Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Catalina Offer at Albertson's Starting 9/11

While shopping on Tuesday I received a catalina letting me know of an upcoming Old El Paso promo:

Purchase Any Old El Paso Taco Shells, Dinner Kits, Seasonings, Refried Beans or Heat and Serve Side Dishes Between 9/11 - 10/4

Save $1.00 on Your Next Beef or Chicken Purchase when you purchase any 3 Packages Old El Paso Taco Shells, Dinner Kits, Seasonings, Refried Beans or Heat and Serve Side Dishes

Save $3.00 on Your Next Beef or Chicken Purchase when you purchase any 6 Packages Old El Paso Taco Shells, Dinner Kits, Seasonings, Refried Beans or Heat and Serve Side Dishes

All items must be purchased in One Shopping Order.

Coupons to print and hang on to:
  • $0.60/2 - Old El Paso Products - (
  • $0.60/2 - Old El Paso Products - (
I am going to hold off on this Catalina,
until at least next week to see if they go on sale,
or are part of a promo!


maygan said...

keep your eyes peeled for peelies on the taco shells too! Some of them have free can of beans with purchase or other offers that'll help

gina said...

“A change I’ve noticed from the ‘old days’ of blogging - people don’t link when they quote you as much as they used to.”

I thought it might be worthwhile sharing some of the reasons people gave yesterday for why they thought links were becoming LESS used in this way.

1. Competition
The most common remark to my tweet was that people thought it was mainly to do with a change in the way that bloggers viewed other blogs in their niche.

The theory is that in ‘the old days’ of blogging the blogosphere was more about sharing ideas, networking, communal learning etc - but that these days it’s more about ‘getting ahead’ or ‘empire building’ in some way. As a result other blogs are less seen as an opportunity to network or have mutually beneficial opportunities - but that they’re more seen as ‘the competition’.

Of course there are plenty of examples where this is not the case - but I suspect it’s one of the reasons that some bloggers don’t link out to others.

3. Laziness and/or Forgetfulness
The third theory shared on why people don’t link is that they either forget to or that they’re just too lazy to do it.

I suspect that most bloggers at one time or another have inadvertently forgotten to link to another page when quoting them or bouncing off something they’ve written. I know I’ve done this a number of times over the years (I fix them when they’re brought to my attention).

4. Ignorance
The last theory that some of my followers shared is that they thought that some people simply where not aware of the etiquette when it comes to quoting others (or that they simply didn’t believe in it).

5. Or Have Things Just Changed?
As I pondered the topic yesterday it struck me that perhaps things had simply changed and that I was ‘old fashioned’ in my approach.

Perhaps this ‘ignorance’ could also be explained by a change that is happening in the unspoken etiquette of the web? Perhaps there’s a transition in belief and behaviour happening here and I just need to get with the times?

I really hope that this last theory is not the case - you see in my experience linking to other sites from your blog is actually something that is very powerful. In my experience it improves your blog to do it but also makes the web a better place.

Why I DO Link to Other Sites
Let me start by saying that when I say I link to other blogs and websites that I’m talking about doing so as a way of giving credit to those sites. For example when I’m quoting someone or when I’m directly taking an idea that someone’s written about on their site and am extending it, reacting to it or bouncing off it some way on my own blog.
Here’s some reasons that I do link:

1. Etiquette/Manners/Courtesy
At a base level I think it’s important to acknowledge the work of someone else when you use it.

When someone has written something that you’re quoting - that person has taken time to craft those words, they’ve gone to some effort to make the impression that they have on you. You in turn are using their words (and the effort that they went to to craft them) to improve your own blog in some way - as a result I think it’s important to acknowledge that.

You could of course do this without a link - but I think a link shows a little extra spirit of generosity and appreciation that is simply good courtesy in my mind.

Jill said...

FYI ... my albertsons in SoCal has stopped accepting internet coupons!!! It was a terrible fight and total nightmare but they got word from corp to stop because of fraud. Hopefully it won't happen where you are but it is happening here. Just a heads up.

Joanie Demer said...

Jill, That's horrible! May I ask what location you're experiencing this? This is why we should be grateful when we have a slow meticulous checker. Maybe they're slowing us up, but at least they're not accepting fraudulent coupons from others!
I feel like I need to say something grave like "you have my condolences"

Heather Wheeler said...

Hey everyone, let me introduce Gina. She comes on from time to time to antagonize. Gina, (and for the sake of simplicity we will call you Gina) I apologize for not crediting my source. While shopping last week, I received a catalina previewing the upcoming promo. I dug my catalina out of the garbage to show you.

I suppose to play by your own rules you should have sourced

where you copied and pasted your very comment from. Please take the negativity elsewhere.

heatherlf said...

I bought some old el paso products when on promo a few weeks ago and they had a peelie on it for free taco seasoning and since my albie's didn't carry it they substituted for their brand which I thought was really nice :)

Anna said...

Max is cute, cute, cute!

MouserFamDamly said...

Heather - I for one.. thank you for digging your catalina out of the garbage and sharing it with us!! Those things are what keep us followers coming back for more !!!!!!!

Sia Hills said...

I also got this Catalina notice from Safeway...they are running promo in same timeframe. Also, often if its at one store its at the rest and Top Foods is running a mix and match event with Old El Paso products included. Could get a nice deal if they are running catalina promo and you are in NW.

Jessica said...

Wow Gina...

Julie said...
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andrea said...

Gina---I just started a blog, more for fun than anything, but I can't figure out HOW to link!! Any suggestions on how to do it? (Because I agree, if you are quoting someone or something, you ought to link back to them.)

heatherlf said...

I meant to check the prices on the products today and forgot anybody know if they are on sale? Mainly the taco shells?