Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Krazy Coupon Binder Categories

Thanks to all those of you who voted in our poll, where we asked how you organize: Clipped coupons by category or unclipped coupons by date? I put this poll up for Heather, she files her coupons by date and she tried to convince me that it was the most popular way. We were both shocked at how wrong she was! Ha ha, sorry Heather, you know I still love you!

We Krazy Ladies that clip and organize by category outnumbered those non-clippers, organizing by date 4 to 1, with a final tally of 280-70.

For those of you organizing by category, are you using KCL categories? I'm looking for some feedback on the categories. I need to ad one for pet products, but I was wondering if any of you have made any other changes that you'd like to suggest! Do you like all 30+ categories or do you prefer fewer, larger categories? Do I need to ad, or subtract any categories in your opinion?



Dina said...

I did make my own for pet products, and I never know quite where to put dry pasta, jar sauces, rice, etc. Right now I place them in 'prepared sides', but that doesn't seem to fit either.

drenn said...

Being a "Coupon Dad" I took some of my old baseball card plastic sheet holders and put them in a Binder.

I clip my coupons and place them in there in Alphabetical Order (1-3 sheets per letter)... That way if I'm looking for Betty Crocker Frosting I Go to "B" and if I'm looking for Yoplait Yogurt, "Y".

Nice and simple and quick to get what I'm looking for.

NW Coupon Lady said...

I use a binder with plastic sheet holders (baseball card holders or disc holders). I have simple catagories: packaged foods, frozen, baking, dairy/meat, snacks, breakfast, paper, bathroom, cleaning, misc (which includes pet). The items I don't for see me buying I write the date on the packet (SS, RP, etc) and put that in the back of my binder, just in case. This is easier for quick reference in the store.

Ann said...

I've recently added a page (baseball inserts) in the front of "personal care" and "cleaning" categories for coupons which don't exclude trial size. That way, when I peruse the trial size bins, I can quickly see which coupons are eligible.

Katie said...

I use your dividers, but I think I will add a meat/dairy section. I also always struggle where to put pantry/cooking basics. In the front of my binder I have pages dedicated to my fav stores, Target, Winco, Albs, and Walgreens. Then if I know I have coupons that will work in those stores I already have them put together. For instance I almost always use my huggies coupons at Target, so I automatically put them there when I clip.

Becky said...

I have two sections: food and non-food. I then organize mine in the baseball card holders and instead of using your dividers, I sort them by grocery aisle. I put all breakfast, granola bars, and fruitsnacks on one sheet; do another for beverages, pop, chips, nuts, popcorn, etc on another and so forth. Makes if for easy and quick finding!

Shopgirl888 said...

Hi, I have recently (past couple months) changed systems. I have a organizer from the Target dollar bin and I label the pocket dividers: breakfast,lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, personal, and dry goods. There is overlap, but I tend to associate certain foods with certain meals. Walgreens RR etc go in the very back, and ones I have pulled out to use go in the very front. Condiments go with dinner (when we usually use them), and dog food would go in dry goods.Also, it's now organized alphabetically within the pockets. Much better than by expiration.Since I only clip the coupons I'm pretty sure I'll use, I also keep the coupon inserts in a large binder(slipped into clear page protectors) by date and print out coupon previews(not perfect, they vary so much by location)which I keep like an index in the front. The small organizer comes in the store, but the massive binder is handy in my car in case I realize a good deal could be had.

Anonymous said...

OK, So call me "nuts" or some mite say "Krazy" My Husband calls it "ADD" I have 2 Binders, and a Very cool Folder, The first Binder I keep the coupons in full sheets going from front to back New to Oldest,(it's a 5 inch Binder, Next is my Zipperd 2 inch Binder that I have clipped all the coupons I would ever use, I keep out all things I don't use, as to were the BIG 5 inch Binder hass all of them, in each Binder I have 10 copies of each if I use the coupons in my Clipped Binder I replace them with the ones from my BIG binder,Now my last very cool folder My husband found has a clear sheet of plastic over the front that I take into the store with me, under the the sheet I keep one sheet the type that holds tradind cards, in that I make up my shopping trip they hold 9 coupons 3 lines of 3, for 3 transactions....See told you ADD

Krissi said...

I put yogurt and cheese in the same category, but seperate from each other so I can find each one's coupons easier.

Krissi said...

Also, like Dina, don't know where to put the dry pasta, rice, etc. They are in Prepared Sides right now.

Debbie said...

We need a few other categories to make the large sections easier to manage:

The "medicine" category is huge in my binder. Any ideas on how to break that one down into smaller categories? Maybe pain relievers? Cold/flu medicines?

I have an "eating out" section for coupons to restaurants and fast food places.

"Refrigerated" and "Freezer" are also huge. Any ideas on how to make other categories?

"Miscellaneous" is too generic for me. I have Glade Candle stuff in there besides batteries, etc.

I will probably also add a "Pasta" section. Right now that is all under "prepared foods".

