Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Venom Energy Drink FREE FREE FREE!

Venom Energy Drink

Okay, so the red eye still freaks me out, but my husband (no, he's not pictured above) is a sucker for energy drinks and he loves venom. Some bloggers are reporting that buy one get one free coupons like this double at KMart to give you 2 free products. Click the scary red eye to be taken straight to bricks where you can print your coupon. Use your back browser to print twice per computer!


Bekah said...

Anyone know where they sell these in the Treasure Valley? My husband can't seem to find them.

Ashley said...

How would they double at Kmart? Are they BOGO at Kmart right now too, because otherwise BOGO Q's don't double during the double event.

Sherry said...

This did not make sense to me either. Unless they are on sale B1/G1 Free how would the coupon be doubled?

Joanie Demer said...

Ashley and Sherry,
I didn't know anything about B1G1 free and doubling, so I tried it yesterday at my KMart. I'm still not professing that this is ethical but I had to try it out to learn, right? :)

When they scanned the Bogo coupon it first took off the price of the second drink ($1.59) and then it doubled it and took off another $1.59, so both drinks were in fact free. I want to email KMart and see what they say on the topic, but my thought is this:
Kmarts doubling is basically the store saying we'll match any coupon up to $2, or we'll pay you up to $2 for every coupon (up to $2) that you use. Based on this, the coupon entitles me to one free venom drink and KMart is just matching it.
I need to get a store ad, I haven't even looked to see if bogos are excluded- bad Joanie! If they are, then of course this is a no-go. I'm glad I tried using a bogo coupon and now at least I know how it works. I'll let you know when KMart responds on the topic.