Thursday, August 20, 2009

My KMart Double CouponTrip 84% savings and over a hundred dollars saved!

My KMart Trips:
Subtotal $136.77

Final Price: $22.16
Savings: $114.61 or 84%

KMart is doubling coupons up to $2 in value. Find out if your area is participating by viewing your weekly ad here.

3 Purex Complete 3-in-1 $5.50 each

Use 3 $1.00/1 (IE) Purex - (
(FF) Purex - (
SUBTOTAL: $16.50
Pay $10.50 out of pocket, receive $5 off your next purchase
Final Price: $5.49 ($1.83 each)

2 Tag Body Spray $3.50 each
{use 2} $2.00/1 coupon from 8/2 Proctor Gamble Insert
Subtotal $7.00
Final Price: FREE

4 Scotch Pop-Up Tape $4.19 each
{use 2} $2.00/1 – Scotch Pop-up Tape – (
Subtotal: $16.76
Final Price: $0.76

Kleenex $2.05 each
Get Free Kleenex (up to $2.29) with school supply purchase $15+
Subtotal $2.05
Final Price: FREE

2 Mott's Applesauce $2.49 each
{use 2} $1.00/1 - Mott's Applesauce - (
Subtotal: $4.98
Final Price: $0.98 ($0.49 each)

4 Listerine Total Care (1 liter) $4.49 each
{use 4} $2.00/1 Listerine Total Care ( temporarily out of prints!
Subtotal: $17.96
Final Price: $1.96 ($0.49 each)

2 Venom Energy Drinks $1.59 each
B1G1 Free Venom Energy Drinks (
Subtotal: $3.18
Final Price: FREE

3 Juicy Juice $2.50 each
{use 3} $1.00/1 coupons from 8/9 Red Plum Insert
Subtotal: $7.50
Final Price: $1.50 ($0.50 each)

2 Loreal Mineral MakeUp $14.49 each
Buy One Get on Free Store Promo (automatic)
{use 2} $2.00/1 coupons from 8/2 Red Plum Insert
Subtotal: $28.98
Final Price: $6.49 ($3.25 each)

2 Clean and clear face wash $4.49 each
{use 2} $2.00/1 (IE) - Clean and Clear - (
$2.00/1 (FF) - Clean and Clear - (
Subtotal: $8.98
Final Price: $0.98 ($0.48/each)

2 Playtex GLoves $1.97 each
{use 2} $1.00/1 from 6/28 Smart Source insert
Subtotal: $3.94
Final Price: FREE

Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wand starter kit 4.50, refil $3.50 each
$2.00/2 peelies on product box
Subtotal $8.00
Final Price: $4.00

2 Srubbing bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel $3.50 each
{use 2} $2.00/1 – Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel – (
Subtotal: $7.00
Final Price: FREE


Pam said...

Okay Joanie, now that I know you live and shop in my area, you will really be my inspiration. I am in Alaska now, wishing I was home just so I could recreate what you did. I did some of those deals but missed some yesterday. You're my idol!!

Jennifer said...

Great shopping trips!! Stop by and add your trip to our McLinky:

Jennifer said...

At first I couldn't figure out how you were getting items for free with your coupons but then realized that you must live in an area where K-Mart is doubling coupons. Our area is not participating and it's too bad because they would probably see an increase in business and sales.

Ashley R said...

How did you get Venom free???? I thought that B1G1 Q's don't/can't double. It seems like I've heard so many times! Thanks!

charlie54933 said...

Oregon is not participating in Kmart double coupon days. Grrr..

Emily said...

If your store does double, will it say on the page when you put in your zip code, and do they just double the coupons automatically or do you need actual coupons like at Albertsons?

Ashley R said...

Emily....check your weekly ad on, you will see in the bottom right corner in Red the ad for doubles if your store is participating. If they are, all you need is your MFR coupons, nothing else. Just keep in mind that most stores are sticking to the 10 coupon limit per customer, per day.

CheepCheepDates said...

You know your a KCL when you consider using your frequent flier miles to go to a KMart for Double Coupon Week

Sara said...

I still don't understand how to find out if my Kmart doubles. I looked on every page on all three ads listed, but didn't see anything. Maybe you should post a screen shot of what we're supposed to be looking for?

Joanie Demer said...

Read this post and look at the image to see how to tell if your store is doubling:

Stylin' Binder's said...

I thought you live in boise? Are they doubling this week?

Joanie Demer said...

Mommy Frugalness,
The military moved my family out of Boise :( I'm in CA.

I miss Albertsons, but at least I get KMart doubles. Heather is still in Boise for all you lovely locals!

Pammy said...

where are you located at? any doubles here in utah

Stylin' Binder's said...

What military branch are you guys in? WE are in the Air guard and got oout tof the Coast Guard a few yrs ago.

Joanie Demer said...

We are coast guard! I'll have to get you in my speed dial when I have questions! Send me an email via KCL contact and let me know where you guys were stationed!