Monday, August 17, 2009

Printable Coupon Round Up! Yee-Haw!

$1.00/2 (IE) – Uncle Ben’s Rice – (
$1.00/2 (FF) – Uncle Ben’s Rice – (

$1.00/1 (IE) - Edward's Singles - (
$1.00/1 (FF) - Edward's Singles - (
(these are reportedly selling for $1.17 at Walmart!!)

$.50/1 (IE) - Breyer's YoCrunch Multipack - (
$.50/1 (FF) - Breyer's YoCrunch Multipack - (

$2.00/1 (IE) - Dove Ultimate or Visibly Smooth Deodorant – (
$2.00/1 (FF) - Dove Ultimate or Visibly Smooth Deodorant – (

$1.00/1 (IE) - Neosporin - (
$1.00/1 (FF) - Neosporin - (

$1.00/1 (IE) - Purex - (
$1.00/1 (FF) - Purex - (


Autumn said...

I am somewhat new to internet coupons and am not able to pull up - my internet says it's forbidden. No, I don't have any type screening program that won't let me view things according to content, saying "this website requires to you to log in". Any ideas?

Julie said...

Autumn, I too have had problems printing It seems to be hit and miss. The first time I printed I had a pop up that had me load a coupon printer program. After that, it is still hit and miss. I know that's not much help but you are not alone :)

Angel said...

Ladies, I used to have similar problems. Even after I downloaded the coupon printer. Now I know that some of these bricks coupons are really only accessible from Firefox. When I encounter a bricks coupon that won't print from Internet Explorer, I open up FireFox, copy the link and go. It has never failed me yet. FireFox can be downloaded for free, too.