Friday, September 18, 2009

Changes to the Gas Rewards at Albertsons

I got this information when I checked out at Albertson's today:

Effective September 17th, 2009:

  • New gas Rewards will expire 30 days from the date of issuance.
  • This change will only apply to Gas Rewards earned on or after September 17, 2009.
Gas Rewards discount limit is up to $1.50 off per gallon OR up to a combined total of 20 Gas Reward issuances, whichever is less. Unexpired balances greater than either limit will be available on the next fuel purchase.

** the part that has me concerned is that you can only earn gas rewards on up to 20 purchases. Some Krazy Coupon Ladies are making 10 purchases a week- and sometimes each of those purchases is only $5 (before coupons). This new policy is really going to slow down the gas savings!**


Anna said...

I received information about the changes a few days ago and I have to say I am very upset. I do TONS of double coupon transactions and they are oftentimes only $.18. No gas rewards for me.

Cathyb said...

I also noticed that they quit putting on the bottom of the receipt a few months ago how much you have towards the next 5 cent gas reward. Before you could easily tell if it was worth it to try and buy a few dollars more. Also you could easily tell if the rewards total was based on the pre or the post coupon total. Now there is no way to tell and it makes me wonder if they are still basing it on the pre coupon total or not. I am not sure if they realize how much stuff I buy there if it is similar priced to another store just because of the gas reward. I am sure that I am not the only one. If they are going to put so many limits on the gas rewards then I will just start buying all those little extras I need beyond couponing somewhere else. Hmmm, maybe friendly professional letters to the corporation could help?

Becky said...

I think maybe you are not reading the wording correctly. A gas issuance is when you reach the $50 mark with your grocery purchases. For every $50 you receive a $.05 gas issuance. I interpret this to mean you can only receive 20 - $.05 gas issuance per month...which would equal $1000 in grocery purchases. Doesn't sound all that bad to me...I only spend roughly $350-$400 per month at Albies.

Christi said...

Ya, I think I'm with the comment from Becky as I read over the details again.

Lady Thought said...

Becky, according to a phone call I made to Albertsons customer service the first time the change happened a month or so ago a gas issuance is a transaction, NOT each time you reach $50. So, yes, it's 20 transactions. You could actually get NO gas reward if you were doing small enough transactions. I have purchased hundreds of dollars in pre-coupons and my gas reward today was 10 cents.

I agree, letters to corporate might make a change.

Casey and Natalie said...

Thank you for clarifying this change... I'm really disappointed about it. It likely won't help me at all because, like most couponers, Most of my transactions are under $1. -HUGE LET DOWN!