Annalee said...

I have about 16 categories and then in cleaning products, health and beauty, and snacks I have subcategories. I tried to put them in sections where they are found in the store. I have Baking, Canned, cereal, Meat, Snacks, Dairy/refrigerated, Cleaning/household, Health and Beauty, Frozen, Baby, Produce, Boxed, Pasta/Rice, Pet, Medicine, Misc. Non-food.

I cut them out and use baseball cards in each category. It works pretty well for me.

I too am trying to figure a better way with the boxed pasta...etc.

Joanie Demer said...

Thank you all so much!

I do put my pasta in "prepared sides" Should I change the title "prepared sides & pasta" or does pasta warrant its own category? I put pasta sauce in the vegetable section. -- I'm thinking we need a pasta category!

My medicine section is the largest, for sure! I'll have to think about how we could break those down!

Refrigerated and Frozen are big ones too. hmmmm. . .

Is anything over-categorized for you all? Do you like the separated Reynolds/Ziploc from paper products like plates and cups?

My Misc. section is full of batteries and glade etc.

Thanks so much! Keep the ideas coming!

Connie said...

I have a "dry foods" and "dough" section in my binder. The dry foods covers things like mac and cheese and boxes of potatoes...things like that, rather than a "prepared foods section". I have a "salty snacks" and a "sweet snacks" section as well rather than breaking them down in to granola bar or fruit snack catagories. I have an "animal" section and it is full!! I don't have a "produce" section. I rarely find produce coupons. hope that helps!

Rebecca67 said...

I have a category in my binder labeled CANNED/BOXED foods. Within this category I have sub categories: vegetables/fruit, mexican, italian, asian. These items are usually within two isles of the grocery store so it makes it easy to go through the coupons.

Suzette said...

I use the binder method with baseball card pages. I took your categories and changed it slightly. I added categories for pets, target and smellies. There are a lot of coupons for air fresheners and candles. I also added a Seasonal section. I just started couponing in May, so this category has mostly sunscreen and bug spray. I also changed your prepared sides category to "sides and drieds".

I started with the accordian check file. After I moved to the binder method, I still utilize the accordian file. Each tab represents a different store; CVS, Walreens, Walmart etc. Before I leave home I put all the coupons that I intend to use in the accordian file.

There is a zip close pouch in the accordian file that holds my register rewards and extra bucks. After an item goes into my cart I move the coupon to the very front compartment. Any that I decide not to use go into the "need to file" tab. When I get to the checkout

Jaelin said...

I use your categories and love them. My medicine and misc. are huge as well. I was thinking of doing a medicine, a vitamin, and a first aid category to help things easier for me to find.
There should be a Yummy smelly category to help organize all the yummy smelly candles and air fresheners. Thank you for all your hard work you do for us!!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

I'd love to see some pictures of these binders! I just started my binder yesterday (bought the page protectors to do it the "by date" way), but I also have an expandable envelope thingy that fits nicely in my purse. I need to figure out how to merge the two. I'd love a blog post (with a Mr. Linky) that shows pictures of how people organize!! I'm FULLY willing to carry a honkin' binder if that is what works the best! I just need to see it in action!

The Fullmers said...

I love your categories but I personally could use both a bread category and a tuna fish category. I have also added store categories per the stores I shop to hold my cats and other store specific coupons. I have also created a rebates section as well that has a sheet protector with a photocopy of my receipt, UPC codes etc and when I sent the rebate and when I should start looking for the rebate check in the mail. I LOVE your categories and and love how you have them arranged so that you can start in the front of the store as well as the front of your binder and work your way row by row, section by section. Very cleaver and super useful for when I am scanning the shelves trying to score on unadvertised specials. I also love that I can find my coupons super fast according to the section. LOVE it, thanks! I heart KCL and being organized, thanks!

Social ButterFly said...

Sorry for being lost. :) Where can I find what the original suggested 30+ categories for organizing coupons.


Tifferbob said...

Along with a pet section, I added a Target section. That way, I can just flip to that section when I am at that store.

Shaylasr said...

Haven't been here in awhile. I assume there are prior posts to this. Where are they? I'm interested in reading them.

Devynn said...

Okay, I had to add a Pasta section to mine. I knew right away I needed that one and the pet one.

I kept most of your categories, but here are mine in order:
breakfast, snacks, deli, fruits & veggies, yogurt, baking, produce, prepared sides, condiments/salad dressing, soap & body wash, refridge/freezer, candy, cleaners, pet, Ziplocs, paper products, Baby, dishwashing, laundry, beauty, shaving & deo, oral care, pasta, misc., feminine hygiene, Target, Publix, CVS, other stores coupons.

I LOVE the binder system! I haven't been using it long, but I am in love.

I also have a spot in the front for my grocery list and a spot that I keep all of my coupons that I"m going to use once I pull them out of the main part. Also, my binder is a zipper binder just in case any of the coupons decide to fall out.
Hope this helps!

