Friday, September 11, 2009

Fred Meyer Coupon Policy


Thank you for contacting us regarding our coupon policy.

Regarding manufacturer coupons printed from the internet. Fred Meyer is
currently still accepting those that are printed from a valid manufacturer
website. Our policy regarding the acceptance of manufacturer coupons is
outlined below: If the coupon will scan on our register system at the
exact amount that is printed on the coupon, we will accept the coupon. We
will not accept any manufacturer coupon that will not scan on our register
system. Additionally, we will not accept any coupon that scans at a
different amount than that which is printed on the coupon.

Helping Customers through tough economic times is something Fred Meyer has
done since 1922. We won't let you down this time either.

Satisfying you on every shopping trip is our goal! If you need further
policy information please speak with your local store director.


Candice Kendrick
Consumer Affairs


Stormy said...

I have had nothing but good experiences using coupons at Fred Meyer, I haven't met a cashier there I haven't liked yet. It's a great place to get your feet wet if you're a coupon virgin especially in the Kent/Des Moines, WA area.

Keana C. said...

i can vouch for the Puyallup Fred Meyers. They are great and my coupons always work. I've had trouble with a couple, but they have always just pushed it through.

Leslie said...

I was at my local(bellingham wa) FM today and asked about using albies doublers there since supposedly they are now taking competitors coupons and they laughed at me. She said 'not a chance' that they only accept MQ's...i asked for a copy of their coupon policy and i was told no....

Julie said...

fyi, I e-mail fred's corp. office and they replied that they will not accept albies doublers. May be if enough people query to corp. they will change their minds.

Keana C. said...

Leslie, I got laughed at too when I asked about the doublers. They also had no coupon policy avaliable to me.

Melissa Ardito said...

I love Fred Meyer! I'm not surprised they don't accept the doublers, why would they? That would mean they had to lose money. Fred Meyer is where I shop.

Tracy C said...

When I spoke with customer service a few days ago, the representative said that the internet printables could be canceled by individual managers if they started having issues with fraud (read copied ones).

I love both of the Freddies I shop at - Meridian and Glenwood. I've not had any issues with them issuing rain checks for out of stock items. I agree that it would be an excellent place for a coupon virgin (in some ways) if only it had better coverage for the catalina's running there.

Fred Meyer does NOT (at least not yet) accept the e-coupons the rest of Kroger's does (Cellfire/shortcut/P&G and UNILEVER -- a new one) which was quite a shock to their customer service representative I talked to - but her follow up confirmed that they do NOT accept them.

janetf said...

Tracy and other Treasure Valley folks - check out Darlene has done an excellent job of researching and posting exactly HOW to use the ecoupons (cellfire, shortcuts, etc). It's a lot of fun to see those come off on the screen as soon as your card is scanned.

There are also limited FM locations in the Treasure Valley, as well as Spokane that do accept the Albertsons doublers. The Treasure Valley limits you to 4 competitors coupons and max 50c. I believe Spokane allows $1 max, but don't know the max number of coupons.

There is a written policy about the doublers and it is FM's policy to allow you to review it and I believe they will make you a copy if you request it.

Heather Wheeler said...

Here is what I received from an Executave Asst. for Fred Meyer Store Operations about accepting Competitor Coupons on 9/14

We do not accept competitor’s coupons. Accepting competitor’s coupons was a part of an earlier pricing strategy in certain markets. As we changed our strategy, a decision to allow upon request to Customers who asked us to take competitor coupons was agreed to with the understanding it would eventually sunset, and no longer be an issue. The recent sharing of this policy on a wider base, has necessitated eliminating for all Customers. We believe that our overall pricing provides the best value for our Customers. Layering competitor coupons or double/triple coupons on top, would require adjusting our overall strategy.

Hope this clears up the issue- No competitor coupons at Fred Meyer.

Leah said...

I got the same email that Heather did but Im guessing that not all the FMs in Spokane got the memo because I used 2 Albies doublers there just yesterday. The "sunset" euphanisism make me chuckle a bit though.