Monday, August 24, 2009

Target Travel Size Section: Complete Price listings!

Here is a complete list of ALL the items found in Target's travel size section. I am still working on a post- matching up many of these items with coupons which do not exclude trial size. Stay tuned for that!

Prices will vary by region, but I hope by only a few cents. Always remember, Target coupon policy does not have any exclusions regarding trial size items as long as the coupon does not exclude it. If the coupon value exceeds item value, your cashier should adjust the value of the coupon down to the price of the item. (example: adjust a $1.00 off coupon down $0.03 for a $0.97 item) Read Target Coupon Policy and this week's Target Match-Ups.


Barbasol 2.25 oz $0.99
Axe shower gel $1.07
Gilette shave gel $1.07
Edge shave gel $1.62
Old Spice After-shave $1.07

Gilette Satincare gel, 2.5 oz $0.99
Skintimate gel, 2.75 oz $1.62

Right Guard $1.07
Degree $1.07
Axe $1.07
Old Spice $1.07

Dove .5 oz $1.07
Degree .5 oz $1.07
Secret .5oz $0.97
Suave 1.4oz $1.07


Listerine 95 ml $1.07
Scope $0.57
Act 3 oz $0.99

Colgate Kit $0.99
Colgate Sponge Bob $0.52
Colgate, various $1.07
Arm & Hammer $1.07
Aquafresh $1.07
Sensodyne, .8 oz $0.99
Crest $0.87

Styling Aids
Dove hairspray 2 oz $1.07
Pantene hairspray 1 oz $0.97
Tressemme hairspray 2 oz $1.07
Tresseme aeresol hairspray 1.5 oz $1.62
Herbal Essence gel $1.07
Frizz Ease gel 2 oz $1.07
Frizz Ease mouse $1.07

Shampoo & Conditioner
Dove Shampoo $1.07
Dove Conditioner $1.07
Pantene Shampoo $1.07
Pantene Conditioner $1.07
Herbal Essences Shampoo $1.07
Herbal Essences Conditioner $1.07
Garnier Shampoo $1.07
Garnier Conditioner $0.97
Head & Shoulders shampoo 1.7 oz $0.97
Head & Shoulders conditioner 1.7 oz $0.97

bar soap
Olay 3.5 oz $1.07
Dove 75 gram $1.07
Caress 3.1 oz $0.99

shower gel
Caress shower gel $1.07
Dove shower gel $1.07
St. Ives shea butter 3 oz $1.07

face wash
Dove cleansing cloths $1.02
Clean & clear scrub 1 oz $1.02
Ponds cleansing cloths 5 ct. $0.97

Coppertone water babies $0.99
Coppertone Sport $0.99
Banana boat $0.99

Lip Balm
Vaseline .35 oz $1.14
Chapstick $1.09
Blistex $1.14
Carmex $1.14

Johnsons lotion $1.07
Vaseline 1 oz $1.07
St. Ives, 2 oz $1.07
Suave cocoa butter, 3 oz $1.07
Olay quench, 1 oz $0.99
Jergens, 1.5 oz $1.07
Eucerine, 1 oz $1.07
Aveeno, 1 oz $1.07
Curel, .7 oz $0.99

Tylenol extra strength, 6 ct $0.97
Aleve, 6 ct $0.97
Advil, 4 ct $0.97
Tums 12 ct $1.07

Johnson & Johnson first aid kit $1.07
Bandaid, 8 ct $1.07
Bandaid hello kitty, 10 ct $1.07
Bandaid go diego go, 10 ct $1.07
Nexcare, 8 ct $1.07

Baby products
Johnson & Johnson baby powder $1.07
Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo $0.97
Johnson & Johnson baby lotion $1.07
Huggies wipes, 16 ct $0.97
Pampers wipes, 12 ct $1.02
Pampers bibsters, 4 ct $1.29

Tissue & toilet
Cottonelle flushable wipes, 10 ct $0.99
Kleenex, 14 ct $1.07
Charmin travel roll $1.00
Clorox wipes, 9 ct $0.97
Wet Ones, 15 ct $1.07
Kleenex, 45 ct $0.99
Kleenex, 65 ct $1.02
Kleenex: 3- 15 ct packs $0.99

