Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rumors of Albertson's Doublers

Thanks to KCL Beth for letting us know that there should be 3 Albertson's Doublers in the Sunday Paper!
Beth said to look in Section A of the Idaho Statesman, so be on the lookout!
If anyone confirms this, let us know which paper and page!
Stay tuned for a list of matchups!

Seattle Times A-9
Tacoma News Tribune A-7
WA & North ID Spokesman Review A-5

Oregonian A-9

Idaho Press Tribune Main 14
Idaho Statesman A-9
Post Register Section A
Twin Falls NONE

Daily Spectrum A-9
Sale Lake Tribune NONE
Deseret News NONE
Daily Herald NONE


sharon said...

Hi, its on sunday seattle time page news A9

Unknown said...

I'm sure it will be in the Idaho papers too- but I'm actually in Washington :) so I know for sure it's in the Seattle Times like Sharon said page A9 (I always pick up the Saturday early edition of the Sunday paper).

Mary Jane said...

Idaho Press Tribune page Main 14

Tisha Lou said...

It is on page A9 in the Idaho Statesman!

Jolene said...

Idaho Falls Post Register has them too. Wahoo! Section A.

Unknown said...

anyone find them in the Salt Lake Tribune or the Deseret MOrning News? I can't find them! :(

Sara said...

In the Tacoma News Tribune - page A7.

The Keevy Family said...

I had three in my Seattle Times. Renton, WA


Josh and Kensey said...

I couldn't find them in the Salt Lake Trib or the deseret news.

Shannon said...

None in the (Utah) Daily Herald. Grrrrrrrrrr

Melissa Ardito said...

None in the Twin Falls magicvalley newspaper. And we had none last week as well! We rarely get them.

Ann said...

Oregonian, page A9!

Joanie Demer said...

Thank you EVERYONE!

Raymer's said...

The Daily Spectrum (St.George Ut) has them on page A9.

Annie said...

I'm totally bummed that we don't get any doublers in Utah this week! :(

Unknown said...

For Washington / North Idaho (Spokesman Review) they doublers are in the A section pg. A5 :) YEAH!

Rachelle said...

The Argus Observer in Ontario Oregon area had 3 doublers in the Friday paper..

Mylia said...

Thanks for the heads up! I would of totally missed out!