Coral said...

I recently found your blog and have had my binder for close to 2 years now. I made my own categories when I did it. Here are mine (in the order I did):

Oral care
Hair care
Facial care
Cold/Allergy Meds
First Aid
Air Fresheners
Dish Soaps
Paper goods
Frozen Foods
Box/Canned goods
Other snacks (chips, cookies, etc.)
Pet (just dog for us)
Misc. (batteries, post-its, etc.)

Rosie said...

My categories:
Breads & Spreads (PB & J, Honey... not mayo or mustard)
Cereal, Granola & Fruit Snacks
Condiments, dessings & spices
Snacks (sweet & salty)
Misc Grocery
Paper & Plastic goods
Dished & Laundry
Medicine & First Aid
Oral Care
Body & Hair care
Shaving & Deoderant
Feminine & Makeup
Home Office & Batteries
Miscellaneous Non-Grocery (ie EVERYTHING ELSE)

I took the KCL general guide and adapted it to better fit my needs (I just couldn't see myself using all 32 categories!). Oh, and by the way... I saw another couponer at Target the other day (in front of the trial size bins!) who was using your dividers with the cute KCL logo on them. =)

Bus Driving Mama said...

I feel like a bit of a freak since I have 44 categories :0 But, it works of me. I have both a dog and a cat so each has their own section. I have "baking" for all baking staples plus mixes and sweet breads. I have "frozen" for all non ice cream items that would be in the freezer section. I have a separate section for toilet paper but I could eliminate this one since I am a toilet paper snob and only buy one brand (in mass quantity when I can with doublers and sales). I also break down my cleaners into "general" "bathroom" "laundry soap" "dish soap" and "air freshners"

My sister is overwhelmed at my number of sections, but it works for me! I also have pocket in the back for each store I shop so I can get my deals set out and put in their pouch for easy reaching.

Cara said...

I have a zipper binder with accordion file inside the front cover.This is where I separate the store ads.I also use the baseball card dividers.Catagories from first to last are:milk and cheese,yogurt,pillsbury,meat,frozen desserts,frozen breads,misc. frozen,cereals,bread and pb and j,jar goods,condiments,canned fruits,boxed goods,baking products,crackers and chips,fruit snacks,candy,deodorant,hair care,lotions,soaps,razors,vitamins,allergy meds,pain killers,first aid,mouthwash,toothpaste,floss and toothbrushes,cleaning products,dishwashing,laundry,air freshners and candles,toilet paper and wipes,kleenex,paper products,ziploc,and finally misc. like batteries and light bulbs.LOVE YOUR SITE!!

hotmommatrish2 said...

ok you guys can laugh now but i use the target dollar bin accordin files but i have 5 of them
First one is called Cleaners and it holds bathroom, kitchen, laudry, ziploc bags, paper products, toliet paper, cleaning tools, cleaning sprays, glade, airwick, all other smells and batterys.
Second is personal and misc. meds, oral, makeup, deorant, razors and shavecream, hair and shampoo, toys, school, outdoor, baby, dog.
Third is stores Walgreens, Cvs, childrens place/clothes stores, play stores Chuck e cheese, and food places.
Fourth is TARGET
Fifth is Food. Juice, cereal, spices and sauces, cans, boxes and bags, snacks, dairy and cheese, bread, meat, ice cream, frozen breakfasts, frozen dinners, frozen sides.

But i really need to figure something else out.. But i currently shop for alot of people.

Megaland said...

I use the clear plastic dividers to insert my coupons in. You can get a large box with 500 sheets at Costco for less than $20. I labeled a regular copy paper on both sides. I just categorized them like this:

other dairy
breakfast foods
refrigerated meat
frozen meals
pet food
etc etc

Then in the back, I have several sheets that are categorized by:
fast food coupons
restaurant coupons
brick & mortar retail stores
coupon codes online (written on sheets of paper w/ exp dates)

In the very back:
Rite Aid

I just stick the specific store's coupons into the appropriate divider.

I have a folder in the very back to hold all my receipts.

I also have another folder that I, again, use the clear plastic sheet dividers where I stick the coupons I have not yet cut (esp when there are multiple books of coupons that week). I just use those erasable markers to place the date on the sheet. So when I am looking at lists online, I can just cut them out when I need to. However, I do prefer cutting all my coupons out since I carry the other binder with me to all the stores in case I run into any clearance or unadvertised sales that I may have coupons for. I find that having my coupon binder with me is a MUST. I am always finding the best unexpected sales/deals that way!

joligirl123 said...

I kind of like the "coupon dad's" idea of alphabetizing... I think that would keep me from flipping back and forth!

kleinsjambn said...

did heather decide she should switch over to the clip and file method? I was wondering because her method is what I use and am now thinking of switching over.

Social ButterFly said...

Here is the link to the original 30+ categories (I just found). You might need to copy & paste it if it is not clickable.