Monday, August 17, 2009

Prescription Transfer Coupons

Rx Transfer Coupon Basics

Q. What are Prescription Transfer Coupons?

A. These are coupons that stores offer as incentives for your business. They want your Pharmacy business, and often they are willing to pay (usually in gift card form) if you switch to their pharmacy.

How do I use these coupons?

A. If you have a prescription that you are needing to refill, just take the empty bottle into the store you want to transfer to, give them the bottle and the coupon. When you pay for the prescription, they will give you the gift card.
Or, If you just had the prescription issued (like if your child has an ear infection), Just call your prescription into your usual place and then immediately call one of these businesses and have them switch the prescription to their store. Just take the coupon in when you go to pick up your prescription.

A few things to note:
1. If you have multiple prescriptions you may want to keep them all at one place. I remember reading an article about Pharmacists who are frustrated with these coupons, because if you have multiple prescriptions scattered at different pharmacies it is near impossible to track for interactions between medications.
2. Check the fine print. Some stores limit how many prescriptions you can transfer in a certain period of time.
3. Some Pharmacies are rumored to accept other Pharmacy's Transfer coupons. I have heard this about Shopko and CVS. You may ask around and see if this would work for you!

2 Current Prescription Transfer Coupons

At K-mart (now through 12/31/09) get up to $100 in Kmart giftcards when you transfer four prescriptions. Go HERE to print coupon!

At RiteAid (now through 8/31/09) get $25 when you transfer a prescription.
You can transfer up to 2 per person- so $50! Go
HERE to print coupon!


Katie said...

I have all my prescriptions at Target and I always make sure I clip the coupons for gift cards in their adds. You never know when your kids are going to get sick or have ear infections. Just today I made $4 on a new allergy medicine for my son. Love It!

Anonymous said...

A good thing to note is that, in every offer I've read for any store, this is not applicable if your insurance is Medicare/Social Security.

E.Daw said...

Also, note on the K-mart gift cards, the total for the gift card cannot exceed the cost of the medication. So...essentially you can get store credit for whatever you pay for the rx.

Albies and Target USE to honor other pharmacy coupons, but here in Idaho, they no longer do-however, they WILL price-match a competitors price for an rx (Costco has great prices but not always convenient for me, so if you like the convenience of grocery store pharmacy and a great price, you might consider looking up the cost of your rx online at Costco's website, and have Albertsons price match it if it is a competitive price)

j said...

I have been able to transfer more than 2 scripts at Rite Aid and received the gift card. The pharmacist at my Rite Aid told me as long as you have the coupon, you can get the gift card. Lately they have had them at the counter in the pharmacy. So far, I have transferred 3 for me and 1 for my husband. However, you cannot use the gift cards to purchase your meds later on.