Monday, August 17, 2009

It pays to be a Californian at CVS! Earn $2 ECB for finding Expired Products!

Sure, CA doesn't get Albertsons doublers, but listen up Californians! Did you know this?

If you find an expired item on a CVS shelf and take it to your cashier, you will receive $2 Extra Bucks! Um. . . hello!! That's Krazy!!

“CVS Pharmacy stores in California are required to provide customers a $2 coupon if they identify products on store shelves that are past their sell-by date, under a settlement with the state attorney general announced Wednesday. The agreement settles claims that CVS stores routinely sold expired baby formula, over-the-counter medication and dairy products.”

Read this article or this one all about how CVS was cited by California Attorney General for selling expired goods and they settled and agreed to pay fines of close to a million dollars! The settlement also included this agreement that if customers find expired products, they will get a $2 ECB.

LA Times reports limit one $2 ECB per shopping trip, but I can't confirm that is the case. Just check with your store. Go find some 'expireds' and make CVS that much cheaper!


Ann said...

Wow that is something!

maygan said...

oh man, if you have old enough kids you could use it as a scavenger hunt to keep 'em busy!

Tracy said...

Our Longs just turned into CVS. I was always finding expired products in that store. This is good to know!

The Barkers said...

I know this isn't about cvs. But I didn't know if anyone would ready this since the post is so far down. I placed an order for the walgreens prints. .27 was my total. I just got a call saying that they are having problems with their site and that price is wrong! IT is really $2.50. Anybody else having the same issues?

The SoCal Mom said...

I wrote about this a few weeks back. Its great that they are doing this. I have come home with several boxes of expired toothpaste, bringing it back to the store and just getting an exchange. It will be nice to get paid for the inconvenience.