Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Navy Weekly?

Well, it's Thursday again, so that means Old Navy Weekly should be updating sometime today! We haven't heard anything from the m80newsroom, but be on the lookout for an update!

Old Navy Coupons

I got this text today:
p.s. Michelle looks most fab in her green top and light jeans @

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Melissa said...

It was updated awhile ago.

Meridian Mama said...

Are the good ones gone (it's 5:45 now) or am I looking at last week's page?

Lauren said...

I just changed Michelles top and jeans using the arrows and got a $10 off $50 cpn. I think that it updated, but still looks the same so we are behind. Change her top to light green and her jeans to the lightest color and you should still be able to get a $10/$50. Good Luck!

Susan @ organicdeals said...

It updated at 6:00 eastern time. I missed it by 17 minutes... the big ones were gone :(

There is a bird that flies behind Josh's head - that's the $50 off $100

Put the lipstick that is in Michelle's pocket into the trick-or-treat bucket for the $75 off $100 - just in case you all wanted to know.

Heather Wheeler said...

6:00 eastern??
I was checking it, but it just showed up the same as last week!

Susan @ organicdeals said...

I know, my Mom and I were both watching it. I was on Firefox and she was on IE. Mine never updated and her's did. Weird.

It gets more frustrating every week!

Amber said...

You have to clear your cache each week - if you don't you will see an old page. Plus, this week's page was almost the same as last week - just the IOTW changed and a coupon Q locations.

Andrea said...

I found a 15% off entire purchase coupon by moving the orange lollipop out of the little tiger's candy basket into the man with the argyle sweater's mouth.

Erin said...

The $75/$100 was from taking the lipstick to the halloween basket. I missed it, though. Too slow!