rock bottom price will stick around or be gone in the next month. I really recommend that you extend your subscription as long as you are able!
And don't worry, you will save at least that (if not triple that amount) in your first month of couponing.

Scenario Idea- lock in a six month subscription and then use your savings from your first month of couponing to buy 2 more years!!

** If you are a current subscriber to the Statesman and have a daily subscription- you are in luck! Call them, and you can add 4 Sunday Papers to your subscription!!**

Krazy Coupon Lady Press Tribune Deal!

Get your Idaho Press-Tribune delivered daily, plus get up to five additional Sunday copies CHEAP!.

Here are the details...

When you sign up for the Daily Paper (at $6.00 per month, including Sundays)
You can then get 3 additional Sunday Papers (4 total) for $7.20
Or you can get 5 additional Sunday Papers (6 total) for $12.00

1 Sunday Paper
Daily Paper 7 days a week .20cents each
Total: $6.00 per month

4 Total Sunday Papers
Daily Paper $6/month or .20cents each
3 more Sunday papers $7.20 ($0.60 cents each)
Total: $13.20/month for weekly paper plus 3 extra Sunday papers

6 Total Sunday Papers
Daily Paper $6/month or .20cents each
5 more Sunday papers $12.00 ($0.60 cents each)
Total: $18.00/month for weekly paper plus 5 extra Sunday papers

Are you thinking, "But I don't want the daily subscription"??? Well, I thought that at first too, but remember the Albertson's Ad comes in the Wednesday Paper (which means more coupons for their store... and possibly more doublers!!) AND! Even with the Daily Subscription Price, is still cheaper than any other local deal!

Here is where they deliver as of today:
All of Canyon County, Emmett, Melba, Star, and In Ada County as far East as Maple Grove/Five Mile and South to Lake Hazel...
If you are East of Five Mile don't fret! Still Call Greg (208.870.2784) and let him know that you are interested and if enough people call in your area- they will open it up!!! It's definitely worth the Call!!

Also, they make it super easy to pay- They will just automatically deduct it from your credit card or bank account! (or they can send you a bill in the mail and you can pay with cash or check)

Call Greg Now!!! 208.870.2784 and tell him


Tracy C said...

Last week the statesman had a GM insert that wasn't in the IPT, is this common? Does the IPT get coupon inserts that the Statesman doesn't? How often does IPT get "shorted" the other insert?

DonnaBGood! said...

In regards to Greg from the Idaho Press Tribune newspaper...terrible customer service one of the worst customer service experiences that I have ever had. This happened this past Thursday with Greg & let me tell you I was shocked. I read the blog on this website thinking Greg would be great so I placed an order on Monday for 4 Sunday papers along with weekly paper for $13.20 per month. I figured by ordering that deal from the Idaho Press Tribune it would be great plus I could use their (Albertons) double coupons with the Idaho Statesman double coupons. My paper delivery was to start on Thursday & that did not happen so I started making my calls to the Idaho Press Tribune. I spent about 1 hour off and on throughout morning trying to figure out what happened to my order. In short they last my paperwork & that's when Greg turned on me because I was upset that they lost my order with my credit card information on it plus no paper. I sent a very long & detailed email to the publisher/president of the Idaho Press Tribune (Mr. Weaver) to file a compliant that's how bad my exchange was with Greg & his office. He was rude to me & his customer service was the worst. He's happy to take your credit card information (which was a mistake) to start your service however he or his staff did not take any ownership of delivery issues plus Greg did not follow through with a promise. He blamed me instead taking care of his customer. I told Greg that I have been a customer service supervisor for one of the largest employers in Boise for over 13 years and I understand customer service and I expect outstanding customer service as a consumer. His customer service department was not much help too passing the buck back to Greg. I'm sticking with the Idaho Statesman...Greg from the Idaho Press Tribune...All I have to say is BUYER BEWARE!!!! I also requested from Mr. Weaver President/Publisher from Idaho Press Tribune to shed my order because I need my credit card information protected. He emailed back & he apologized for my experience. He told me that he sent an email to Greg's manager & he will get back with me. I don't think that will happen however he was kind enough to respond to my email & I appreciate that.

Mandy Nelson said...

I live past Maple Grove (Fairview & Milwaukee) and was able to get the Tribune delivered!

Brian and chelsea said...

Can you pleeeezzzz work your magic and get a paper deal for us southern Utahners?! Seriously. It's so much more expensive here, with less options.

Krissi said...

Just wanted to point out again that it's only Ada and Canyon counties. I called expecting the deal, but live in Adams county. The Idaho Statesman cut me another deal, so I'm still a supporter - and glad I'm not with the Tribune, Donna!

Cheryl said...

Do you happen to know of any deals for the Post Register? Now that they include all the inserts, I've been thinking of subscribing.

Joanie Demer said...

The statesman gets 1-2 more inserts than the Tribune does each month.

Donna, I'm sorry you had a bad experience! Yuck! Unfortunately, we all make mistake and the Tribune made a mistake with your subscription. The Tribune even contacted KCL to apologize for the error in Donna's case.

If you're in Ada or Canyon County you've got to get a subscription to take part in ALL these amazing deals at Albertsons and elsewhere! Just read over the rates, decide how many subscriptions you want and choose between these two great papers: Statesman and Tribune. Both offer great deals when you ask for the Krazy Coupon Lady rate!

DonnaBGood! said...

Yes Joanie we all make mistakes and I've made plenty in my 55 years of life on this earth and I have taken ownership of my mistakes however it was the way that Greg responded to me that upset me. When Greg told me what happened (paperwork was misplaced) I told him no problem. I don't want my credit card information floating around and I was very concerned. When I told him if I had any future problems with his newspaper I would cancel my subscription that's when the conversation turned and his comments were unacceptable and unprofessional. In regards to him calling you to apologize that was nice however he's apologizing to the wrong person. I think it's important that people are aware of outstanding customer service and unacceptable customer service and that's why I added a comment to your blog. I'm more of a "lurker" and I'm one who does not blog every day so for me (very private person) to leave a comment and email the Idaho Press Tribune about my experience it had to be a really earth shaking experience. I want to make it clear that I appreciate all that you and Heather have done and I love your web site! You have saved me hundreds of dollars every month and I think you're both awesome!! Thank you and I'm moving on :)

heatherlf said...

So I just signed up when I was at Albertsons tonight. I know its a good deal I just feel so weird having 5 sunday delivered for some reason like I'm wasting paper but we do recycle. :)