Downy wrinkle release, 3 oz $1.97
Static guard, 1.4 oz $1.99
All Stainlifter, 2 oz $1.12
Tide 2X ultra, 1.6 oz $1.07
Tide to go pen $2.94
Shout travel wipe 4 pk $0.97

Hefty handy sacks, 10 ct $0.99
Hefty One Zip Travel bag $1.02
Purell, 1 oz $0.99
Vaseline tub $1.87
Ludens 14 ct $1.07
Dr. Scholls $1.07
Kotex 16 ct. $1.07
KY lubricant $1.03
Gold Bond powder $1.07
Renu contact solution $1.67
Q-tips 30 ct $1.02


Christina Gonzales said...

For the Treasure Valley folks... which Target do you find gives you less hassle? I work by the Milwaukee one and live by the Nampa one :) It seems like everytime I go to the Milwaukee one, they give me trouble! EERR

Shannon said...


Becky said...

I live on the west end of the treasure valley and I go to the new one in Nampa next to the freeway. Never had troubles and in fact a couple times the checker was amazed at how much money I saved! I've never tried any of the ones in Boise.

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Thanks so much for the price list! When I shopped Target the other day here in NC it seems like they have raised the prices a little. My store here has always given me problems when I buy the travel size items even though the coupon does not state excludes trail size. In my experience it just depends on the cashier.

mel said...

I usually shop at the Nampa, ID location and have had no problems redeeming coupons. However, yesterday, I went to the Eagle Road store and was told that I could no longer use Target store coupons to purchase trial-sized items. I wanted to use the Sponge Bob toothpaste coupon for the trial-sized item.

One time at the Nampa location, one of the employees commented on my binder and asked if I had been reading the couponing blogs. She then told me that they make it a point to know the corporate coupon policy at that location. The Nampa store is definitely my favorite. The folks who work on the floor actually make it a point to always ask if I need help finding the things I'm looking for.

Joanie Demer said...


I just called Target Guest relations and had them call the Eagle Rd. location. They spoke with manager Robin, who said ALL our valid coupons should be accepted on trial size items. I pass along their apology for your experience and in the future, please site this info. I just got off the phone 10AM MST.
I know lots of KCLs are having problems. Let's all (not directed at you, Mel!!) just remember to be polite and professional. We can huff and puff in the care on the way home! :)

mel said...


Thank you for making the call to Target corporate. That was really nice.

I sure hope all the employees at the Eagle Road store receive the information. Inconsitency among different employees and different locations is frustrating, not only for those of us who are customers but also the folks who work at the stores.

I was little bummed that I couldn't purchase the toothpaste. I like to find inexpensive toiletries and household items to donate to my local foodbank. I thought the Sponge Bob toothpaste would be a "treat" for a child whose parents normally can't buy something like that.

Rochelle and Zach said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to collect and post this information. I had problems at the Milwaukee Target location today with coupons on trial sizes... they didn't want to take my coupons, even after she read the coupon word for word. I think it was because there was a line. With a little persisting though she did ring it up, and said the policy had changed again, that they shouldn't be taking the coupons.

Joanie Demer said...


If you call Target guest relations, they will put you on hold while they call your Milwaukee location & set them straight. Then they'll come back on and tell you how it went on the other line. There is no new policy. Sheesh!

the mumpersfromidaho said...

The Target in Nampa is Awesome! The employees are more then helpful and are actually excited along with you about the savings!

Ginger said...

You really did camp out at Target this week didn't you? LOL Thanks for sharing your info with me. Sure did help me out with me being out of town with hubs and his surgery.

Tap me on the shoulder if I can ever help you. Yes, it is a serious offer.


CHPSKTE said...

I just found your blog tonight and its great. I also do a blog for my area and the Target coupon policy will be a great help. I was reading that the Target printables that we can get offline actually do say per transaction but the coupons sent in the paper or gotten in the store do not. Thought that was interesting. I love all the information Im finding! Thank You for the wonderful blog and the time you take to do this. Happy Blogging!!CHPSKTE!!