Sunday, August 23, 2009

Printing Trouble: How to print coupons from KCL

We've had a few confused readers ask about how to access the printable coupons on KCL. Hope this diagram can help out! Click the (ex:) $0.50/1 to be taken to where you can print.
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Piper said...

The following is my personal advice, however I take no responsibility for your computer. If you are unfamiliar with these processes, you should have someone you trust do this for you. I'm just providing this information to share what has worked for me.

I've noticed in the past if I should accidently click on the coupon for the incorrect browser (Firefox when I'm Internet Explorer, for example), Bricks Coupons sends me into a never-ending loop of installing/"upgrading" their coupon printing software driver.

Unfortunately, once you're stuck in the loop, it's impossible to print a coupon. You continue to be prompted to install/upgrade over and over. Just close that page and cancel out; it will not correct itself.

The way to correct the problem so you can print coupons once again is to go to your control panel, "Programs and Features" so that you can remove the coupon software. Right Click on the "Coupon Printer" and then uninstall. You will be prompted to continue to uninstall the coupon printer. After you complete that, reboot your computer. Once your computer has rebooted, go into your internet tools, options, and delete your browsing history/cached memory. (This may clear your passwords, so be sure you know your important info before clearing your cached memory.)

Finally, return to the site that contained a coupon you wanted to print. This time, be sure you click on a coupon you want to print FOR THE CORRECT BROWSER. You will be prompted once again to install the coupon software(click on Run and install). After it reinstalls the coupon software this time, you should be all set and notified your coupon is printing. (No more annoying loop telling you to install the software - just be careful in the future to click on the correct browser type when you go to print.)

Hope this helps anyone who might have run into this problem! :)

Krissi said...

Great post and great comment. Thanks for the info!

Rita said...

What Piper says is true. This happen to me too. And how I solved it also is by installing a new printer. I don't know why but it reset the software for me and no I don't have that problem. This was for my lap top. But on the desk top I uninstalled and then reinstalled and it worked. Crazy!!!