Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heather's Top 6 coupons from

After I saw Joanie's post about her faves from, I had to weigh in on the matter. Here are my favorites (sans fancy shmancy pictures):

$.75/1 Challenger Butter (going to check out what a doubler would do to the price at Albertsons)
$1.00/1 Yoplait Delight Multipack
$1.00/1 Newman's Own Pizza
$1.00/1 Flintstones Vitamins
$1.00/1 Nestle Raisinets
$1.00/1 Wonka Gummies at Target

What are your favorites? Do you like mine more than hers? (Help me out here- I am trying to redeem myself from the horrible binder organizing fiasco!)


shelley said...

Hey Heather,
You like the raisinette coupons? Well the good news is that it works on the theatre sized boxes as well as the snack boxes. Those frequently go on sale for 1.00 each which means FREE RAISINETTES! I ran mine thru last week when their theatre boxes were on sale for 1.00. Walgreens has 'em on sale all the time. Yumm!

shelley said...

I meant to say, "I ran them through at Fred Meyer's last week." Sorry