Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Albertson's Doubler Ideas

A-1 Steak Sauce $2.29
Use the $2/1 from 8/16
Also, look for the $1 off Meat (when you buy A1) Tearpads (by the butcher block) and use a Doubler
for $2 in FREE Meat!
Final Price: $.29 for meat and steak sauce!

Lysol Cleaning Wipes $2.00
Double the $1/1 from SS 7/12
Final Price: FREE

A&W Root Beer, Sunkist, 7-Up 12 packs 2/$11
Buy 2, Get 2 FREE
Use 4 $1 Off Peelies found in store
Use 3 Doublers
Final Price: $4 for 4 Packs
Thanks Rattriffic!

Juicy Juice 8pk $2.00
Double the $1/1 from RP 8/9
Final Price FREE

Roman Bread $2.50
Double the $1/1 Peelies
Final Price: $.50

What have you found?


joey72 said...

Yesterday at the Idaho Falls 17th St. Albertsons they had Capri Sun on sale 2/$4. There were $1/2 coupons taped to the boxes. I doubled the coupon and paid $1 a box. There weren't too many coupons left yesterday, but keep your eyes open.

Sherlyn said...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are 2/1.00. I used the .55/1 and got some free candy. I did try the BoGo Q also, but the computer wasn't taking it.

The Keevy Family said...

I got 2 free packages of Wild Harvest frozen veggies and 1 free package of Hefty gallon bags. I posted about it on my blog.


nance said...

I live in Oregon so the coupons we get may be different but the Juicy Juice from 8/9 is .75 cents off, not $1.00 and the Lysol wipes from 7/12 is $1.00 off of TWO tubs, not one.

maygan said...

There are tons of free WH items after the IP, I've been having a blast buying organic freebies! Now, I just need a few more friends with computers...

Seth & Heather McGary said...

I'm going to use mine on the post selects deal and get 12 boxes for free!

amanda said...

The Reese's Peanut butter cup is going through fine. Get 3 cups and they give a 5cent overage you just have to have another product to absorb the overage!!! 3 free candy bars!!!!

Anonymous said...

what are these double peelies?

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

just as a heads up with the A1- the actual steak sauce isn't 2.29 (atleast in Rexburg, ID), its just the marinade (but 29 cents for marinade is still a super deal!)

Neva said...

I got four boxes of Post cereal for .50 each using the promo and doublers. Good thing since my runner husband is on a real shredded wheat kick lately. I highly recommend the vanilla almond kind. Yum!

Tracy C said...

I have a quick question about the Nature Valley and Betty Crocker Cats - are those in effect Sunday?

What's up with Doubler talk already - did I miss them?