Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reader Find at Walmart: $1.00 Ariwick i-motion!

Thanks to KCL Debbie for this great find at Walmart!

I was in my Super Walmart about an hour ago, getting my cheap White Cloud and Bagelfuls that I read about in your blog yesterday, and I happened to walk past a display of the Airwick Scented Oil i-motion and the Compact i-motion for $5 each. Combine that the recent $4.00/1 coupons from the Sunday supplements and they are only $1.00 each. The display was back near shoes and electronics.

So- here's what it looks like:
Airwick Scented Oil i-motion or Compact i-motion $5.00 each
Use the $4/1 from 8/9, 8/30

Final Price: $1.00
Thanks to Debbie for emailing us this information!
Have you seen this deal at your Walmart?


Rosie said...

I saw it in Utah yesterday too. Debated getting some, but I was a little busy with glade scented oil candles and refills... I got my Walmart to price match them. they had $1.50 peelies AND about half of them ALSO had the $1.50 coupon inside. Score.

Krissi said...

Got the same deal at my Walmart for $1.00. Had a hard time finding the ones that said Compact, but I just got the one that was a mini and my coupons worked for it.

~Mo~ said...

I got 3 yesterday, used 2 of the 4.00 offs and 1 of the 6.00 off, so she gave me a 1.00 overage. So I got 3 for a $1!!

Katie said...

My Walmart in Springville, Utah had tons of air fresheners on sale. Using coupons, all together I got:

1. Six glade scented oil candles and refills,

2. Three glade sense n sprays

3. Two airwick ultra imotion freshomatics

4. Two mini airwick freshomatics

5. Two airwick scented oil imotions

All for $7 plus tax. Yes!

di032377 said...

I saw this last night in Target for $4.99 used my coupon and paid .99