Monday, August 3, 2009

Scenarios for GM Promo at Albertsons!

Scenarios for the Albertson's General Mills Promo.
Don't know what I am referring to? Check out all the details HERE

You CAN Roll Catalina's on this Promo!
This Means you can do scenario #1, receive the $15 Catalina, do scenario #2 and pay for it with the 1st Catalina and you will still receive a new Catalina!

Scenario #1
{BUY 12} Q-tips Cotton Swabs 300-375ct $2.50 each
Use the Q-tips Cotton Swabs product, any 170 ct. or larger .30/1 (8-9-09) RP-5/17
Use 3 Double Coupons
Final Price OOP: $23.70
Receive the $15 Catalina
PLUS Our Reader Tom, is reporting that he got $12 in Catalina's in addition to the $15!
Final Price When factoring in Catalina: $3 Moneymaker!

Scenario #2
{BUY 12} Dove or Degree Ultra Deodorant 2.6-3oz $2.50 each
Use any of the following coupons:
Degree men or Women Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, any .75/1 (8-23-09) RP-6/28
Degree Men or Women Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, any .75/1 (8-9-09) RP-5/17
Dove Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants and/or Body Mists, any $1.50/2 (8-30-09) RP-6/7
Use 3 Doublers
Final Price OOP: 18.75
Receive the $15 Catalina
Final Price When factoring in Catalina: $3.75

Scenario #3
{BUY 4} Honey Nut Cheerios $2.00
$1.00/1 (IE) - Honey Nut Cheerios - (
$1.00/1 (FF) - Honey Nut Cheerios - (

$1.00/2 - Cheerios, Big G - (

{BUY 4} Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Reese's Puff's $2.00
$1/2 from SS-7/12

{BUY 7} Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4.5-9oz 2.00
Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, et al, any boxes .50/2 from 7/12
Use any of the following:
$0.50/2 - Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, gushers - (

$0.50/2 - Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, gushers - (
$0.50/2 - Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, gushers - (
$0.40/1 - Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes - (
Use 3 Doublers
Final Price OOP: $20.10
Receive the $15 Catalina
Final Price When factoring in Catalina: $5.10 or $.34 each

Scenario #4
{BUY 5} Suave deodorant 2.6oz $1.67
Suave Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, any $.75/1 from 5/17

{BUY 4} Suave Kids Shampoo, Conditioner or Detangler 10.5-12oz $1.67
Suave Hair Care, any .50/2 from 5/17

{BUY 7} Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 7-16oz $1.67
Wish-Bone or Wish-Bone Western Dressings, any 16 oz. or larger .75/1 from 6/28
$.75/1 (IE) - Wish-bone Dressing - (
$.75/1 (FF) - Wish-bone Dressing - (

{BUY 2}Ragu Pasta Sauce 13.5-26oz $1.67
$1.00/2 (IE) - Ragu - (
$1.00/2 (FF) - Ragu - (
Use 3 Doublers
Final Price OOP: $16.06
Receive the $15 Catalina
Final Price When factoring in Catalina: $1.06 or .06 each


Kylie said...

Awesome! I love seeing scenarios to get me started, so thanks for your hard work! I am really excited about this week! Krazy, krazy krazy!!!

Bonnie said...

Does anyone know where I can find a table of promo items for this sale? I only have an ad and i got spoiled by pyp last time around. Anything would help. I think i am getting a little "Krazy" with all the SAVIngs SAVings Savings hahahahah.

Heather Wheeler said...

Bonnie, I am working on a excel doc, and hope to figure out how to post it tomorrow morning. Check back in the morning and see if I figured it out! :)

Joanna said...

How do you use 3 doublers in each of these transactions when we only have 2 doublers from Sunday papers and only some of us have 3 doublers from the ad on Wednesday? HELP!

Tom said...

^^^^ go to customer service counter and ask for a copy of the addS. My last trip they gave me the 3 different adds that all had doublers 2 adds with 2 and one add with 3!

Tom said...

i also confirmed a deal from PYP 2 times!!! But with mine i used the $1.25?? coupons from this sundays add along with doublers

"Next transaction
6 boxes of Vaseline Clinical strength lotion 6.8 oz @ 5.00 = $30
Minus 6 $1/1 IP Q's found here (2/computer)
Minus three doublers
Minus cat's from previous transaction (I didn't need to use them all because total was $21 plus tax!!!!)
and I got back another $27 in cat's

Tom said...

ohh and on my Q-tip deal i bought 10 - 500 ct Q-tip Boxes , NOT the advertised 300-375 ct boxes. the 2 for $6 500 ct boxes are from last Wednesday add.

Denise said...

So do you have to spend $30 after coupons to get the $15 catalina or is is $30 before coupons?

Rachel said...

I could NOT find any Suave Kids products at the Albertson's on 12th & Greenhurst in Nampa. I don't think they carry them ... ??? If anyone has found them at that Albie's, let me know where!

P.S. I went KRAZY last night with this GM promo, spent $38 on a huge cartful of groceries, and am going back tonight for more. Take advantage!!

Eric & Becky said...

Seriously I think I'm hyperventilating...such awesome deals and am so excited to go shopping!

Terry said...

I found the kids suave at the bottom of the shampoo displays - the bottles are shaped different then the normal suave bottles and they are different colors depending on the scent you pick (this was off of Apple in Boise).

Tip for all the Ragu - you can use the spaghetti sauce in place of canned tomatoes or tomato sauce when making soup - like in minestrone soup.

makinzee said...

They will let you use 3 doublers from last weeks ad and 2 from Sunday's add for a total of 5 doublers!

Kylie said...

Hey Heather, could we get a new Mr Linky for this promo? I want to see everyones deals and scenarios!

Katie and Rob said...

What is the best strategy to decide what to buy with your first transaction with the smallest amount of OOP? Do you go for the lowest value coupons? And save the coupons that will bring the most savings for running through the catalina?

Becky said...

Both Albertson's on 12th Ave in Nampa will let you use all 7 doublers in one transaction. However on the GM Promo of buy $30 get $15 back, they are limiting it two transactions per person per day. Just wanted to save you some time, they are strict on this one.

nsmeacham said...

Can you spend 30 on any items or do they have to been from a certain list?

Michelle in Boise said...

NSM: Yes, it's a specific list of items. It was on the Albertsons insert yesterday in the paper...a one-sheet newspaper showing all the different things you can buy to get your $30 before the $15 Catalina back. I imagine it'll be on the ad Wednesday as well.

Kylie said...

Thanks for the info Tom, I bought 10 boxes of the 500 ct qtips and got $27 back in cats! Woo-hoo! My husband thought I was crazy and calculated out how long it will take us to use 5000 qtips. He figures we have about a 4 years supply now! :)

One other thing, when I talked to customer service, they said I could pre-pay for items. They only had 5 boxes of the 500 ct qtips on the shelf, but they went ahead and rang me up for 10, and then wrote a note on my receipt saying I can pick up the remaining 5 when they are in stock. Kinda like a rain check, but easier! Does anyone else's Albies do that?

heatherlf said...

Wow Kylie what Albertsons were you at. I was thinking that the other day how I wish I could do that.

Ryan and Carrie said...

wow I am so sad that ours did not do this so we could take advantage of the doublers...Our promo starts tomorrow so no more doublers but I am excited to save money using the scenarios! thanks for all the work!