Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Sheet Cake for your One Year Old

FREE Sheet Cake for your Child's First Birthday!
Call the Albertson's Bakery, with at least 24 hours notice, and they will bake you up a 8" round cake with your choice of frosting and a Happy Birthday message FOR FREE!
And, they'll even let you choose the flavors of cake and frosting!
Thanks KCL readers for sharing extra details!

So, if you aren't into trying this:

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Call The Albertsons Bakery!!

Thanks to my friend Lara, for letting me in on this great freebie!


CashtonsMama said...

Is it like a 1/4 sheet cake, or just a little personal cake for the baby?

amanda said...

I have a first birthday in 2 weeks and they said that they don't do a sheet cake just an 8 inch round. Still that is a great deal. And you do not have to buy anything else to go with that.

Unknown said...

Where is Albertsons Bakery? Are they nationwide?

Britani said...

Is this at all Albertsons or only specific ones? My baby turns one the end of September and this sounds like a good deal.

Unknown said...

I just called and ordered one for my little guy. It's not a sheet cake, it just the baby cake, but is free! I just called my local store and asked for the bakery and placed the order over the phone. It was really easy...took about 2 minutes! Thanks for sharing...One thing marked off my list!

Carolyn said...

We don't have an Albertsons here, but Harris Teeter has a form to fill out near the bakery that will get you a free cake during the month of your baby's first birthday on your VIC card. We did this for my older daughter and I need to fill out the form again soon for our second. :) It was just a small round cake, but it was cute and FREE!

Tamra said...

Against my better judgment, I'm leaving a comment. Why? I don't know - maybe seeing my hand in that picture grabbing a tomato sparked something. I'll probably regret it right after I publish.

It's a baby round cake, not a sheet cake. I've done it 3 times in AZ and ID - so yes, it's probably a corporate promo - not store specific. You can generally pick your frosting type as well.

Joanie Demer said...

Thanks for the correction about the 8" round everybody! I'll correct the post.

Tamra, Thanks for the extra info too. I'm glad you commented. Hope you're doing well.

Annie said...

I shop at Farm Fresh in Va, which is in the Albertsons family of stores. They offer this free cake on your first birthday as well. I have used it for my last three children, going back almost 6 years. They don't advertise it, except for a small sign amongst many signs at the front of the store, but all you have to do is ask! Call ahead to ensure you get the flavor and icing you want!