Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rite Aid 101: How the Krazy Coupon Lady shops Rite Aid

Sometimes I get so caught up in the Krazy deals at the grocery store that I forget there are drugstore, like Rite Aid, that actually pay me money to take their products! Rite Aid can be a great place to shop with coupons by taking advantage of their Single Check Rebate system.

Learn and Print Rite Aid's Coupon Policy!

Secrets to Success at Rite Aid:

The best deals at Rite Aid utilize the Single Check Rebate (SCR) system. Instead of receiving Register Rewards like Walgreens, or Extra Bucks like CVS, which can only be used in the store, Rite Aid sends you a monthly check for the total of all your rebates purchased during that month. You can cash the check as you would any other check.

Do I have to clip UPC codes and mail in my receipts to get rebates?

NO! I am a rebate cynic and I think rebates are often not worth my time! Rite Aid's program is as easy as they come! When I get home from the store, I log in to my Rite aid account and fill out four boxes (pictured at right) store #, register #, transaction # and date. That's it! If you prefer, you may keep all your receipts until the end of the month and enter them all at once.

How do I know which Items have rebates?

Every month, Rite Aid offers rebates on different items. You can find them in the weekly store ad-- the price will read $5.99 product, 2.99 after "Single Check Rebate". The entire list for the month is available at

What is the offer period for rebates? Are they valid from the 1st-31st of the month?

NO! The above link to RiteAid.Rebateplus will tell you the exact offer period. It is not a calendar month. In August 2009, the rebate period is July 26th-August 29th.

How long does it take to get your rebate in the mail?

You may request your check once per month. Make sure to wait until the end of the month, or you won't be able to take advantage of other SCR offers. You'll receive your check within a week of your request. It's mailed to you and looks like a post card.

Do I have to have a store loyalty card for Rite Aid?

NO! You simply sign up with a username and password from You don't need to sign up before you shop. If you're new, you can go ahead and shop and then come home and sign up.

How many rebates can I submit? When an item is "Free after Rebate" may I buy 20 of them?

NO! SCRs are usually limit one per household. I submit multiple rebates, but for different addresses. I have my mom and my grandma's explicit permission to shop Rite Aid deals for them. Rebates are mailed in their name to their house. Sometimes I give them the items and sometimes I keep them. They cash the rebate checks for me and give me the money. You cannot submit more than one rebate per household.

Rite Aid has Store Coupons which can be 'stacked' with a manufacturer coupon, meaning you may use two coupons on one product, as long as one is a store coupon and the other a manufacturer. Store Coupons can be found in the weekly ads and printable coupons for example: $5 off $25 purchase can be found on

The Rite Aid Coupons in my weekly ad say "manufacturer coupon" but they're valid only at Rite Aid. Are these really manufacturer coupons?

Often times, these coupons say manufacturer but are coded as a store coupon (first two letters are RC) I am waiting on corporate for a confirmation on whether or not these are truly manufacturer or store coupons. Rite Aid is kind of a dying company--though I hope they pull through-- and it's hard to get definitive answers. If anyone else has info on this topic, I'd love to know.

Do you really "make money" at Rite Aid?

YES! Usually each week, Rite Aid advertises items that are "Free after Rebate", they call them Frebates! Lask week Bausch and Lomb contact solution was $9.99 with a $9.99 rebate. I printed a $2.00 off coupon, so I paid $7.99 out of pocket and will receive the full $9.99 rebate. That is what I call a "moneymaker". You still pay out of pocket, but your rebate check can exceed your out of pocket expense.

**TIP** If you think it sounds fun, take your first month's Rebate Check and buy a gift card to Rite Aid. This will help you see just how much money you're saving because you'll never have to pay cash again!

I have a $5 off $25 printed coupon. Is the $25 minimum purchase before or after coupons?

Spend $25 before coupons! These $5 off coupons are a sure way to make money. Last week, I purchase nearly all items that were 'Free after Rebate, FAR' and my subtotal was $26.26. I FIRST handed over my $5 off $25 purchase coupon, then I used about 8 dollars off in manufacturer coupons. I paid $13 out of pocket and will receive rebates for $23.00, so I made $10.00!

My Rite Aid never stocks for their rebate items and they're always out of stock by the time I get there! Is there anything I can do?

YES! Rite Aid offers Rain Checks for rebate items! Here's how you make Rain Checks work:

  • Ask the cashier for a raincheck.
  • Cut out the weekly ad that gives price and rebate info and keep it with your rain check.
  • Rain check expires in 30 days (if your item hasn't been restocked, you can get another rain check as long as you take it back in within 30 days)
  • When you redeem your raincheck, the picture from the weekly ad will help you and your cashier. Make sure your receipt prints the word "raincheck"; you'll need this to submit for rebate.
  • If you purchase outside the offer period, the automated SCR program online won't recognize your receipt for the rebate, so you have to mail or fax it in.
  • Mail to:
    Riteaid Single Check Rebates
    PO Box 8340
    Wilmington, DE 19803

    Fax to: 1-800-457-2243

    Include your username, full name, address and contact info. Also include the rebate number, which month the SCR was offered and the dollar amount owed to you. Wait for your account to show the rebate credit. You may have to call or email,, follow up. Kind of a pain, but for larger rebate values, it's worth it to me.


Becky said...

Thank SO much Joanie. I get frustrated with Rite Aid, but now I'm going to print this out and bring it with me when I shop. I didn't realize we could "rain check" the rebate items and they would still work for the rebate. YEAH!

Becky said...

This is a great post. I also switch my persciptions and get the $25 gift card for each every few months. I don't have to use any out of pocket money then!

Cali said...

AWESOME! I didn't know you could use a raincheck after the rebate period and still get the rebate! A little extra work but totally worth it if there's an item you really want.

Sara S. said...

This makes me want to do more rebates. I opened an explicit checking/savings account to use as a vacation fund. Any rebates I get I put into that fund. Even though it's not all excess money (I had to pay some money oop, after all) it's still fun to see the money add up!

Sia Hills said...

Great post! Personally I never do rebates and I always miss the deadline to send all the paperwork in. You have convinced me...I think I will give it a try at RiteAid for one.

Nicky said...

Thanks for this post I am new to your site and have bookmarked it you are very helpful and witty. Humor is always good. I don't usually shop at Rite Aid becuase I like to receive my money now rather than later but now I think I will I like the gift card idea this way I can keep rolling the frebates.