Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rite Aid Scenarios Week of 8/30: 2 KRAZY Scenarios!

Before you head out to get Krazy at Rite Aid, read our Rite Aid 101 Post HERE
Go HERE to learn and print Rite Aid's official coupon policy

Krazy Scenario Ideas at Rite Aid using this $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon (or from
For all the Rebate Information go HERE

Transaction Idea #1:

{BUY 1} Listerine Total Care $2.99
Buy 1, Submit for the $1 SCR #53 (limit 1)
Use the $2/1 from the SS 3/15 or RP 4/26
Final Price: FREE after coupon and SCR

{BUY 4} Oral B CrossAction Power Toothbrushes 4/$24
Buy 4, Submit for the $10 Single Check Rebate #48 (limit 1)
Use 4 $2/1 coupons from the PG 8/30
Final Price: $1.50 each

Final Price Before Coupons and Tax: $26.99
Use the {$5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon} and then all manufacturer coupons: $11.99 OOP
Submit for the $1 SCR #53, $10 SCR #48 AND THE SCR #501-FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products
Final Price after all rebates: $.99

Transaction Idea #2:

{BUY 4} Reese’s Candy Bars - $0.50/ea
Use the $.55/1 from SS 8/23
Final Price: FREE

Tag Invisible Solid or Body Spray $3.50
Use the B1G1 coupon from PG 8/30
Also use the $2/1 coupon from PG8/2
Final Price: $.75 each
Just to clarify- the B1G1 coupon is used for the one you get for free, and the $2 coupon is used on the one you are paying for. You are only using 1 coupon per item.

{BUY 1} Airborne (10 ct) $4.99
Buy 1, Submit for the $2 SCR #34
$2.00/1 Airborne (

Final Price: $.99

{BUY 2} B1G1 Chex Mix Starting at $1.29
Use 2 $0.50/1 - Chex Mix - (
Final Price: As low as $0.15 each

{BUY 2} B1G1 Post Cereal $4.99
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Honey Bunches of Oats Pecan Bunches – (
Final Price: $.50 each

{BUY 1} Seabreeze $4.99
Buy 1, Submit for the $3 SCR #67

$1/1 Sea Breeze Product from SS 8/9 (EXP. 8/31)
Final Price: $.99

Final Price Before Coupons and Tax: $25.26
Use the {$5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon} and then all manufacturer coupons: $4.76
Submit for the Rebates, #s 34 and 67
Final Price after all rebates: $1.00 Money Maker


Sara said...

Will the SCR #501-FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products automatically show up with the online rebate submission process?

Sara said...

Also, the $2/1 coupon in the P&G today is for the Oral Cross Action Power MAX Brush - it looks to me like sale and SCR is not for the MAX Brush. Beloew the $2/1 coupon is a $1/1 for the regualr Cross Action Power Brush, which makes this not nearly so good a deal.

The Hendricks ID said...

Anyone tied the airborne coupon yet? It says free samples no longer available. I was just trying to get the coupon not a free sample.

Julie said...

The free summer fun coupon will automatically show up when you enter your receipt at I am in Idaho so I am not sure which state you are in but the toothbrush is $7.49 then the $2 off coupon and then the rebate. It turns out to be about $10 out of pocket for all 4. I am going to put them in the kids stockings for Christmas. Hope that helps :)

Sara said...

Julie, thanks for the reply, but I'm still a little confused...did you actually do this deal yet and it worked for you? Because it looked to me like the $2/1 toothbrush coupon was for a different toothbrush than the rebate was for (based on the word "MAX" and a slight difference in the pictures)...

Julie said...

Yes, I did purchase the brushes this morning. Ok, I had the clerk help me because the brushes did not have a hang tag on them with the rebate listed. Riteaid usually does that so it confused me. I purchased 3 anti-microbal and 1 power soft. I used the $2 coupons on each and the $5 on $25 purchase for a total of $21.11. Then I submitted the $10 rebate so that leaves a balance of $11.11. I believe the rebate expires on 9/3 or so thereafter? I purchased the 4 remaining at Orchard and Overland so you will want to check other locations. Hope that helps.

Julie said...

I just double checked the riteaid rebate web page to ensure that the toothbrushes qualified for the rebate and they did. Hope that is helpful.

Jake and Louise McCrea said...

Has anyone had a cashier/manager tell you that you can't use the $5 off of $25 and then use manufacture coupons? I hate our rite aid because I run into problems like this but I really want to participate in these great deals. I didn't see anything regarding this in their coupon policy. Does anyone know where I can find something that I can print out and show the manager at my store so I'm not told this again?